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  1. Premier Wrestling is hiring new talent for our upcoming seasons and events! Do you have what it takes to become wrestler, manager, referee or commentator? Sign now: https://forms.gle/qLbt3pFGkUmU8VC69 shortly after you will receive an introduction course, to take before being passed on to the training department. There are try-out classes for wrestling at Premier Wrestling to see if it's for you. The Head trainer will help you get started. Join our discord server: https://discord.gg/5QgmYbb We use discord for upcoming classes, coordinating and directing the shows. Our main shows at starflare arena are at ATTITUDE SHOW MONDAYS 1:0PM PDT (SL TIME) pre-meeting at 12:00 on discord. OVERLOAD SHOW THURSDAYS/ or a Friday 1:00PM PDT (SL TIME) pre-meeting at 12:00 on discord. Premier Wrestling performs many shows across the grid, the unplugged house shows. These shows across the week and weekend are optional, always with pre-meeting and show time at 1:00 or 2:00PM when possible. Visit us inworld: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elston/104/176/23 Check out what we do: https://www.youtube.com/c/PremierWrestling For direct response please contact wulla Zabelin or Vince Aftermath
  2. ☆☆ Bombshell's Tavern ☆☆ Are you a Bombshell? Are you professional, classy, upscale, executive, elite, well manicured avi and performer? A top shelf liquor flavor kind of exotic woman? Are you articulate, can type well written emotes and immerse a customer? Are you the fantasy? Do you want to be the fantasy? Are you over 3 months old? (avi age) (Over 18 yrs old as defined by US Federal Law) Then maybe you're a Bombshell! ☆☆ We are a Veteran Owned and Operated Bar ☆☆ Bombshell's Tavern is hiring quality woman to be exotic entertainers at our bar. Escorting is not required, but if you do we facilitate that as well. Notice my questions, high quality service, well written emoting ability and immersion. If you cannot do that, there's plenty of other clubs out there. We won't compromise on quality for anyone. We are customer focused, offering high class upscale and fun flirty customer service, realism and immersion, in a great bar atmosphere. We are LIVE entertainers - Our girls are live and not afk bots. Day to Day: Freedom of Schedule: Come and go as you want. We require a minimum of 4 hours a week / 16 per month working. Fun Workplace: We have the girls on poles or dance pads. But we encourage the girls to have fun and be apart of the customer experience! NOT static, vulgar sex dolls. Hop down and shoot pool, play darts, invite them to hang out on the beach when appropriate, dance with the customers as the vibe and your professionalism deem appropriate. Benefits: We are working on several benefit programs for staff including bonus's, Featured Girl of the Month, and invitations to special events as well as promotions and earnings dividends. Some of these are still in work as we work our way across our to-do list. Training: We offer training to girls who want to learn, or improve on emoting, typing and "telling a story" to our clientele. We have a staff handbook that trains new dancers on expectations, rules and how we do business. And our management is proactive in helping mold our dancers into the quality of exotic dancer and performance entertainers we want to represent our brand. Modeling: If you are a model, we offer opportunities for girls to expand your modeling portfolio in regular updates to our weekly promotion materials and modeling for an affiliate clothing line that appears on the market and the in-world store. Promotions: We offer a standardized promotion track that is policy guided and has handbook defined gateways for promotions. Senior girls get perks and benefits junior girls do not. Wardrobe & Attire: We do have very high expectations on appearance. We require at least 4 different wardrobe sets per week, 3 are theme days. Services Offered: Topless and fully nude lap dances at set rates. Girls always have discretion on limits and activities during close contact activities with clientele. We offer escorting services for those girls that want to take part in it both on site and off site. All tips earned via club jobs must be run through our tip jars, no exceptions. No under the table tips will be allowed. We will fire and bounce girls out of the club who breach this rule. Tips: Tavern takes 20%. This will vary throughout the year never to exceed 20%, the more business our staff can bring in, the lower this will go. Events: We are building a monthly rotation of DJ's and other scheduled events. I'm not going to sugar coat my hiring post. We are new, our traffic could always use improvement. We are advertising hard, working hard, and laughing a lot. We are in the grueling grind up a very competitive mountain. We have plenty of money, and cover our expenses still putting Lindens away for projects and savings, and we keep expenses low. We are not one of the bigger clubs, but we are working hard to set ourselves as a classy, high quality venue. If you're read this far, then that's good. You're on your way to being a Bombshell. If you haven't, that's fine too, you probably don't have the attention span we're looking for. Requirements: 1. Age: Your avi must be a minimum of 3 months old. 2. Language: Speaking, writing and reading English needs to be fluent. We are an American bar, and expect quality emoting, writing, and communication. (No translators. You simply need to be able to speak fluent English as staff.) (Bi and multi-lingual very welcomed!) 3. Your avi must be: ☆ Female (a woman, we don't do trans here or any of the other variations.) ☆ NO under age, child avi's, or under age avi's are allowed on premises. ☆ Human. No pets, demons, fury's, animals or other body types available in game. ☆ 100% Mesh: You must be one of the available mesh bodies, heads, hair, accessories and clothing. (Legacy, Signature, Belleza, Maitreya, Ebody, etc) ☆ Proportional Sizes: No maxed out sliders, you MUST be a regularly shaped, sexy and normally proportioned female body shape, athletic and/or Lolita curvy. (We do not do the very wide unrealistic booty thing with tiny little feet - we also do not want the hyper skinny appearance. Not our gig.) ☆ Height: 5'7" - 6'0" feet tall - There is a height example in the dressing room. 4. Wardrobe: You need at least 4 changes of attire for work minimum. Please refer to the Handbook for more details on dancing attire. (Separate top and bottom, and high heels.) 