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  1. Inventory - bikini - Wear ok seriously if I have to entertain, i would probably hang out in a beach, chilling, talking, pics, swimming relaxing in a boat
  2. Everytime I see a winter thread I remember i have to go get winter outfits
  3. ehem Nice eyes Storm, first time I see your avi. I choosen this ones today
  4. As usual, nice topics Suspiria, I certainly do not have a bathroom, except bath tubs and the like, no kitchen for sure, not that I use one in RL either haha, so I guess the kitchen thing is the same use SL and RL haha I forgot to say, that I think it is pretty cool that most things we do in SL are for SL only, like driving and crashing with no consequences, I do like visiting places I have not been yet in RL, dress wise I certainly do no use silver dancer boots and skirts for everyday life, but I have been know for using too many short skirts for work. I actually visited yesterday the Great wall of china, and i was amazed to see a replica of such wonderful place, that I have never visited in RL
  5. Of course I have only one favorite, but i found this pic with different style, in dark
  6. I love that kind of house, I have seen in Las Islas or Las Rocas I cant remember, it is in my next shopping trip list
  7. 1024 sqm Doble prim land, price super cheap for the area, please visit, or contact me if any questions. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Nautilus%20-%20Melqart/125/97/40
  8. Blake Sea will always be my favorite place, pic of house and outside house
  9. cool movies, awesome haha, I would like to have a look at your filming, if i can work out the timezone
  10. Cool, I would like to try make some fun videos to keep from my SL, I was checkin out programs to download
  11. -Check prices in the area before buying, -Always make offers if you like a parcel, that is not for sale, works in many cases -As said before, visit the parcel a few times, stay for a while, you will know if it is a good zone or not -check for banlines in adjacent parcels, I always do this, as a beautiful parcel, can be ruin if all the neighbours use security systems or banlines -Use the big map, it is one of the best tools we have, visit all around, keep an eye in good parcels for price changing, and always make offers if you like a parcel, if you are too greedy, you might loose a great parcel -follow your instinct, if it feels right, it probably is
  12. I would leave it at Anywhere for an event, and send a landmark to the right place to the group
  13. hey Nice to see you again! i still a bit lost with the format of the forums, but seems cool
  14. never been there, i will have to give it a go
  15. The latest rumors are that the Mona Lisa was actually a b/f, a gay b/friend of Da Vinci, imagine that
  16. Maybe Amacci, or Cup cake eyes, maybe show the skin, sometimes they would use the same eyes sold by the skin they use, not always though
  17. I still dont know how to make the little square in the badge to have a pic also, help ;P
  18. Thanks for the tip, i will try and create a badge too
  19. Yes, as it happens many times, they are crooks, of course he will not answer you, but you have to believe in What goes around comes around, I would keep checking his name if I were you, because most certainly he will get another sim, rent it out, and keep the money again, i guess it might be a common practise.
  20. The best way to get rid of morons is Not to hang around them, anymore, just keep your account, dont visit the places you usually visit, change your scenery, change the people you talk to, every once in a while, everyone needs a change, and a change is as good as a holiday, enjoy
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