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  1. Kabalyero Kidd

    512 PARCEL (175 PRIMS) L$100/WEEK!

    Hi Vanda... I rented, just waiting to be added as a Tenant... Thank you!
  2. Kabalyero Kidd

    Jousting In Ferndale (5/6/2016)

    Jousting in Ferndale, 5/6/2016, 2PM SLT Jerit Weiser v Mathew Porchers ^_^
  3. This is jousting in Second Life at the Realm of Fairport. Check out the sim if you're into medieval things.
  4. A video of my visit to United Honor Wrestling. A professional wrestling organization in-world. If you like pro-wrestling then check out this video. You'll find my YouTube Channel here » http://goo.gl/UZfPMU
  5. Kabalyero Kidd

    My Second Life YouTube Videos

  6. Kabalyero Kidd

    My Second Life YouTube Videos

    I'm not a very active Second Life resident anymore but I still login to my account to check out what's happening in world. In this thread, I will post all my Second Life YouTube videos. Here is one of the recent ones: You'll find my YouTube Channel here » http://goo.gl/UZfPMU
  7. 7Seas Fishing Game is currently holding its annual Fall Fishing Festival. If you're into 7Seas Fishing then check out the three sims where the event is happening. Get to win many custom items from different 7Seas Custom Creators. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ruthenium/200/32/2
  8. Kabalyero Kidd

    How Fast is Your Viewer?

    OS: MS Windows 7 32-bit SP1 CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1055T VC: ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series Viewer: Singularity FPS: 20 - 40
  9. Kabalyero Kidd

    Enjoy 7Seas Fishing

    You should join the 7Seas Social Chat group for contests updates. I rarely do contests because I'm not always in-world.
  10. Kabalyero Kidd

    An MMORPG Within Second Life?

    DarkLife is an attempt to create such an MMORPG. http://darklifehq.wordpress.com/
  11. Kabalyero Kidd

    if i advertize for secondlife will i get paid in L$

    You might not earn Linden Dollars but you can definitely earn real US Dollars. Second Life has an affiliate program running on both Linkshare and Google Affiliate Network. Sign-up on them then join Second Life's Affiliate Program then put their links or banners on your site. You get paid a certain amount for every sign-up up. Follow the link below to learn more about Second Life's Affiliate Programs. http://secondlife.com/corporate/affiliate/?lang=en-US
  12. Kabalyero Kidd

    Enjoy 7Seas Fishing

    It's addicting too specially if you like to collect stuff. I had to stop fishing because it is filling up my inventory/ LOL
  13. Kabalyero Kidd

    Last names

    Not sure but I think you can still sign-up from sites that has the legacy sign-up form. Try this one from the lady who must not be named. http://www.anshex.com/index.php?cmd=join_sl Edit: Not sure if it works or not but there is no harm in trying.