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  1. Lovely, peaceful setting on Maddequet in wonderful Bay City! You cannot beat the prim count here - 702 for this parcel! This 1024 sqm parcel is located canalside and protected on the opposite side by Linden land (a marina complete with lighthouse). Good borders - not a perfect rectangle - but easy enough to work with. A water trolley is close by and so is Linden parkland. There is a tube rezzer along the canal near the park. This is probably the cheapest parcel of its size in Bay City. Please have a look! Thanks for checking out my ad. Bay City - Maddequet/219/34/25
  2. A special place in SL. Beachy, nautical vibe. Walk the Linden boardwalks. Visit the nearby Moth Temple, a Linden landmark. Heterocera continent. Competitively priced! Boardwalk parcel Asking $13,000
  3. 2462m parcel on Jeogeot Continent along Rt.9A. Pleasant views of a nice neighborhood all around. Zany Zen RR is visible from land (and fun to ride)! Wide road frontage. Pod for transport! Asking $11,000 Chamnamoo parcel
  4. Sweet little parcel, bordered on 2 sides by Linden roads & a Linden park on the 3rd side! 296 prims. An unbelievable price for Bay City lands! Asking ONLY $20K !!! Maddequet parcel
  5. Need a quick sale, thus the low price! My loss, your gain! Jump on the pod as it goes right past your front door. Great ice skating just over the hill at a Second Life landmark! An historic area, this was once a part of the old Second Life Teen Grid! A really sweet little 512 parcel! ASKING ONLY $1,024 Shasta 512 parcel
  6. Don't let this one go by! A good 512 is hard to find in prestigious and historically significant Bay City - and this is a nice one: protected roadside & close to canal with water trolley! Bay City is and always has been double prims, so this parcel (with all the added joy of surplus prims - thank you LL!) has 315 of them! Imagine what you can do with that! And - as always - if this is your only parcel and you have a premium account, you have no tier and life is good! Brewster, Bay City parcel Brewster parcel viewed from above Brewster parcel viewed from the roadfront
  7. Lovely, quiet little corner of Maddequet, in beautiful Bay City - a special place to live in SL. Protected by Linden roads on two sides and parkland on the rest! 296 prims, thanks to double prims in Bay City! $48K Maddequet
  8. Lovely, quiet little corner of Maddequet, in Bay City. Protected by Linden roads on two sides and parkland on the rest! 296 prims, thanks to double prims in Bay City! $48K Maddequet, Bay City
  9. Borgenite, Corsica parcel on the ocean, with open sailing access right from your front door! Nice 512 sqm water parcel. If you are a premium member, and this is your only parcel, you will owe NO TIER! Compare prices of nearby parcels of this size, and you will see what a great deal this is! Great little Corsica parcel on the ocean, just waiting on you! Borgenite Water Parcel
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