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  1. I need to know because I'm building an ao in firestorm and I need to know for how long each of my standing animations should cycle. Where does it say how long the animations are?
  2. So look up user 'spotifycharts' and browse 'new releases'.... Thank you! You've been very helpful! Edit: I just checked the 'new releases' page on spotify. I don't really like most of the music on that page and there isn't as much content on the page as I'd have liked. Also I went through those two lists and I've heard 95% of those songs in the club I work at
  3. How can I get spotify to offer me current music? It just offers me mood lists with songs from 10 years ago
  4. I too collect cds, at goodwill and other thrift stores (or, well, I used to before covid) but grabbing blindly usually leads to accidentally getting religious music instead of gems, not quite good for the club I dj at
  5. I still need help finding current music. Youtube worked well for a few days but quickly I noticed that youtube recommends the same songs over and over again. Also Spotify goes more by mood than what's current so it's being unhelpful as well.
  6. My roommates moved to a new, much bigger place that allows for thousands of prims, so this is no longer a problem. Thank you everyone.
  7. That's exactly what I'm trying to do here, listen to as much new music as possible
  8. I just joined mixcloud and tried some of the recommended streams... I didn't like the music. Too remix-y. Cool site though.
  9. Music blogs and articles tend to disappoint me. I need something more human. Instead of 'experts' I get more out of playlists that common people create. I've found some of my best tunes from anime fanmixes for example.
  10. What would you have liked me to do? Stop DJing or necro an old thread that went nowhere? I have no music sources. All my old music sources went away. I used to just randomly browse 8tracks but it became unpopular years ago so the tunes there are 5+ years old. That's why this is so urgent.
  11. The problem with youtube is.. the autoplay tends to play every song by a single artist in a row before going to the next band.
  12. A problem I'm having with that playlists website is most of the playlists are quite old
  13. That playlists website was very helpful. Anybody else wanna share your sources?
  14. I've tried Spotify on and off for years and never had any luck with it, but I'll try it again if it really helped you. Another reason I don't like Spotify is they just don't have everything, they lack a lot of indie.
  15. I want to discover songs. I have nothing to buy right now because I haven't discovered any new songs.
  16. I only DJ in SL. Interesting bit of information though, thank you. This didn't answer my question.
  17. I don't like Spotify because it's all just edm. I used to use 8tracks all the time and find really good stuff there but all the mixes are now 5+ years old. Playmoss is dead. Last.fm is no longer a radio site. Youtube offers me things that are overly specific. Bandcamp is not mainstream enough. I go to various clubs, they all play the same tunes. I've recently become a dj and need to find music to play but I don't know where to look. Any advice?
  18. I'm currently sharing land with people who have a full house on it. I tried the houses at freebie galaxy but they were all too prim-heavy and wouldn't build all the way. I need something I can fit a bed and table in but that will leave me enough prims to add furniture in.
  19. My lindens problem is fixed. Now I still have this problem: When I search myself I don't find myself in the results even though other people come up when I search them. In preferences I do have "Show my profile in search results" checked.
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