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  1. Dear readers, In real life I've been an amateur singer/songwriter/producer for 20 years. And now, I want to put together a live show in SL. I currently sing existing songs in SL on backing tracks Heading to the future I want to add/replace the songs with my own or our work. Genres can vary from electronic to blues and rock to pop. For this show I am searching for. -3 background singers -SL Avatar Musicians that are preferably also musicians in RL (this to make original work and original backing tracks) -3 to 6 Dancers -Technicians (to operate the animations, lights) -Videomakers -Photographers -Stage designers -Manager -Fashionista/o (clothes on stage) PAYMENT. There will be no payment other than the tips we'll get. All participants that contributed to the show (during or before/after)get equal share of it. Expenses are on me. (clothing, instruments, lights etc). Application questions for you to think about are. Why do I want to participate? What can I add to the show (skills)? How much time can I spend on it? Am I experienced enough to do this? Am I professional enough to do this? Am I a team player? Sex or gender (identity) is irrelevant as long as you're an adult (18+) as it's very likely we'll also perform at "adult only" locations as well. Please hit me an IM or a Notecard inworld to apply. Kind regards, Bold EDIT: One must be able to at least listen to voice chat. As a lot of communication will be done through voice chat inworld (or discord)
  2. Come kick it country with us over at Panic! Put on your cowboy hats and come kick up your boots it's Country night! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Star Valley/95/56/22
  3. Jalapeño Entertainment 🎤EVENTS🎶PROFESSIONALISM🎶CULTURE🎤 In a post apocalyptic world where the population has been severely thinned by an unknown virus that turned people in living zombies who not dare leaving their homes... But somewhere in the sewers of the High Time Harbour a new festival was blooming; ROCKtober What can you expect: ✅ Live on stage performances; ✅ De 'ROCK' DansSalon; ✅ Rock of all Ages; ✅ Free air guitar!!!! Rocktober is presented by Jalapeño Entertainment & Venue in cooperation with De DansSalon & the High Time Harbour... where your week ends with the best events! You can also visit De DansSalon or our Jalapeño Entertainment agency inworld at the High Time Harbour! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Isle of Genesis/254/32/22 We will be seeing you at the ROCKtober festival! Until then...rock on! Thank You.
  4. I am renting out my furnished personal skybox home to anyone! A little earlier than usual I have moved to my Alaskan offgrid cabin from where I am preparing this year's winter quarters in Montana. Normally I switch lands & sims, but I have fallen in love with the latest renovations at my summer residence so much, I want to keep it - just not use it. For just 2000L$/Week with 400 (!) extra prims it can all be yours! ⁂ NEED TO SEE? ≫ Quick promo video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Xz0pD9ZYp2bb2INBg_y8kHjvXql23PVK/view?usp=sharing ≫ Check out flickr photos: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjzYNpi ≫ Come and visit inworld to take a look: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pisellino/169/10/1915 ⁂ SOME PERKS ≫ The Skybox sits on a huge 4096sqm (64x64) land with plenty of grass around the house for you to rez or relax on. ≫ The house has a master bedroom with an attached walk-in closet (!), an empty extra room / bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen & dining area and the common area. ≫ The entire setup is decorated with a consistent theme that resembles a wonderful modern Bungalow in the middle of the RL region of Tuscany in Italy. It features a custom made environment to make it almost not feel like a skybox! On top of that, the plot has some wonderful ambient sound orbs for a totally immersive experience. ≫ One amazing core perk is the beautiful custom EEP (ex windlight) Day Cycle. It has a detailed real life 24hr pattern set to the timezone of Italy! ≫ Every room and the outdoor areas are wired with functional lights that can be turned on/off through wall switches like in RL. Furthermore most other things can be operated, as well - such as all blinds or the big awning above the terrace. ≫ The bungalow is covered with exclusive paintings from RL artists in SL from my own collection! ≫ The outdoor area features a big Pool, a jacuzzi, a (TIS) Dance System with plenty of solo and couple dances, a hammock, a romantic dining table setup, Backbone deck chairs, a Backbone BBQ station, a wooden Pavillion with a cozy seating area and a firepit - and so much more! ≫ Most of the furniture throughout the place is PG & Adult! The master bedroom's bed is brand new and supports the INM System, V-*****, P-***** and Lovense on top of being bento animated! ≫ Multiple high-end AVEN TV's can play local media radio, Twitch streams, Youtube, world news and old movies - even Karaoke and more! There are actual radio stream changers, as well, though. ≫ The entire land is protected by a multi-layered casper security setup per "invitation only". It protects both the home and the little entrance area separately.
