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  1. Sorry @Ayeleeon, looks like the store's BOM undershirts are only women's.😛 (ignore the smiley, I'm on mobile and can't seem to kill it)
  2. This, right here. Be who YOU want to be, not what society or some mouth breather tells you you SHOULD be.
  3. There's a brand I use for undershirts.... I'll look for it when I get on in the am (on mobile atm) and see if they also make for guys. *fingers crossed*
  4. I'd just assumed they were the same God, different pantheon. But then I was always horrible at theology and metaphysics....
  5. Oh lord I'm gonna get chonked from these.... I bet each cookie is like an extra mile of running... Time to start marathon training. I'll gladly enjoy the gluten for you Coffee.
  6. Also, unless you're going for the bubble butt, make sure to not shorten your hips... That slider seems to have more effect on trunk junk than any of the others. I'd add 5-10pts to the body fat, same with the legs, see how you like it.
  7. And here I always thought I was short.... The rest of that checks out too.... Oh God! I'm average! 😉
  8. I too am intrigued. Though I guess I'm not FULL ginger? But I COULD be!
  9. So absolutely true about the creepers.... I've gotten more than enough compliments on my AVI, but really the only people that I am more than happy to talk to are the ones who actually read my profile. So guys, instead of just letting a woman know her AVATAR looks amazing, read the profile and comment on HER. You'd be surprised how much of a better reception you'll get in return.
  10. Okay, not tipping Kevin.... But dear God no one pay Steve a half a linden... That guy is atrocious.
  11. If I could like /upvote this a thousand times, I would. Be yourself, forget the haters. If these people a being cokwombles (was in another thread, now I'm using it)... Then forget them hun, cause you don't want to know these kind of people.
  12. This is the way. 8 heads high.... And for the love cheese, please don't give yourself T-Rex arms. Your fingertips should reach about mid thigh, not your belt. I see that all the time and that's on my #petpeeves list for sure. Shoulder to shoulder, your frame should be approximately three times the width of your head as well, at least for guys, women it tends more towards 2.75 due to smaller bone frame... Though of course there are outliers.
  13. Ellie4024

    big purr

    Sorry, only unusual people with clothing fetishes allowed. Come back after you've considered molesting a sock. 😜😉
  14. You just need to find the right guy, Sapphire. The guy I'm seeing is pretty awesome about things like that... Granted, I only torture him once every few weeks or so...
  15. I think overall that social friendliness is a regional concept... Where I am in the States, everyone is friendly and will talk to a complete stranger, meanwhile the year I was in Maryland, near Baltimore.... That was the unfriendliest place I have ever been to. (no offense to anyone in MD, ya'll still have the best blue crab)
  16. What are some of your interests here in SL? Might help your post garner some traction @HRH Andrew... Anything that you especially enjoy doing? Help us help you.
  17. Ellie4024

    big purr

    I kinda actually want to know the point of the OP's post... Was it that they're a fashion designer? Are they looking for networking to get designs out, or are they alluding to a sexual kink?
  18. Ellie4024

    big purr

    I'm not. I'm basic. 😉
  19. I just want to say that even though what you're seeking doesn't align with MY SL, I hope the best for you and that you find an amazing couple that fits you. Also kudos for being upfront about the gender bending. I don't personally care, as I take people as they present in world, but I know a lot of people who do.
  20. This is why I learned to build my own.... I'm now on my second BEAST of a PC... And I expect it to last me another 5 years. You pay sooooo much more for a pre-built (though right now, it's about the only way to get a modern graphics card)... My same PC, bought from a boutique builder would have been almost 50% more in price.
  21. I've got cheddar and Caramel Corn seasoning.... Which do you prefer? /me pops a kernel in my mouth.
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