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  1. I'll give firestorm a try and let you know, and I like I said I don't know much about SL but 10 a month is cheap so I figured Id give it a shot.
  2. I have a high end gaming computer. Fresh install of windows 8 pro 64-bit. 8GB ram, 120gb SSD for the OS, 500GB standard HD for storage, ATI Radeon HD 7950 3GB graphics card. Wired 20Mbps download 2Mbps upload. Windows is up to date, Drivers all up to date. Everything's up to date. I'm brand new to SL, Signed up, seen premium said "sure why not" Downloaded viewer, it crashes. Thought hmm. Maybe it was a fluke.. Start back up it crashes over and over and over. Looked through the forums for solutions, Tried the whole %appdata% thing doesn't work. About to go ask for a refund, and put SL
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