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  1. Can Heart Aches Overcome Sadness? B E G I N
  2. Are Healers Even At Doctor offices, or do they even in HOUSE calls?
  3. It's been awhile since I last updated about my well-being in SL. For reasons... and since I didn't want what I just put up on my blog to be edited in any manner, I'll leave a link to my blog so you can read it: Caitlin's World
  4. Cover and original Thursday... So, how did Doro Pesch and Rob Halford do with their version compared to the original?
  5. Only LL is able to find that info. Like everyone else said, that sim owner is blowing smoke and should not be trusted.
  6. Don't play that. I disagreed with you and the OP simply because everything the two you said was wrong. I even asked you obvious questions and you're avoiding them while giving the excuse that I'm coming off on you as annoying. No, that's you being passive aggressive and attempting to deflect everything that's being said to you... so as a previous person just said...
  7. All because I asked you obvious yes or no questions, you suddenly want to go the passive aggressive route?
  8. You do understand that SL creators have RL jobs, right? You do understand that people who create in SL are considered to be non-contracted freelancers, right? Basically, LL can pay the creators a percentage of the Lindens they make from their sales. Now, where does the bulk of the money come from for creators? It comes from their RL jobs while any other money they rake in from virtual worlds becomes their side gig as they sell their virtual goods on whatever platform they choose... be it DAZ, AvatarLife, et cetera. Yes, I do understand that for some creators, creating virtual items for 3D worlds is their job and their job might actually be working in computer graphics creating virtual game assets for people; but, the thing you need to remember is that LL sets the rules and standards for what gets paid out to each and every creator as LL considers every one of them as non-contracted freelancers.
  9. I haven't forgotten what Phillip wanted for SL. He wanted a meta world where people can create their own "Second Life".
  10. Don't forget, Luna, SL was never meant to be a career job for creators. LL made it that way for a reason.
  11. No, no, no, no, no. Don't try that. That's exactly what you're advocating for, and the OP's proposal will kill SL.
  12. First of all, people today can work from home if their job has that option. Second, LL never considered SL to be a second job for anyone. Third, if you structure SL to make it just like the real world, you will have killed SL in its entirety. Meaning, that one skirt you got from a store like per se, Blueberry... instead of paying what... $300L for it, you'll be paying $3000L, or $30USD. I don't know about you, but I am glad that no one is paying $3000L for a skirt from Blueberry because then not only would no one be purchasing Lindens for anything, but creators would seriously have to find a new way to get their secondary income as no one would be buying from them.
  13. Yes you did. If a creator were being paid to create something, then they're being commissioned to do so. That's when the creator would be paid in full for something they're being paid to create for the person wanting a piece made. Since LL never commissioned any of the creators to create anything in SL, then they're all considered to be freelance and would only make whatever LL allows them to turn into actual currency.
  14. SL was never meant to be a career job for creators.
  15. I am. I'm well aware that creators are making miniscule amounts of money as they most likely have jobs in the real world. The problem is that if you go with the OP's logic by making $100L cost $1USD, people will stop buying Lindens, rent land for homes, or even purchase clothing or accessories for their avatar(s) as it will become that much harder for people like that, myself included, to have something nice.
  16. You could, but test it out with demos first before anything else.
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