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  1. If using a double-negative is bad grammar, what does that make using a triple-negative divided by a quad-positive to the square root of round pies, preferably pecan?
  2. Rhonda Huntress wrote: We had a guy stop by this morning who started looking for stuff to complain about. He went on about the (non-working) HUD being against the law (his words, not mine) because it was remote monitoring. He also accused someone who was there for the first time of using a hacked viewer. Turns out he owns a bar that is not the top of the destinations list. Eh, that joker left my alt an offline IM telling me it was against the law. I was tempted to tell him to call his local police dept. to report the crime, or better yet the FBI, but I decided to be nice by biting m
  3. I am thrilled to see that the hangout has made it into the destination guide. The hangout has long been a fixture to a lot of people, having withstood the test of time so far, and with any luck it'll continue on for long time to come.
  4. Thank you, Suella Ember, for the very helpful tutorial.
  5. I treated my avatar to a premium account for the first 3 years, always thinking I would get around to buying more land than the First Land 512 for L$512, but nothing ever came of it. The L$400 a week stipend was kind of nice though.
  6. Rioko Bamaisin wrote: I feel like that every day without drinking. It's called getting old and decrepit. Getting? *coughs* *coughs some more*
  7. I really miss the old forum software. Right now, new and improved isn't feeling very improved at all.
  8. Ossian wrote: Will it be a kind of HBO to the forum's Disney? I suspect it would be more akin to Cinemax After Dark.
  9. Yeah, if there's going to be any bunny cooking, roast it instead... maybe with a little honey glaze.
  10. Rioko Bamaisin wrote: I so suck at this keeping people captive thing.... Come over to my place later this evening, I'll let you practice some more. :smileywink:
  11. Rioko Bamaisin wrote: Garrett Laramide wrote: To sit in poses impossible to achieve with the human body while consuming beverages from open containers that never spill. This. Oh, and to worship Rioko's boots.
  12. Rioko Bamaisin wrote: How did you get out of my dungeon? Easy, you gave me a copy of all your keys, remember?
  13. Oatmeal during the week. Guacamole on weekends. No, really.
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