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  1. I feel like it is not so much expensive as it is very easy to overdo things. Especially for human avatars who have a wide selection of just about everything. It would be easy to get in over your head pretty quickly and make Second Life. I know a few people in-world who have no self control and will buy any and everything and then complain about how they are RL broke for the week. Don't do that, folks.
  2. Cool topic. In real life I love ink, I have 9. (I actually had to take a moment to count them to make sure that was right). On Second Life, since I don't play as a human, I have none. Though I imagine if I did play as a human I'd have far more than I do in real life and some of them I could easily emulate as I've seen somewhat similar designs for a couple of them on MP when I was just boredom browsing. edit: I mean I have a human avatar, but it's not customizable.
  3. I know what you mean. You always intellectually know the world is full of a ton of different kind of people but you rarely are so blatantly confronted with this fact as you are on Second Life. If you let it Second Life can definitely teach you to have more tolerance.
  4. Depression and anxiety is far from uncommon and I wanted to start a genuine discussion on if Second Life has helped you. This is a praise/talk about the good things Second Life has done for you. Personally, Second Life has been invaluable for my healing. Long story short, in 2018 my mother died expectantly. She was young. In 2019 my 11 year old dog died after a brief battle with cancer. And in 2020 my 20 year old cat passed away of old age. Basically, these past three years have been one gigantic punch after another and they all hurt in different ways (though of course my mother's
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