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  1. Let me quote myself "Stop being a D**k, if your not helping why comment. Are you that needy you need to be heard? Get a real job and leave the actual job to a host. Thanks.
  2. I already went to a SIM in SL one of the most popular ones in SL and i have a few old Mods tell me that they did use it in the past. I was asked to make an alt to see if I could get into the one i was banned in for exposing this and no sooner had i made 4 alts i was banned before even hitting the sim so you go figure. strange but true. i also found out that some sims can still use the scripts. I also know of a few people who were selling info from logging IP- got CC numbers, work numbers, and all. trust me, if they want to blackball you, they can. I'm sure this is being logged right now as we speak..unfortunately.
  3. Odessa sim is a new combat romance sexy sim that just popped up on the grid. combining many groups into one sim its divided into 2 parts. combat roleplay and the rest clubs, longes, spa and an amazing beach! check it out.! Odessa City 2080 sim.
  4. try my sim Odessa City. we hire dancers and looking for roleplayers. we just opened up.. but our groups in business since 2010. ask for Syrena,
  5. The year 2080 NYC, many environmental issues and climate change have a few places left standing. one happens to be a piece of New York. its a city of whatever works and fulll of creatures, hybrids humans and the like. anything goes ....but on the other side...beaches like Tahiti........the warm seas and strange artifacts have washed up, as well as creatures, gardens and beautiful sands... there is much to do, clubbing, bars, a city full of places ot chill and work, crime is prevalent, and places to watch movies, news, social media, dance floors, dock gardens, 20 sex floors, designs in mesh and regular building styles.markets, freebies, welcome to the updated and fresh new sim.... We welcome you to Odessa City Sim, where you and a suitcase full of whatever you have can make a life.
  6. First off, I know.. I know nothing for a bit, I had ceased writing for a time. Good and bad things have happened but today I’m going to say what most won’t say in SL. People in time have taught me so many things but none prepared me for the day we might actually have a virtual second life. In the 1980’s I swear I was playing with the mouse on an Apple computer with an icon turtle, and BAM! Hello SL. See we have come a long way. Or have we? People don’t ever fail to not impress me, I guess cause I’m pessimistic at times and while experiences teach us things in life I feel I must prepare for the good and plan B for the bad so yes there is some negativity there. So lets talk.. I have lived in a lot of places but people don’t really change. You ever had a best friend that you know everything about and you wake up and she or he acts like they don’t know you? While something new and exciting has come to them your left feeling like **bleep**. And your thinking. ”What wait! Where was I? Arent I good enough? I was special to you. I meant something to you!” but their gone. It really only took a second to think about people’s feelings and say “Beth, I want to try meeting other friends, we have been close but I’m changing so maybe we could try something new.” We don’t take the time to say that and thus it leaves each other hanging. We feel hurt and resentful. When we love someone close to us, they take off leaving us with no closure. Again “What did I do? Did I say something? Does he or she not love me anymore? If only I was like that other **bleep**… or had more of his money or was home more, or had her success.” it leads to more crying and anger and resentment. We as people never stop to talk about feelings. OMG FEELINGS!…there is that horrific word just as deadly as “Babe ..we need to talk” face palms. “YOU ..mhmm you. in the back row..where are you slinking off to? Last I checked this wasn’t a marriage proposal I was discussing an issue! “ I must yell. Men are notorious for never wanting to discuss issues. For fear you will turn into a raging maniac. It was that one **bleep**ing sock that you left on the floor that just pissed us off after falling down the steps trying to get 5 kids ready, Bernard barfed up his breakfast, a shoe “fell” in the fish tank, the cat smashed the toilet seat, no gas money till we searched 10 of your jackets, you got your monthy, breast exam appt., Mom was yelling you cut your hair, picking up the budget plans, pictures, parking the bosses car, getting slammed with 30 files before 5 and dinner, yeah well the hell with that cause that gas money you saved- its going to a bloody Kentucky Fried Chicken meal!