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  1. I would agree. My biggest problem is FS or BD maxing out my 8gb ram. So I'll have to upgrade at some point. Is there value in going to 32 gb ?
  2. Hello all. I'm considering getting a new PC to optimize SL. Based on what I've read I'm leaning more toward a high clock speed CPU and less toward many cores. Is there any value in 32 gb of ram as opposed to 16 ?
  3. Hi all. Are there any online tutorials/videos about the machinima feature in Black Dragon? Among other things, I'm keen to know the commands to hide the entire interface including huds ? But I just need a primer/best practice advice on machinima using BD, as BD is the preferred viewer for machinma I believe ?
  4. Hello all. This is probably very basic but I want , when a user right clicks my hud in their inventory and selects "ADD", to attach the hud to a specific screen location like lower left. I can find docco on ATTACH_POINT, the attach event and scripts about attaching when you rez and object and touch it. But not on setting the default when you ADD ? I want to make this as easy for the user as possible. Any help is greatly appreciated !
  5. Thank you. My body's hud's layer's screen accepted the textures and I have my texture applied. Thanks you !
  6. If I want to make a basic Omega applier for my TOP layer, where can I find the basic dev kit ? I can't seem to find one on MP ? All I see is mesh-body specific ones for say, the tatt layer only ? I can see the Omega Evolved kit ?
  7. What is the best male body in terms of fine granularity of the alpha hud sections ? I terms of lots of small sections to get just the right parts hidden to work in with a close fitting t shirt for example ? The Signature Gianni hud seems to be very comprehensive ? The Aesthetic Niramyth not so much perhaps ?
  8. Hey Nirvan. I'm afraid I'm going to have to revise my earlier statement. In Black Dragon, videos are now working on both prims ( I think its prims, this was on a movie theater when I tested it) and on TV's. Now, while TV's work for me in FS and the Official Viewer, the movie theater does not in FS and the Official. (Maybe it will work when I try it again later). So Black Dragon is actually working better for me now. In the previous BD build I'm sure I wasn't even getting the URL bar above TV's , and movie theaters did not work, but both worked in FS. But I'm definitely getting both in BD now. So BD is all good for me now. What prompted this post was a movie in an art installation was not working for me in BD just now, but when I just tried it now in FS I got the same problem, so I'd say there' s a problem with the URL.
  9. Hi all. I'm running Black Dragon (64bit) 4.0.1 - Refreshing Dragon. For some reason I cannot get videos to play in world. They work in Firestorm. I have the "Enable Streaming Media" and "Enable Streaming Music" boxes checked in "Sound and Media " preferences. Music works fine. Do I need to unblock something in my firewall ?
  10. Hi Nirvan. I get the same issue in FS. I'll apply a tatt to my top layer using an Omega applier, and it just won't appear. Then I'll go to another sim, or relog, and it suddenly will appear, or it will appear darker because its been laid "twice" - in FS re-baking fixes both these issues. Or I'll apply it to my tatt or Bra layer and it will appear 10% of the time. I think Theresa Tennyson's answer has helped me understand what's going on.
  11. Appreciate your answer, that gives me a clearer picture. So is there a reliable fix? Can I control the order of layering textures on my body ?
  12. Yes I sort of understand, my Actanon hud bom-enabling achieves that sometimes. Usually a rebake gets it to work
  13. Hello all. I am running Black Dragon build , version 4.01 Is there an option to force a rebake of avatar textures like in Firestorm ? I sometimes find my Omega-applied bra-or-tattoo-layer tattoos will not appear in any viewer after I apply them , and a rebake forces them to re-appear.
  14. Yeah I think I just have to get some advice on making BOM work on my Tellaq.
  15. I don't think my Tellaq Actanon has an Omega Evolved relay/installer for it. I've look on SLM and cannot find one. I don't believe Tellaq Actanon supports BOM because when I double click on a BOM texture thing in my invent nothing happens. I can apply a texture to my body's tatt layer using the hud. Is it possible to extract the texture UID from inside an Omega (evolved) applier ?
  16. Despite setting complexity to max, I still see some jelly dolls with an tag on top about Texture area like "1024 m2" ? How do I fix this ? I cant find anything in Firestorm menu about Texture Area ? https://gyazo.com/971ae7ab4f9b4c0247f7ae955d480bb5
  17. My body supports Omega. If I want a tattoo that requires "Omega Evolved" , can I get an "Omega Evolved" installer ?
  18. Newbie here. I have an AO hud. I would like two sets of AO's - one for day to day and one for sports activities. The way I see it, I can; a) have two copie of the hud, one containing set 1 of the anims and dances, and one with set 2. or b) have both sets of anims and dances (we're talking about 30 in total) and load each set manually from two note cards as I choose. Does b) increase lag ?
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