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  1. Is there a way to tell which continent you're at? Like somewhere in About Land or The World Map that tells you the continent name for that region, similar to how you can see the region name for the land?
  2. Thanks very much, this is really helpful for someone who hasn't seen the world map when it was working.
  3. Hi! Is the world map still not working? It loads slowly when I am zoomed all the way in but when i zoom out maybe 3 rolls of the mouse and not really zoom out fully, all the tiles disappear. Is this the same issue? Is there a way around this? Also is there a place that shows the big picture (i don't expect it to be live, just to give me an idea)? Like the whole SL world map with continents explained, etc?
  4. Hi Fritigern, thanks, I do have a couple of Belli homes. I am actually looking for the freedom of Mainland to build my own build, but also hopefully with a bit of a nice neigbourhood and theme.
  5. Hi, I have been reading through the forums on Mainland, I have a small parcel in Brown and I like it, I am still learning the ins and outs of Mainland, the Colour regions seem to have some levels of rules which makes them nicer i suppose, are there any other community type residentials, nice themes, or neigbourhoods? I often get over-whelmed when i am exploring Mainland, i have looked around Blake Sea and Bay City, lots of very expensive parcels. I kind of liked the regions around Bay City but again expensive. Are there any other reasonable priced (or possibility of being able t
  6. Region Name: The Raven Prims: 20,000 - Non-grandfathered Monthly Tier: $229, next tier payment date: 13/3/20121 Asking price: 96,000 Lindens or best offer. I will pay transfer fee and it is included in the agreed price. Please send me an inworld message: Birdie Ravenhurst (Hope)
  7. I am using Firestorm and it's been about a day or so that a lot of my inventory folders are coming up as empty, I wonder if anyone else is having this issue?
  8. Please IM me in world Birdie Ravenhurst - I am looking to buy, not rent. I already have a full region and specifically am after a grandfathered one to purchase and then hopefully sell my non-GF one. Thank you x
  9. rezzing things within your prim limit allocated through land group, mostly because you're renting a place at the sim is possible, non-renters won't be able to rez, and some rp sims that are across multiple regions, on the main rp region only admin or approved players have the ability to rez. Use of particles and scripts is usually frowned upon because of lag, though could be acceptable for specific events or rp scenes, again usually with approval, so honestly it's not something all players can use freely and each sim is slightly different. That is a nice piece of work i would say tho
  10. @KanzulR Thanks Kanzul xx I probably wrote too much there. I am still working on the build and landscaping. I'll post a link or send you one, when it's all ready.
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