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  1. Found a solution after reading through. Seems to have been some networking issues. Thanks, Madelaine.
  2. I really appreciate you screen shoting the page for me. I'll give it a look once I finish cooking.
  3. I can't connect to their website, as stated in my edit. Something strange is going on, here.
  4. At the moment, half of the items in my inventory are gone, including landmarks. Folders appear empty. I've cleared my cache in the preferences, on Firestorm viewer. I've also deleted the cache manually and given it some time. Items still appear missing. Any suggestions/helpful advice? EDIT 1: Downloaded the Second Life viewer, items are all accounted for. Items still appear missing on Firestorm, perhaps a reinstall? 2: Clean install has not resolved the problem. Also can't connect to Firestorm' website.
  5. The mesh is not yet textured. Just UV unwrapped. I don't think that's the problem :l
  6. Hi, thanks for reading! I need someone to help me identify a problem I'm currently having with my meshes. When I rotate my camera around the mesh, there's a rapid "flickering" of the faces on the model. I've checked to see if there are doubles, or hidden faces but the topology appears to be completely fine. See images below. The first image shows the flickering of the mesh. It can only be picked up with certain lighting. The glitch is only visible on High to Ultra settings. . The second image shows the .dae file which appears to have no errors. The problem also occurs with simpler
  7. The problem doesn't appear once I've uploaded it into Second Life, so I'm just going to simply ignore it for now. Still kinda strange, though.
  8. I'm having a problem with baking a texture for a piano I'm working on. Everything actually bakes well but this one face which always shows as black in the 3D viewport, even though you can see that it has been baked in the UV texture to the right. I've checked my normals, but that does not seem to be the root of the problem. I'm totally puzzled. Any suggestions? 
  9. So I'm using Postmaster to deliver the updated version of the product to those who purchased within the last month. It's already delivered to more than half of the people. It requires that you add name's to a notecard, so I had to go through my transaction history on the marketplace and paste them in manually. Question: How do big creators manage to sent updated versions of their products out to everyone who purchased it? I'm talking about thousands of people. Is there a way I can store a database of name's for sales on a single product automatically?
  10. Thanks very much, I'll see what I can find. Edit: I can't find anything on the Marketplace, because I don't know where to look exactly. Can anyone recommend me a redelivery/update terminal that checks for avatar online presence? Edit: Found one.
  11. I only have a marketplace store with a few products, one of which is a collar and cuff set. A week ago a customer who bought that set IM'ed me, and I ended up giving her a mod version of the collar as requested. I don't know how it happened, but the contents in my marketplace listing for that collar and cuff set changed to the folder I made for her which didn't have all of the contents of the original product. This meant people were buying the set and only getting one collar, the one I edited for her. This went on for about a week before I noticed it. I need to know how I can do a mass redeliv
  12. Thanks Freya for the fast reply. A very simple fix, I can't believe I missed that.
  13. Here's what I'm talking about: It's completely fine on the left side, but as you can see, the right side is completely distorted and I can't find a fix for it. Anyone know any neat tricks to fix this? Thanks.
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