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  1. Many places like London City I cannot leave by the water. My avatar is stopped by an invisible barrier whenever I venture far out into the water. I believe it didn't used to be this way when I played in 2008 but I might be misremembering. I want to know why this limitation was put in place.
  2. Why are we not allowed to cross the water that separates areas? Was there a time in SL’s early years when it was possible to leave areas by flying over the ocean and sea instead of teleporting? I’m just curious.
  3. I missed out by a month! I’ve never been to The Shelter.
  4. My mom and I go on secondlife together. She found this replica of a part of New York called “New York City Beverley Hills Liber-T City Arcana & France” and it’s great. It’s big and there’s a lot to see and do. It’s well made. I also liked Tohoku and London City. Are there any other expansive places like cities I could go visit? I’m not much for places like cafes and hangout spots as I get bored. I want to explore!
  5. By the way, thank you guys for introducing me to the Favorite Destinations subforum. It’s Exactly the kinda forum I was looking for
  6. This is disappointing. It sounds like it was a very big place with a lot of care put in.
  7. Is it okay to list locations that include stores or clubs that are not my own? I like big interactive locations like cities and they usually have at least one little store somewhere and one club.
  8. I want to follow the guidelines so I want to know. It’s the “Spamming, Solicitation and Advertising” guideline that has me thinking that maybe it’s not okay? But I’m not sure?
  9. I have health problems that make going out complicated and VA with secondlife I can travel to wherever I want.
  10. I'm not sure how to put the pieces together. When I created a new piece of clothing it was not editable. I'm not finding any helpful youtube videos for this. It seems like what I want to do should be easy. Yes, I want the rubber suit look. I want to create system clothes that fit against the avatar.
  11. Thank you! This was very helpful to me. I guess I was using incorrect terminology. Thank you; I’ll look this up.
  12. I have never made anything for secondlife before but I have this idea for a line of clothes. Can you guys help me learn how to create clothes that use the old-fashioned form-fitting prim and sculpt method, the one where next to your shirt there’s a picture of a shirt instead of a box. I just want to make solid color t-shirts and such. How do I make non-mesh clothes?
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