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  1. It does. But when I do a search for the name, I only find avatars who appear to be inactive or do not indicate that they sell @ MP.
  2. I just purchased an ultra rare gacha item from the Second Life Marketplace. When I received it, it contained an item that was not even listed as the one being sold. I paid $750 for a dress and boots and instead received ONLY a fitted skirt with veil (*Amaelle* FDD Stories gacha items). As this is a gacha item, I know it cannot be redelivered. However, I paid the price for ultra rares and did not receive them. Also, I cannot determine who the seller is in order to ask for either a refund or replacement with correct (as advertised) items. What is my recourse? Do I have to just eat thi
  3. Lovely, peaceful setting on Maddequet in wonderful Bay City! You cannot beat the prim count here - 702 for this parcel! This 1024 sqm parcel is located canalside and protected on the opposite side by Linden land (a marina complete with lighthouse). Good borders - not a perfect rectangle - but easy enough to work with. A water trolley is close by and so is Linden parkland. There is a tube rezzer along the canal near the park. This is probably the cheapest parcel of its size in Bay City. Please have a look! Thanks for checking out my ad. Bay City - Maddequet/219/34/25
  4. A special place in SL. Beachy, nautical vibe. Walk the Linden boardwalks. Visit the nearby Moth Temple, a Linden landmark. Heterocera continent. Competitively priced! Boardwalk parcel Asking $13,000
  5. 2462m parcel on Jeogeot Continent along Rt.9A. Pleasant views of a nice neighborhood all around. Zany Zen RR is visible from land (and fun to ride)! Wide road frontage. Pod for transport! Asking $11,000 Chamnamoo parcel
  6. Sweet little parcel, bordered on 2 sides by Linden roads & a Linden park on the 3rd side! 296 prims. An unbelievable price for Bay City lands! Asking ONLY $20K !!! Maddequet parcel
  7. Need a quick sale, thus the low price! My loss, your gain! Jump on the pod as it goes right past your front door. Great ice skating just over the hill at a Second Life landmark! An historic area, this was once a part of the old Second Life Teen Grid! A really sweet little 512 parcel! ASKING ONLY $1,024 Shasta 512 parcel
  8. Don't let this one go by! A good 512 is hard to find in prestigious and historically significant Bay City - and this is a nice one: protected roadside & close to canal with water trolley! Bay City is and always has been double prims, so this parcel (with all the added joy of surplus prims - thank you LL!) has 315 of them! Imagine what you can do with that! And - as always - if this is your only parcel and you have a premium account, you have no tier and life is good! Brewster, Bay City parcel Brewster parcel viewed from above Brewster
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