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  1. @OptimoMaximo means you need to scale the stuff you need to the size that you need. I presume Cinema 4D will be offering you some options when importing files, maybe play around with those a bit. It may be some quirk in the file, maybe link where exactly you got your skeleton from.
  2. I'm gonna prefer the bandwagen that includes "recommending a switch to a software that costs >2000€ per year unless you buy 3 years in advance is not good advice for a single request for something that's apparently easy to work without". Whichever that might be.
  3. Uh, not at all. Can't see a thing with the wireframe all over the place. Maybe someone else can make sense of this?
  4. Always kinda difficult to tell from screenshots alone. We can't really see where exactly those bones are. From here it looks like the eyebrows aren't all that well placed, especially eyebrow inner? Bit at a loss here. Not all that experienced with rigging either.
  5. Looking at the bento reference, it could work. I'd say rig it and play with the pose a bit. For testing purposes, automatic weights should give you a rough idea.
  6. Okay, okay. What do you want here? Do you just not want to move the camera yourself and make screenshots? Is there some other issue? I'm very confused.
  7. Granted. Can't quite shed the developer's perspective. I'll try harder from now on.
  8. Yes, but it CAN be used to make more efficient content. What if a creator realizes that a small object isn't recognizable at longer distances regardless of quality, even at very high resolutions? In that case, deciding to not render it at all might be the better option. I'll concede that whatever performance advantage is there is probably not worth the LI exploits that would happen.
  9. Rotate them around a bit and find out which parts move. Then you'll have their functions fired out in no time.
  10. As a learning project, sure. But if it already exists, and you got lots of stuff to model, why not take a shortcut there?
  11. I am well aware. Putting tri limits to zero seems to be a very fun thing for many creators to do. I was merely pointing out that, while it would be great to force artists to make at least somewhat acceptable LODs, the possibility of zeroing out must remain.
  12. Since you're presuming stuff now for the whole purpose of mocking me for an argument that I DID NOT EVEN BRING UP, nor was I planning to, I think we're done here. Back to topic, I actually thought of something else. Zeroing out LODs is, something that should remain, even if strict tri limits on custom ones would be enforced. There's a performance advantage to be had when not rendering small things at long or even medium distance at all.
  13. Sorry, but the last part is absolutely messed up. You're creating art for an interactive experience that is expected to be smooth. You can't just claim you're being held back by programmers and be done with it. If one thinks it's justified chucking HUGE amounts of model and textures at people and then going "Ah, but the engine should be SO MUCH BETTER", at this point it's not even an engine limitation anymore. No matter the engine, 1 GB of textures for one single models is entirely not feasible for any hardware but the most high-end stuff. Quite frankly, I find your disrespect for pr
  14. I write code for a living. Not in the graphics department, but certain principles still apply. Also, it's great that id did it. But as a content creator it is your job to make sure you work WITH the engine, not churn out stuff that bogs it down and then insist on changes in the implementation. Sure, you can ask for features or optimizations. But as long as you're not absolutely certain these features or optimizations will be available to you, it's your responsibility to create stuff that works with what is there right here and now, even if it is suboptimal. Especially since we are in a pr
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