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  1. I think the best thing to do is have LL fix this mess.
  2. Wow... I just reinstalled the previous version of FS and noticed how much better it works without PBR. I noticed a 40FPS increase with the previous version... no lag and everything working as intended. I wonder...
  3. You're right on that. As I said with my experience so far with PBR, it's been negative. FPS is down overall, mirrors causing massive lag or possible viewer crashes... you get the jist.
  4. PBR should've been beta-tested for a longer length of time to find any problems that would arise.
  5. Then the only solution would be to rollback the engine to before they put out PBR, perform further testing with actual beta testers (rather than relying upon in-house testers) and fine tuning it so that they can re-release it without the negativity that it's received thus far.
  6. We all know how Sansar turned out. The problem... trying to bring those elements into an outdated platform like SL. I'll be the first to say this... it may be time for a new Second Life. One with a modern engine that can truly take advantage of the modernization that LL seeks to incorporate into SL.
  7. Yes, PBR is an attempt to modernize a game engine that's approximately 25yrs. old, and a first step; however, putting PBR onto the old engine will not make things easier for those with PCs and laptops that are more than four years old as it's meant for those with more powerful hardware. Those of us with PCs and laptops that are more than four years old (mine being custom built and nearing 6yrs) will need to either upgrade to RTX GPUs and get at least another 16GB of RAM, or save up for a completely new build altogether. In fact, the best solution would have been to build an entirely new engine, or working with one that is capable of handling PBR.
  8. Yes, there are benefits for those who have PCs and laptops who can run PBR almost effortlessly. However, the elephant in the room will always be the vastly outdated engine that cannot handle this.
  9. Bottom line... PBR was meant for a new engine rather than the reverse-engineered, piecemeal engine that's been in place for years. No one wanted this and no one asked for this, yet LL put it in regardless and now they'll have to hear all the negative comments about it. LL, PBR is standard for most games today because they have engines that can actually handle it. The engine you reverse-engineered years back for SL cannot handle PBR... period. There's a reason why old engines can't handle today's advances in graphics and PBR for SL shows that. It might also be the reason why it was never really implemented because whomever was working on this realized that it was going to cause serious issues, most notably the drop in FPS for every person in SL, the massive lag the mirrors cause which also results in a massive drop in FPS and possible crashing. I hate to break it to LL, but if PBR is here to stay, then you must build a new engine that actually works with it. Yes, people will need to upgrade or get new PCs or laptops that can accommodate PBR as it is now, but the bulk of it is engine side and the engine as it is cannot handle it.
  10. Put on your sunglasses while cleaning your bedroom with this one...
  11. PBR requires a new engine. The piecemeal, reverse-engineered engine that's been in place for SL for years is now incompatible to what LL wants to do for SL. I tried to make a mirror a couple of times and crashed once. When I successfully created a mirror, I noticed massive lag though my FPS, while in the sky was around 119FPS as opposed to it being in the 20s when I attempted to create one on land. Overall, my FPS dropped by at least 20FPS while on land due to PBR. PBR is not optimal for Second Life and will either force people to purchase new PCs or laptops that can handle it, or force people off SL.
  12. That reminds me of when I used to watch Pinwheel on Nickelodeon when I was little.
  13. Age verification should be implemented when you sign up.
  14. No, you still get put on a very specific list for the rest of your life, regardless of the minor being 16... or even 6. Not only that, but if the offender gets put into general population, and depending on the word that gets spread around in prison, the implications for said offender become that much worse.
  15. Both offenses will automatically put the offender on the list for life, but the difference would be what happens to that offender behind bars. Let's just say that for one... the implications are much worse.
  16. I can only imagine how long that list would be.
  17. It's the same thing... it's the implications that change.
  18. As BilliJo said, since LL is located in sunny California, the age of consent is 18. As such, we're all going by what LL has to follow when it pertains to the age of consent. Like I said, reaching the age of 16 doesn't mean you can go and perform inappropriate actions as you would still be considered as a minor in every state... regardless of the age of consent. It doesn't matter. The person performing said actions upon a 16-year-old can be charged.
  19. The age of consent in every state. Even with that, the age of 16 is still considered to be a minor and the act of engaging in certain actions with said minor can land a person jail time.
  20. 2048x2048 textures are a double edged sword. SL, at best, can handle the 1024x1024 textures without much of an issue. The only way SL can handle the 2048x2048 textures is if they put a whole new engine in that can actually handle it. They also shot themselves in the foot with this, and making everyone pay more to upload the 2048x2048 textures definitely won't help as creators will have to raise prices on what they make. That other issue... that one will have to be a wait and see what comes from it as we can only speculate what what they may, or may not, want to do with this one.
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