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  1. Salutations! Welcome back to the fun! I am always looking for more people to start some fun and foolery with! I am a long time SL'er myself! just in a fancy newer body heh. about me: I am an DJ, A part of the SLCS Cheerleaders, The Diva's Tribute band concerts, The N-O Grid wide Fishing, Drivers of SL (weekly grid drives), I love shopping, live music, dancing, exploring, i know where all the best sales and deals are XD, and i can talk your ear off ( did i mention i am still in the days where they used voice!).. okies ❤️ Add me if you like! Shenanigans are to be had!
  2. Harmony House is looking to audition for talent needed this Saturday March 3rd 2021! The music theme is classic preferred. Please pick one song to play. Gig is a *GENEROUS* owner tip plus LOTS of tips from guests! Bring your own crowd as well! Please contact Amber Hazel Grace (Bongziehaze Resident) to audition RIGHT AWAY! 🤩
  3. Calling all artists and Performers! Looking to audition people for roles in making a burlesque show. Needing singers, performers, dancers and more! if you think you have something to bring to the table come check out ~ Harmony House~ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Centalia/30/135/33 or contact me personally @BongzieHaze and lets get the show started! Tada! Amber
  4. please check your im's thank you! I am VERY Interested, let's chat! ~ Amber Hazel Grace
  5. i have lots of experience, lots of spunk, and personality. I would love to come play in the city of angels with ya'll! shall i IM you or will you IM me?
  6. Soggy Bottom Bayou is sooooooo close to opening its doors! It's Exciting!! let me tell you about our bayou. we will be hosting live venues, open mic's, EPIC events, new ways to promote gathering and more! the sim is designed for the explorers and creators alike! I am looking for a person OR persons to help me get the Bayou ready to rock and roll! So many perks for working @ the Bayou it's awesome. i would love to show you my ideas and collaborate together! give me a ring-a-ling (Notecard INWORD PLEASE!!!) and lets talk! Have a blessed day! Amber Hazel Grace (bongziehaze Resident)
  7. Greetings, Since my return i have started working on a sim. keep in touch. i might take a minute as it's a one woman team ATM, but i have some hopes. ~Amber Haze (BongzieHaze)
  8. What is it with the comeback's being rough? I made my new avi this time, wanted a fresh start... but it seems everyone has the personality i try to meet out there of a wet noodle. local chat's are dead. and i can't find a spot i want to hangout at worth beans. So i am making a spot and i stumbled on these forums. #Thecomebackkid So... Mr. Midnight i ask, care to take a walk on the funnier and less paved side of life? Cause the way i am looking at it.. those wet noodles need some spicy meatballs to get life started again. ~ Amber Haze (BongzieHaze Resident)
  9. Gingers... I was born a RL Soul-Sucker. Yup, Them some good carpet and drapes.. thanks for asking. I know! i have a lot of freckles...EVERYWHERE! No, it is not funny to see me all lobster red and crispy in the summer. And yes it is true, I DO have a higher pain tolerance.
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