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  1. Next question: why are her toes clipping through the floor when I put her feet on high heel mode?
  2. I got out and went back in and was able to fix the two avatar issue I don't know anything about bakes on mesh yet.
  3. I'm using Isis I added the alpha, so why am I still seeing both avatars? Tell me about clothing layers. How do I layer clothes? I will probably have more questions a bit later
  4. I've been flying around the map and the featured destinations and I feel like there aren't any places left for me to explore. Please suggest somewhere that maybe I haven't been to yet? Give me anything, anything at all. I'll go there. Anywhere you've enjoyed being? Share!
  5. I tried a demo and her feet are on their toes like she's wearing heels and when I put sneakers on her they just clip through. Is this a glitch or are her feet always going to be like this, or is there a way to alter the feet position?
  6. I love the legs on Belleza Isis and think she looks a lot like a real person but I tend to dress conservatively and for that reason may yield toward Maitreya instead
  7. Thank you! I think I'll get what I want from Isis. I already saved my shape.
  8. I got the demos for belleza and tried them on.....but I cannot locate the place in the hud where you alter the mesh. When I click shape I get nothing but bust and hand poses. I want to alter the legs/waist/size/etc of this mesh. How do I alter it?
  9. Can I alter the Freya body to not have a very large bust or backside? Edit: ALSO, will my Belleza body slow down SL for other people when I go to my clubs??
  10. I think I like the look of the Belleza Isis body the most but I think I’d probably find the most clothes for Venus and Freya. Unfortunately I read that Belleza bodies are heavy on the servers so I’m still not sure if I should get Belleza or not. But I think Maitreya’s clothes are the only attractive thing about her. She goes in too much at points like her knees and is too rounded and her bust looks weird. I am thinking of getting Venus because I want big all over, not just around the bust and back, and it looks like those are the only places Freya is bigger in.
  11. Should I get Belleza Freya or Venus? My avatar fits medium and large 'standard sized' clothing.
  12. Of course! The demo. Thank you. I think I'm liking the looks of the Belleza bodies more though, based on comparisons on google images.
  13. Thank you. I became interested in the Maitreya body because of all the gorgeous clothes that people have made for it and the lack of nice clothes for non-mesh avatars, and the popularity. But all photos of Maitreya look like Barbies and swimsuit models. Can the Maitreya body be altered to look more common?
  14. ...will I be able to take it off, and alternate between my classic avatar and the mesh one? Or will the mesh body completely replace the classic avatar? This is probably a silly question but I have to be sure my avatar will be okay and usable (I've saved her in "my outfits"). Edit: Second question: is it okay to talk about specific merchandise in this forum? I have more questions about the mesh.
  15. Would I have to remake everything if I were to become a member, stop being a member for a while, and then become a member again? or would everything be right where I left it?
  16. Choosing ADD instead of WEAR worked once and I was able to wear my top and shoes without clipping but after those two alpha files I added more and couldn't see them working. Thank you but now it seems like I can only wear two. No mesh body. I use a classic avatar. Edit: It took some time but they all worked. Thank you! You've helped me immensely actually. (I hit post limit so I can't respond but thank you) Edit: I use the latest official SL Viewer.
  17. Most mesh clothes (nowadays, that’s the only type of clothes I can find in stores— even skinny jeans and bras are mesh) come with an alpha file that gets rid of the clipping. The problem is, I have to choose (between my hair, my top, my pants, and my shoes) which thing will be without holes because I can only wear one alpha file. It’s really not fun when I find the perfect shoes for an outfit and when I put them on my avatar’s shoulders become exposed. Is there a way to wear more than one alpha?
  18. I see that there’s a way to edit posts but is there a way to delete?
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