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  1. Haven't done anything with the marketplace in years, hope this came out right, Freebie intan hud replacement that works in no scripts spots. it's supposed to be mod/copy/no transfer and it's supposed to work, holler if not. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/alternate-hud-for-intan/5710438
  2. SodaGnome wrote: Thanks Viktoria! There was a copy in the received items section!!!!!!!!!!! I noticed if you take off the item it dispeaars from main inventory - but the copies remain in the received folder. Never thought to look there. Originally LL was going to make it so that rezzing and wearing would not work from Received Items, so that this kind of problem wouldn't come up. I wonder why they changed their minds. Anyway, yeah, links will show up in the current outfit folder, and in saved outfits too, but the originals stay hidden from find until you move them out of received.
  3. If you got them thru marketplace, peek down in the received items section. Maybe you'll luck out and the SL10B stuff is still in there. Standard inventory find ignores that part, so it's good to get in the habit of dragging things out into a regular folder.
  4. Phil Deakins wrote: It's excellent news that those vehicles are gone. They were a real pain for road users. LL did something right for a change. @Dillon. For some reason, I couldn't see anything in AnnMarie's profile with the LL viewer but I could read it all with the Singularity viewer. The old non-web style profiles ignore the privacy settings we can set theough the web version.
  5. Huh, those cars must have been more reliant on that autoreturn exploit than it appeared.
  6. Don't expect to see any newer drivers for the 4000 cards, this is what happens to older hardware generations. Nvidia does about the same thing; newer installers will run for their old cards, but old drivers are installed for them. Now this is unusual for Microsoft, but with the Windows 8.1 update it looks like they are installing the latest available drivers for AMD cards. I found out this one the hard way: I wanted to temporarily downgrade the driver to run an older viewer that hadn't been patched for the Catalyst crash, so uninstalled Catalyst, and Windows replaced it with an identical driv
  7. AbbyFraser wrote: oh i see. Well yes i was talking about those "lookat hints"... Sometimes they stay gray in front of the avatar, sometimes they become blue for a few seconds or sometimes they stay pink. I was just wondering if bots can do that too. Someone told me if an avatar has that then its NOT a bot Abby Yeah, when bot software and custom viewers were still in their infancy, that was a difference you could mostly rely on. So whoever told you that was just working off old information. Good rule of thumb: if there is something bots seemingly can't do, then someone is working on
  8. The oldest bots didn't try to sent camera hints at all, but some newer bots and text clients do add some so the avatar looks a little more "alive". Nearly all bots that generate LookAt targets implement them a little differently from how a normal LL-derived client would, with both timing differences and a different choice of what hints to use when. LookAt hints are totally under the client's control. The location and color of the crosshairs you see don't necessarily have anything to do with what the avatar is really up to. There used to be a viewer gag in circulation that would randomly land
  9. Real phones do feed back a little bit of the speaker's voice to make conversations feel more natural. Artificial background noise is also commonly added, to compensate for the eerie silences compression and cancellation leave behind. Speakerphones had to leave these cues out, a big part of why talking on them can feel awkward.
  10. Alicia Sautereau wrote: Wouldn`t know, rezzing in 40-50 people still takes 20 minutes lol Ha, yeah. Big crowds of people are usually in the same spaces as big piles of vendor textures, and massive floods of object updates from all those avatars. There is no winning this game.
  11. Reposting here because there were several threads on this. There is a new test viewer you can try. It is working for me with Catalyst 13.9, I hope this fix will do the job for others too. http://automated-builds-secondlife-com.s3.amazonaws.com/hg/repo/simon-ll-viewer-cat/rev/282303/arch/CYGWIN/installer/Second_Life_3-6-8-282303_Test_Setup.exe The red menu bar is normal, it's a reminder that you're on an experimental viewer.