5. Professionalism with co-workers and with all customers (no matter what). If you've never been in a professional setting, its fine, we'll teach you. 6. Able to listen, take corrections or suggestions professionally. If management or a madame provide a correction, tip, guidance, or suggestion we need you to be adult and professional enough to know how to receive it. 7. When on stage, be present and available. Not AFK. When you wear the Bombshell's tag you represent our brand with Class - Professionalism - Pride - Joy and as a Bombshell! Here's the surl to our sim. 🚙Request a free Limo: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Seabrook/58/222/24 Proceed to the Reception office where additional hiring information is located and the Staff Group Joiner. We do charge for staff joining the group, but you'll make it back with good work ethic and exotic professionalism. Become the best we have! Good luck. Ask questions. And lets work together, to help each other at Bombshell's Tavern! On behalf of the entire Bombshell's Staff - we sincerely thank you for taking the time to consider us as a place of employment. ~ Bombshell's Tavern Management
  3. I'm in need of a 70s/80s live singer for 30 August 2021, 4:30-5:30 SLT. This is for a birthday party for a very dear friend. The performer I had booked has had to cancel. Performance to be at Phoenix International Speedway drag strip. Open concert so all welcome. We are a friendly bunch of drag racers with a passion for speed and music, mainly rock.
  4. The New Brighton Belle's are looking for outgoing personalities to join our fabulous dance troop!! No previous experience required xD We rehearse at 1pm SLT on a Wednesday and Saturday ... Please contact lexximae in world for details :)
  5. Harmony House is looking to audition for talent needed this Saturday March 3rd 2021! The music theme is classic preferred. Please pick one song to play. Gig is a *GENEROUS* owner tip plus LOTS of tips from guests! Bring your own crowd as well! Please contact Amber Hazel Grace (Bongziehaze Resident) to audition RIGHT AWAY! 🤩
  6. Hoolyville Records, a real-life independent record label, is looking to establish themselves inworld in Second Life. We consist of about 10 artists but in Second Life's platform, 2 artists are currently trying to gain grid exposure through shows and gig bookings. We are looking for AR's, producers, DJs, music executives, artists, and virtually any individual looking to be a part of an urban record label on the grid. The right individual should be open to the wide array of what the hip-hop genre consists of; rap, r&b, soul, trap, and neo-soul, just to name a few. We recognize that there is a very prominent presence of live performers on Second Life but there is also a definite lack of artists that fit along the lines of hip-hop and rap and we are striving to bring this type of showcase to the grid. The two artists from the label currently possess big bodies of work and a dynamic presence with their performances. The right candidate should look forward to the following roles and responsibilities but not limited to: - Finding performance venues - Merchandise planning - Assistance with show planning - Promotion - Marketing - Artist scouting - Maintain a professional demeanor Please note that the aforementioned qualifications are not required to be filled by one person. Depending on what you are able to take on and assume responsibility for, this will determine the payscale for you as an individual. We are realistic and do not expect anyone person to fulfill all of the above. If this is of interest to you, below, please find the links to the artist SoundCloud pages so that you can see our body of work along with our inworld names: Novel Popinjay: https://soundcloud.com/hooly-corp Maela Forcella: https://soundcloud.com/maexbaexhooly
  7. Calling all artists and Performers! Looking to audition people for roles in making a burlesque show. Needing singers, performers, dancers and more! if you think you have something to bring to the table come check out ~ Harmony House~ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Centalia/30/135/33 or contact me personally @BongzieHaze and lets get the show started! Tada! Amber
  8. Come join us for 1 hour of amazing live tunes when Malachi Wolf takes the stage at the pool of Sensualis! Ѡhen: 1-2pm SLT Ѡhere: @ Sensualis Ɠenre: Mixed rock Ɗresscode: Swimwear ♬♫♪ Grab some friends and join the party! ♪♫♬ Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kapulani/43/199/2001
  9. The Blind Frog Blues Nightclub is NOW Hiring! Welcome to the Blind Frog Blues Nightclub, the newest and most exciting Blues venue on the grid. We feature Blues music, as well as many other music genres. We are seeking experienced DJs, as well as aspiring new DJs who just need that little extra something to break out. We seek professional DJs who are willing to stick to a schedule and want to be part of an exciting venue that is destined for greatness and will be here for a long time. If YOU are interested and would like to be part of the Blind Frog Team, please contact Eddie Vinesco (PjLongdriver) or Jingle (JinglePinks) for more info. Come see us. Here's our address: The Blind Frog Blues Nightclub
  10. I have been singing for some years in SL now, but the venue i was performing in last has closed down and I am looking for a new one. I would be performing once a month. My timezone is Europe. I sing jazz and blues mostly, but also a number of other songs that I just like. Here you can listen to a few of them: https://soundcloud.com/user-395512722. My voice is often described as sultry and smooth.