….yup. Seriously it wasn’t you we were mad at it was just a bad day and we are sorry and yes your hair and suit looked fabulous and yes you COULD put the socks in the laundry bin. Is what we really want to say and that we in fact just need a hug to reassure us you love us. And you need to get new fish. Women just need to shorthand things to men, and start off with “I love you and just wanted to say….” In SL people don’t seem to think that feelings don’t apply that we are just avatars that are here to interact. Forget the FEELINGS that are behind the avatar and that in the game of SL or world, or life you have- however you do view it. Now there are some jackasses who get on just to be jackasses. But really the same rules do apply in SL as in RL. I mean lets face it you get up, you have a house, you go out, or your have land, pay rent, have friends, have a lover, partner, you conduct business, create , buy things, party, or sex and have relationships. So in essence conduct yourself properly. I have seen though the newbies, some are just cute and just don’t know where they are going but are polite, and others I’m not sure where they are headed. There was one dude in a sim who was nude, in a forced sex sim standing there looking a bit handsome so I merely said hello. Ohh the horror… he screamed, cursed at me telling me he wasn’t there for sex, he was at work, he was buzy. Ok first off I was like “At the office- work??? Doing what? In a forced sex sim? Don’t get rude I said hello. If you used up all that styling gel being busy that’s not my problem they have that at the dollar store! Bye” was my basic reply. Ok that’s not nice but I’m sure I don’t want to know where HE was headed that morning. And maybe without the styling gel. A simple “Sorry I’m caught up another time love?” would have been fine. Again consideration and just a simple answer. Ok lets get to something else. The “God” Syndrome. Some of us create, build, define, and are excellent combat players, roleplayers. I know a few top girl designers I wont be caught going out of my SL house without. They are that good. Builders that take the cake, sim owners that make you feel like your living RL. Roleplayers that break the mold roleplaying on 2-5 avi’s at once. Yes you are talented and you have earned the right to be recognized. How they treat people is sometimes atrocious. I met a guy that said he doesn’t make mistakes. He was perfect. But he wants to be a doctor. Something wrong with this picture? Mhmm my thoughts exactly. But I shot him in combat. He got mad. Some people let power go to their head. Bossy, mean, and rude, thinking people are supposed to kiss their ass. Last time I checked it wasn’t gold, nor something we pray to. Well maybe J-Lo’s. Someone should have told that person to sit their ass down someplace and stop being one, get a breath mint, take a Xanax, and have a real good therapy session. I’ll pay. Looks around………. “Yes I know you have a Yale degree but there are some people who did graduate from that fine School and still aren’t working! Its not to say you did not succeed in applying yourself cause.. You did!” a simple nod that we did appreciate his/her fine efforts in graduating is all they needed to feel like “I am worth something again.” People need to take the time to appreciate how hard people work to have what they do, create and the time and money it takes. It’s obnoxious when people have to hear about how great someone is cause they want something from someone or feel that they have to ass kiss. I used to cry and get upset till a man came around and said in SL “Cut that crying out. All you have to do is believe in yourself. that’s all. If you cant do it try again. And again and over and over till you get it. Nobody wants to hear that crying. Get the hell up now.“ So, I worked harder. And I don’t kiss nobody’s ass for what I have. Know your worth and be humble about it. Its not the suit that makes the man/woman, its their character. Relationships. That word again. Sees a man slink off. “She wont talk to me, she thinks im an as cause I’m shy!” he explains. The woman next to his says “Listen this fool cheats and comes back around looking cute and I cant take it no more!” ok fine. “You know what SL relationships are just as heavy. We find someone who makes us happy and then the problems start. I been married for 2 yrs in SL on a Main. Yep. He just off and goes RL at times and I’m left. You might have to work at SL love thingy. Everyone get lonely, we want to be needed and loved. But at what price? He cheats, he is too shy, She loves another, He hits, She cheats, He has slave girls who get jealous, I got one word. Communication. We say what we will do but emotions trap us. Mhmm they do. If we can just be clear and simply say “I was lonely and I scewed up, I am shy so maybe you can help me, I’m not gonna let you hit me anymore so I’m going, I’m not ever going to be loving just one woman or you I love a lot of girls so this is up to you, I had enough of your drama and stupid petty crap so I’m out this!, you’re a mean and rude and selfish girl and I really don’t need to be around you, you insult me goodbye.” The words we say and use in SL are just as powerful as RL. You hurt people and make people feel good too. You abuse your power and insult others. And make others proud to be your friend. In relationships people hurt and find a lot of love and understanding. So before you say those next words out of your mouth , think of that person behind the avatar. :matte-motes-bashful: SYRENI BARONY.©©©2012
  7. this is the legendary iggs. well in roleplay. ""to walk in his shoes is a matter of mind because there is only one Iggs. a solitary mind of an ingenious sort.. of an embellished madman" quoted.©- me. i adore him. used a sepia color to define the pic cause i wanted a classic used feel but modern. enjoy
