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  1. If it's a pg/g Sim, I'll interact with a child Avi, sure. (RP or whatever)... Adult rating, sorry kiddo, just gonna derender and watch the radar, if they don't leave, I contact the owner/manager AFTER I've contacted the child avi's owner and reminded them (politely) that the probably don't belong in the region. As for the haters and kiddie-phobes and the racists, block, mute, send an AR and have fun doing what you came there to do. (wouldn't surprise me if the kiddie-phobes were pedos themselves, as its often the case with people who are hardcore homo-phobes.... But don't forget that lesbians are okay with them) (no @coraxcorv, I wasn't calling you out, your response is reasonable)
  2. Someone IMs me, I perv their profile, and it a blank coma patient (thank you for that @Profaitchikenz Haiku), I tend to just let it die since it's usually a "hi" and nothing more. Oh I lovvvvve the "touch/hurt X and I'll come for you" ones... Like what exxxxxxaaaaactly are they going to do? Make mean emotes? I better get out the big girl panties then.... Also fond of the "I'm kind caring and loving" one then you see like 20 hardcore bdsm groups... Yes, I know that bdsm in REAL LIFE can be kind and caring, etc. EVERY experience I've had involving SL bdsm has just been some super insecure neck beard trying to exert power over a woman.
  3. Gotta agree that it's probably a modified Ceylon from Lelutka.... Seeing a big trend of this style of late... Is Asian kawaii girl the new Kupra?
  4. Yup, the Belleza Jake is definitely worth the small cost, if he can float it. Skins galore, and finding clothing is going to be super easy for that body. It's the male equivalent of our maitreya Lara.
  5. This confuses me as well, so you're not alone.... I'd kinda like the answer too...
  6. Wear the bottom two, add the first one, should go on like a hud, and then there should be an "apply" button, hopefully. Hopefully that helps?
  7. Sorry @Ayeleeon, looks like the store's BOM undershirts are only women's.😛 (ignore the smiley, I'm on mobile and can't seem to kill it)
  8. This, right here. Be who YOU want to be, not what society or some mouth breather tells you you SHOULD be.
  9. There's a brand I use for undershirts.... I'll look for it when I get on in the am (on mobile atm) and see if they also make for guys. *fingers crossed*
  10. I'd just assumed they were the same God, different pantheon. But then I was always horrible at theology and metaphysics....
  11. Oh lord I'm gonna get chonked from these.... I bet each cookie is like an extra mile of running... Time to start marathon training. I'll gladly enjoy the gluten for you Coffee.
  12. Also, unless you're going for the bubble butt, make sure to not shorten your hips... That slider seems to have more effect on trunk junk than any of the others. I'd add 5-10pts to the body fat, same with the legs, see how you like it.
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