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  1. The anim is literally a full perm animation which I already bought in-world, and exported to my desktop - so it already came from SL. It literally just needs to be reuploaded as the new priority.
  2. I have an animation which I'd like to upload for personal use at priority 6. With this said, it's only one animation, and I can't justify the $40 price tag to get Avastar so I can upload a SINGLE priority 6 animation. With this in mind, I'm looking for someone who has Avastar already, and would be willing to help! I'll be willing to pay a reasonable for it, in addition to covering the 10L$ upload cost! If anyone is interested, I'd prefer to communicate further via in-world IM, so I can share the dl privately. Thanks in advance!
  3. OK, so I had a digit wrong, it was 676 lindens, and this doesn't seem so much like a glitch so much as a direct result of not having enough lindens to afford it. With that said, it is utterly ridiculous that I can't actually calculate the lindens it will cost me if I don't have enough yet. How am I supposed to find out how many I need to save up? how many, at most, I should add to me linden balance? If this is not, in fact a glitch, it definitely needs to be fixed up...
  4. I am attempting to upload a mesh which I made. I did upload it perfectly fine to the beta server, and the calculated cost with the settings I used racked up to 667 lindens. I am now trying to upload it to the proper server (Agni I think, unless I mixed them up). I do have a balance higher than that upload cost, however, when I attempt to upload, using the same settings as in Aditi, and I click 'Calculate weights & fee", instead of giving me a value and letting me choose 'upload' or 'cancel', it jumps straight to uploading without telling me what the cost will be, and returns the error "[name] failed to upload: Insufficient L$ balance to upload". This is getting really frustrating, because it is telling me that I need more lindens, but completely skipping the part where it is supposed to calculate the lindens that is is supposed to cost me! It won't tell me HOW MANY I need? do I need 1 more linden? do I need 10 more lindens? 100? This glitch occurred both in Firestorm and the Official LL viewer (most recent version).
  5. Ok... so... after asking around, I had the idea to make a listen script that would change the offset of all sides of the prim it is in to 0, since the animation will be unaffected, this will sync them up if I put the script in every prim, and use the command 'Sync', then I can go and delete all the scripts once it is done Unfortunately, the script, as i've written it so far, does not work: http://pastebin.com/8atsD5HH if it isn't obvious... yes... I am a total scripting newbie. Anyway, anyone see the error?
  6. Ok... so... I have an item with multiple prims, each of which has a moving texture on them. The texture is designed to be seamless at the edges, however since I had to add the script to each individual piece, the textures are animated properly, but they are out of sync (which does produce very noticeable seams). They are already animated, so literally all I need to do is reset the x and y offsets on the textures of all faces on all prims of the linkset simultaneously (which I need a script for). I know I can use llOffsetTexture to accomplish this for all sides of a single prim, but I do not know how to accomplish this for all prims in a linkset, anyone want to help? :matte-motes-smitten:
  7. So months ago I did take the copyright test in order to get approved for mesh, and have confirmed my payment method for lindens (countless times) on the main grid. but now I am finally trying to make use of mesh upload, and upload the mesh for a sword I made in the beta grid to test it out. Unfortunately, it won't let me upload. Turns out I had to do both over again. No sweat, I got through the test again with 100% score, however, when I try to add my payment information it takes me to a broken page. First off... wtf... why do I have to supply payment information on the TESTING BETA GRID? Second off... wtf... why won't it work anyway, especially when I already have payment information recorded on the main grid anyway >.> any help?
  8. in addition to this there is always the whole "free or sale" argument some people say that if you give an item out for free, it isn't breaking IP laws because you aren't making profit off of it... some people say it is because giving it out for free takes away sales from the content owner vice versa for if you sell it I personally say, why draw such lines around everything? just don't do it. the only one of those little rules i agree with is the one about "if you change it by 10% then you can", as then part of the object in question becomes yours in a sense... however, who judges what "10%" of a piece of work is? i cannot say.
  9. before anything, let me just say that i am absolutely horrible at forum category choice, i choose the category that seems to make the most sense to put something in but half the time i do in fact miss a better one, so if this would in fact fit elsewhere better please don't be excessive about it >.> anyway, i was wondering if A. any of the third party linden transfer sites accept BOKU as a valid payment option B. if Linden Labs would ever consider BOKU as a valid payment option in the future for those of you who have no idea what BOKU is, it is a payment service that allows you to pay online transactions through your cell phone... this IS in fact regulated. though you only have to supply a number and a zip code they will then send you a code via text message to verify that it is in fact belonging to you, however, as we all know phones can be stolen... so they also limit transactions to 20$ per billing month or until you pay your bill, should you choose to do so early (as a safety measure, at that point it is up to the cell phone owner to scrutinize their bill for inconsistencies). this would be a great option for quick and simple transactions so long as they don't go over the 20$ per month. Edit: found these links in case i did a poor job of explaining what Boku is, or if anyone wants to know more http://www.boku.com/merchants/ http://www.boku.com/consumers/ another little perk i noticed is that it "supports global coverage", meaning it would give more players the ability to purchase lindens or premium, if only a limited amount. maybe it would erase a bit of that "i can't buy anything because i am not in that country!" problem.
  10. There are a lot of gags that i have noticed have a speech garble script in them, that autimatically replaces letters and such in the words you type to make your speech sound garbled (to varying degrees) does anyone know where i can find this script so i can add it to a gag i like much more than most of the gags that have it? thanks in advance :matte-motes-bashful-cute:
  11. i am new and decided to purchase premium with the last of the money on my birthday visa card. i did check this card before to make sure i had enough, sure enough i had $13.13 on the card i entered each field of the payment method in correctly, else this wouldnt have happened i kept getting the error message "there was a problem charging your payment method", i went back and looked at the payment method fields and checked again each time i tried to fix it, i did this a total of 4 times the card still did not work however i have checked the balance on the card again, and now it is at $9.13 instead of $13.13!!! this means both that i can't get premium with the card now AND the fields had to be input correctly, since it did charge the card. so is there a way to fix this so i can have my premium? i find it completely ridiculous that you would charge 1$ per attempt on the card, and then respond that it failed to process, there is some kind of error here, and i am swindled out of my opportunity for premium too! :matte-motes-crying: thanks for the quick answer, but that just brings up a few followup questions i have now 1. are you sure it will be reversed, as gift cards aren't reloadable? 2. if the gift card isnt accepted as payment, why did it still charge the 1$ each time, instead of just denying it right off the bat? 3. are there other methods of payment i could use, such as a pre-paid card at a retailer? (i doubt it as i havn't seen anything on the site about it), which i could still use my giftcard on? again, thanks for the help :matte-motes-grin:
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