  8. Hello! So you have found us! Diamond Bay and Little Odessa Urban Rp and Combat sim. Osiris meter. Based around NYC’s Little Odessa with the Twin Towers with a taste of urban grunge mixed in. This is a dual sim: 1 estate owned by 1 person. So…we decided to combine a great beach and city for you….with everything you could ever want or need inside. Little Odessa was built from the mind of one woman, for one man out of love by a few greats. DIAMOND BAY includes gorgeous beach areas, bungalows, sunbathing, an Aussie pub and hammocks. She has a gorgeous sunset in the evening and movies playing, as well as huge events with some of SL &RL’s best DJs every day. The beach is set up for the sexiest of days and sultriest of evenings. Sometimes there is land for sale as well as huge condos and skyboxes – housing for all tastes. Down the boardwalk are some of the best stores. The smell of sweet perfume, the salty beach air, mixed with suntan lotion and the flavored Bay drinks mingle as one, making the hot nights sizzle on the beach… get to know Diamond Bay and the party crew and have loads of fun. Visit Diamond-Bay.com for more info. LITTLE ODESSA Little Odessa, a creation from a book. . A vision set forth and a remembrance of 9/11. We put together a spectacular vision with help from a master builder. A few others put in time and effort. Diamond Idlemind as the key. Entering Little Odessa is the Landing Point Safe Zone under the Twin Towers. Above, theater, sex , and chill spots as well as romance, a dinner for two, shopping and visuals with a stunning look out at the beach and city. Several crews run the city here including the municipal, and there is EVERYTHING. The sim is a combat, urban , lush city sim. Starting at condos, apts, stores, crew HQS, a wild themed BDSM club, a park, billboards that change daily. You also have the urban ghetto area where pizza on a Friday night is a chillspot, markets, news a beautiful bar and loft and the Brothel. Around it is the Jail and above is the sexy jail, the law, seafood market, and a few places to have privacy and relax with a partner. Also a boarding house and church. For those into extremities there is a Dulcette themed building. Remember the bath scene in specific horror movie? That is totally possible now. The towers have a library where you can get information about many personal topics. You can even use the post office. The hospital also has a site for looking up info. Activities and events are daily, music, and DJ’s. The builders have their stuff in portfolios as their work as does the sim owners. Everything is noted and photographed in blueprints. The estate owner is private. We ask that nothing be copied and the sim be respected. The builders have published their work. We welcome you to both parcels in the hope you will enjoy both fully. Syreni Barony.
  10. Ok..ok so we have a RL. Maybe we just wanted a time for ourselves to avoid the kids, the barfing cat, the screaming creditors, the spilled milk on the floor and the worms your kids put in the living room couch. The husband or bf who thinks that folding laundry is a women’s job and thinks a full course meal is hot dogs in the microwave or Pizza from Dominos. Yes yes….we KNOW. There are some people who simply cannot have it all. We get angry and jealous over stupid things, we act out. We look around at our lives and look at others walking past and think “She or he is so lucky . They have kids, a life, a house, family, friends, is rich, is successful, sweet, everyone loves them.” Face it, we all have those human thoughts. What if we have a phobia, a pet peeve, or deathly scared of something? Would our SL help us get over it? Could we? Would we even dare? Some of us are indeed unable to have it all. I know a few people who are sick in RL. They don’t have the time or ability to go out and have a normal life. They come to SL to live a bit and further their creativity. We come here to experiment and live out a fantasy however light or dark it might be. Others use it to help themselves. Others simple cant sleep so our mind wanders and we cant shut it off. How delightful it is to find someone in the same café at 3am in the morning by the beach, drinking a hot chocolate, who cant sleep. I recently ran into a girl at a beach who simple told me in tears “I cant sleep I just cant you know its like its..my mind wont shut off!” I turned to her and asked the forbidden. “Bipolar?” She turned and said “OMG. Yes so you know..OMG.. Yes you have it too?” she was a bit frantic. I nodded all too now reassured I was normal again. We find a likeness in strangers and our friends and we find bonds and so then we build. We are reassured by others that have the same ideas, thoughts and fantasies that as new SL people we too have lives we want to create or have. We escape into the light or the darkness. Some of us want to escape our crazy lives in RL. We go about finding love and defining it the way we want or the way it isn’t always in RL. We want the “perfect life, the dream”. After seeing most of what there is to see in SL we simple decide to settle down and relax. From crews, to roleplay, to guns, to designing, from the playboy pictorials, to the fights, to experimenting to the sexually deviancy. We all do it. What we cant have out ‘”there” we can create or have “here”. We are damn well going to mastermind it. We deserve it. We made it. We love it. We want it! Others work out what will never be accepted in RL. Others learn and begin again like RL was never there. We can accomplish dreams here. We can create the world that’s in our minds. And we can never be ashamed of who we are because after all this is our Second Life..
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