  12. Vinnie Myoo wrote: Is there no fix? I hate having to use Firestorm, i think the SL viewer looks way better. This is really bumming me out. There is a new test viewer you can try. It is working for me with Catalyst 13.9, I hope this fix will do the job for others too. http://automated-builds-secondlife-com.s3.amazonaws.com/hg/repo/simon-ll-viewer-cat/rev/282303/arch/CYGWIN/installer/Second_Life_3-6-8-282303_Test_Setup.exe Oh yeah: the red menu bar is normal, it's a reminder that you're on an experimental viewer.
  13. If you updated to Catalyst 13.9 on that machine, that would be the problem. 13.4 works.
  14. OpenGL Version: 4.2.12441 Compatibility Profile Context It's this, the graphics driver is too new. Second Life is not compatible with AMD Catalyst versions newer than 13.4 Help>About in the viewer will show "OpenGL Version: 4.2.12217 Compatibility Profile Context" for the last version that worked.
  15. Not just you, SL is not compatible with the current Catalyst, on Windows or Linux.
  16. You can mess with the version and channel if you want to force it to run on unsupported hardware.
  17. If you are running OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) then the downgrade is intentional. This has been added to the release notes: Users running Mac OS X 10.6 have been restricted to this version because the Cocoa upgrade has caused a number of regressions on those systems. Snow Leopard's getting really old. It would be a really good idea to look into updating if you're not stuck on 32 bit hardware. The Mac upgrade treadmill can be pretty brutal, expect more of this kind of thing outside SL too.
  18. Maintenance viewer is supposed to fix that (MAINT-3132), so give it a whirl.
  19. Tested with Second Life 3.6.6 (280963) Sep 12 2013 05:15:08 (Second Life Release) It all looks fine. chat.txt (public chat) test: [2013/09/22 10:03] Tori Too (toritoys.tigerpaw): this is a test[2013/09/22 10:04] Tori (viktoria.dovgal): It sure is. group chat test: [2013/09/22 10:04] Tori (viktoria.dovgal): ...[2013/09/22 10:05] Tori Too (toritoys.tigerpaw): ???? direct IM test: [2013/09/22 10:07] Tori (viktoria.dovgal): direct im[2013/09/22 10:07] Tori Too (toritoys.tigerpaw): yup Display name settings in the viewer didn't change anything here, even betweem logins. This would be
  20. Yeah, I looked at my saved logs, they're fine. Three different viewer versions are "the latest" right now, depending on the channel you've been grouped into:, and Which of these are you running? Again, this version number and at least some minimal information about your viewer settings would really help. If we can figure out what viewer version and settings might make this happen, then it will be possible to troubleshoot. If you want to keep that information to yourself, then no one will be able to help you.
  21. Still seeing full "display name (username)" in logs here, so let's try to find out what is different. At any time there are 3 or more "current" SL viewer versions. What's the exact version number you have at the top of Help>About? In SL preferences, under the General tab, what boxes do you have checked under the "Name tags" section? (I have both user and display names enabled there.) Does the kind of log (group chat, public chat.txt) show differences? Currently I'm seeing things ok in both.
  22. There should be .cr2 files in there with the .obj for Poser support.
  23. LL knows about it. JIRA is a black hole, it's anybody's guess if someone is working on it.
  24. Haven't seen that one, but you can flip throug the resellers at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Linden_Dollar_(L$)_Authorized_Reseller_Program and see if any adopt it. I think we'd all turn blue waiting for LL to get more flexible. All these online payment services remind me of the bad old days of charge cards, it seemed like every store and gas station and cash kiosk wanted to use a different one so you'd have to carry a pile of the things around. They all need to bang their heads together, and set up some kind of clearing origanization.
  25. Perrie Juran wrote: I'm slightly confused here. Exactly what in the Pay Pal TOS doesn't allow buying exactly what? EBay has a whole "adult only" section one can use PayPal on all day long. Paypal never had a blanket ban on adult stuff. They do have a ban on "certain sexually oriented materials or services" but that only means you ask them first if the kind of thing you're selling is OK. LL has a very active relationship with Paypal and a hyper-paranoid legal department, it's not even a question if they checked.
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