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  1. I know some monochromes Chizana and Sephan well, mono is a bit of an exaggeration
  2. Check out Body Language the shop is on the Bon Voyage sim. The Lily AO stands are quite cool.
  3. Ly Jie

    Eye movement

    Yes, I am uploading to open sim, I have eyes going every which way at the moment.
  4. Ly Jie

    Eye movement

    Thanks Obvious, good advice. I downloaded Zwagoth's AnimMaker and it looks ideal for the simple animations that I need. Do you happen to know of any documentation or tutorials, my googles so far have not turned up anything.
  5. For recording I recommend MachiniCam which you can find here: MachiniCam: For legal see this: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/Second-Life-TOS-Snapshot-and-Machinima-policy/td-p/717531
  6. One of the answers may have to do with this: And the other thing we’re going to be fixing is, many of you will have noticed that we don’t use all of the video memory on your video cards. It turns out that’s because of a very old bug that plagued us a long time ago and we sort-of arbitrarily, in order to avoid tickling the bug, we capped how much memory we would ever use. We are now in the process of fixing that so it now measures how much memory is there, and we use what we think is a reasonable share of that memory. It turns out it’s not a good idea for Second Life or any applicatio
  7. Try Somnia, loads of lucky boards upstairs so you can get some freebies.
  8. Yes Phoebe, you are on to something there. Also I personally believe that Abbe Linden is really a Martian hired by the Kremlin to spread communism in SL. OMG red under the bed, quick, better run!!!
  9. You can also google for copyright free music or sound effects. There is a load of stuff out there.
  10. Firstly, you can zoom the mini map in and out so it can seem that people are close together. Second, When you right click on the dot that represents more than one person you get a menu listing all the people that it represents so that you can select the profile that you want to open.
  11. You could also check out Builders Brewery in world. Nice freebies section for builders.
  12. Well done Alis, that's very clever and amusing.
  13. Where have all the griefers gone, long time passing? Where have all the griefers gone, long time ago? Where have all the griefers gone? Their mummies spanked them everyone Oh, when will they ever learn? Oh, when will they ever learn?
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