  11. Dream NightClub, Beach & Events is HIRING * DJs * Hosts * Live Singers/Performers/Musicians * DJ Manager - 1 * General Manager - 1 We pay 100% tips to staff & we also pay salary if you stick with us for 30 days or longer. Salary paid after 30 day period is up. We'll also pay all staff bonus per set so they spend 2 hours in the club during sets. Come on down and fill out an application in the club OR IM / NC DREAM GENERAL MANGER DEVIL HORNBRIDGE. HOST APPLICATION - https://dreamnightclub.aidaform.com/host-application DJ APPLICATION - https://dreamnightclub.aidaform.com/dj-application NOTE: You must be 30 days old
  12. You like dancing and acting? you like pop and urban music? Friendly and bubbly personality? you like fashions? Are you available at evening? (London times) We are looking for female and/ male performer with strong personality, this is for an acting live show. You have to performed 2 hours to have your salary package, also, our performers have their own tip jar on stage. Send your notecard to Glory Auster in world.
  13. Siirio Blinker live on Stage on April, 28th, 11am @ Aladin Music Hall, come and join us and listen to her wonderful voice and great Songs, we are a german club but everyone speaks english. Open 11am to 3pm everyday with Live DJs and DJanes. if you interested to see whats going on and info of Live performers @ the club join our group: secondlife:///app/group/81452ac1-d15a-0e58-a31e-34b8cb2bce0c/about The Team of Aldin Music Hall
  14. We are hiring at The Mermaid Retreat. It's a hangout spot for merfolk, humans and furries to connect us all together to learn more about each other and to have some fun. We need energetic people who are devoted to doing their best and who likes to have fun in the process. We have events every week so we like to see employees present for them. Here is a little more information below. We are hiring in the list below: Dj's Hosts Security Guards General Managers/Managers Performers Each of these positions are usually paid through tips. There will be times during events that Vivien0KOisera will tip about 300 - 500L or more depending in your tip jar. Also there are employee benefits and royal promoted positions for those who do an exceptional job. If you are interested in these positions contact the people below for an application. If you can't reach anyone below due to timezones.contact Vivien0Koisera or pyro7291 Vivien0Koisera - (Princess/Owner of the Retreat) pyro7291- (Duke/DJ Manager) bloodrose0619 - (Host Manager) Eliana Fierenza - (Performer Manager) We even have a facebook page. Make sure to follow us and get notified of future events. https://www.facebook.com/The-Mermaid-Retreat-1940695512849354/
  15. PERFORMER:COLLIN MARTIN LOCATION:SEN'S VIP ROOM DATE: AUGUST 9TH 2018 TIME:6PM-7PM SLT DRESS CODE: CASUAL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Haifa/141/214/21
  16. Hi Guys i wanna post event for DJ Velbon's set.... DJ Velbon's profile: The best thing about being a DJ is making people happy. There is nothing like seeing people get up from a table to dance or the expression on their face when they hear a song they love. I also love to educate people on music they have never heard > Jungle Dutch & Breakbeat Mix < For join a group and more information just like paid gigs, etc about DJ VELBONS u can send me IM Inworld: btarimariska resident TODAYS PARTY: HOTTEST PARTY 2-4 PM WITH AWESOME DJ VELBONS ღ♥ღ¸.¸.ღ♥ღ¸.¸.ღ♥ღ¸.¸.ღ♥ღ¸.¸.ღ♥ღ WHO: *DJ VELBONS * WHAT: freestyle & dance (MIX) WHEN: 2-4PM SLT WHERE: *SILKY TUNES* HOST: *BLANCHE BORDEOUX* ღ♥ღ¸.¸.ღ♥ღ¸.¸.ღ♥ღ¸.¸.ღ♥ღ¸.¸.ღ♥ღ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Silken Ropes/201/69/23
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