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  1. Mesh is sooooooooo amazing looking. It's like you can reach in and touch the avatar and then feel the fabric. Tho i do still like to dab in my old flexi hair and old clothing at times. I really enjoy the look of mesh...it is just beautiful.
  2. Hehehe I think with me it's finding people and places to go. I found a cute little blues place last night where people were dancing and having a good time. It reminded me of my first days of running into a wall and dancing at random clubs. I was afraid places like that didn't exist anymore. It's good to know that they do
  3. Yeah I was taping a video yesterday so I had all the graphics turnt up. Luckily the subject was about people not rezzing and everything looked amazing. Yet when I closed out my screen took forever to close, and then it went pink. I'm sure it's more my graphics card than anything. I don't even know what is the perferred viewer anymore. I still use firestorm. Is there anything else?
  4. I've always felt that way about SL. Everyone can come off as so stand offish. I think the issue with that is because a lot of times they are dealing with past drama or past tolls. Like the forums. I'm totally new, but I'm sure a lot of people are waiting until I talk more on it to interact with me. It can be the kind of thing that makes you want to just give up and do your own thing. But I'm a social butterfly or something. I need to interact with people. So basically just try to hang around and people will know you are just a cool person to chill with, and you might end up making a best friend. As for places. The Velvet is still an awesome place to hang. Just random conversation with great music.
  5. I swear when you haven't been on Second Life for a hot min. It feels like everything has totally changed. Like everything almost feels like a totally new game. I've been coming back slowly. Like shopping every now and then and reading the blogs. Still haven't really fully came back, and now that I've made that decision to come back it's like WHOAAAAAAAA. lol. A whole new world *Flies on carpet* :D
  6. We were deciding if we wanted to make our parody videos again, and we decided after a lot of thinking (and notecards) to bring back our Second Life Parody Series. A lot of things seem different in the game, but it's so awesome to see that people are still using their imagination and creating amazing content. Love it. :D Our new name will be Sim Crashing and the Second Life videos will be part of the UvGotMannerz video Content :D Confessions of an Second Life Hoarder P.S. We are puppets. Don't judge our felt :P hehe. also all our sl videos were on our old computer so the graphics card sucks so much.
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