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  1. yes, i have noticed that in the beginning already. though, support told me that they have a look at it. if we are lucky... they would be able to restore the previous content - which i hope.
  2. yes... actually ALL places pages seem to be deleted AND the links are changed as well. LL support could not help yet meh.
  3. A little update: just contacted support again - no news about that issue yet
  4. Hi there, it seems the places pages were deleted/reset last night, i lost all my contents and even the links did change. Has anyone else experienced this? Has anyone infos about it? Support couldnt help me at all Thanks, -Ame
  5. the last info was "in a few months, after testing on mainland"...
  6. i see you dont get my point. nvm, you probably dont spend about 4000 USD every year for land. anyway, i got my infos, i am out. have a nice day
  7. i never complained about the benefit, i am looking forward to it. i am just complaining about the way LL keeps their customers informed about news.
  8. Of course, i totally agree. Nothing to add. I only still believe that a serviceprovider should give out a bit more clear info to their paying customers - and not roll out a big update before informing their customers even - as we can see, that only leads to confusion I admit, in the country where i live we have high customer support standards - i am probably used to this and spoiled
  9. I don't want to rant here, but i have the feeling, that LL hasn't realized yet, that they have paying customers. I think we deserve to get informed about changes of products we actually purchased (some of us spend lots of money every month for SL), in a clear and informative way (what, when, how). Just my 2 cents.
  10. yay! Thank you [...] In addition to this, we will further carry the prim limit increases to the private estate regions shortly. Keep your eye on our blogs for more information! [...] Thats exactly the info i needed... why is LL always so vague about their updates and news? When will it apply? What will the limit be on estates? bleh.
  11. so... and where would we find the official post? Please post a link thanks, -Ame
  12. Hi there, i wonder, if it is possible to change the name of an existing group?thanks a lot :)
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