  5. 🐉 3 Fantastic Performances TONIGHT @ The Dragon's Tail Tavern!! PLUS SOME AWESOME GIVEAWAYS!! 🤩🥳 FIRST We start the night off with - 🐉 The Dragon's Tail Tavern Presents Talon Hawks performing LIVE @ 4PM SLT! AFTER Talon finishes his awesome performance, we welcome - 🐉 Brenna performing LIVE @ 5PM SLT!! THEN after Brenna finishes up her amazing performance, we finish up the night with the wonderful - 🐉 HOLLY GILES performing LIVE @ 6PM SLT! 💥 Don't miss out on these 3 Kickass performances TONIGHT at the Dragon's Tail Tavern!! ADULTS ONLY!! Casual Attire. 🥳 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Deviant Dragon/134/51/1021
  6. Hi everyone, my name is Tessa Blackwood, and I am the owner of Urban Roots. Bistro in second life. I want to think that my Bistro is unlike the other cafe or restaurants. My Bistro is fully interactive. There is food that you can “eat” I strive to get as close to reality as possible; after all, second life is virtual reality. With reality comes payment for food and drinks. My Bistro is so placed you can come to have a romantic dinner with that special someone or you can hang out, get a couple of beers, and talk my food menu is very extensive, so I’m sure you will find something you like. I am now looking for live entertainers that would fit the type of environment I envisioned for my Bistro. I am looking for live entertainers in these categories: Singers stand up comedians People who do voice impressions Acoustic instrument Artists The entertainer will get 100% of the TIPS they bring in. For more information, please go to Urban Roots.Bistro you can contact me from my website, Here, or inworld. Search Tessa Blackwood /Tessa Blackwood Direct tp
  7. ✰ ♬ • DAZ PRESENTS » Tear It Up • ♬ ✰ » ✰ Шho: ♬ DJ Alek Zane ♬ » ✰ Шhere: ✰ <DAZ> & Twitch ✰ » ✰ Шhat: ♬ Drum & Bass ♬ » ✰ Шhen: ✰ Thursday @ 10AM - 12PM SLT ✰ ✰ ♬ • https://www.twitch.tv/alekzane • ♬ ✰ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sexy Sands/200/105/21 We look forward to seeing you at the <DAZ> Beach Lounge & Hangout!
  8. ✰ ♬ • DAZ PRESENTS » Tear It Up • ♬ ✰ » ✰ Шho: ♬ DJ Alek Zane ♬ » ✰ Шhere: ✰ <DAZ> & Twitch ✰ » ✰ Шhat: ♬ Drum & Bass ♬ » ✰ Шhen: ✰ 2PM - 4PM SLT ✰ Every Thursday! We look forward to you joining us at the beach lounge! ✰ ♬ • https://www.twitch.tv/alekzane • ♬ ✰ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sexy Sands/200/105/21
  9. ✰ ♬ • DAZ PRESENTS » WORK IT WEDNESDAY • ♬ ✰ » ✰ Шho: ♬ DJ Alek Zane ♬ » ✰ Шhere: ✰ <DAZ> & Twitch ✰ » ✰ Шhat: ♬ Drum & Bass ♬ » ✰ Шhen: ✰ 2PM - 4PM SLT ✰ ✰ ♬ • https://www.twitch.tv/alekzane • ♬ ✰ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sexy Sands/200/105/21 DJ Alek Zane will be streaming LIVE on Twitch! Join us at < DAZ > Beach Lounge to party with us
  10. ====♠ Black On White Bunny Mansion ♠===== Presents... ♥ Mothers Day Special♥ Join us this Mother's day to have a fun filled time at the Mansion In-world, Lot of exciting Prizes to be won and lot of Fun to be had. Fun activities Include Baby Showers Breeding Parties DJ Parties Saturday 7thMay 2022 5Am - 10 Pm SLT @ Black on White - Interracial Bunny Mansion, Bouncing Bunny Club ♠ Events Lineup ♠ 1. ♠ Morning Games...3AM-5AM 2. ♠ DJ ArMa...5AM-7AM 3. ♠ Breeding Party...7AM-9AM 4. ♠ Baby Shower...9AM-10AM 5. ♠ DJ Otho...10AM-12PM 6. ♠ Games...12PM-1PM 7. ♠ DJ ArMa...1PM-3PM 8. ♠ Breeding party...3PM-5PM 9. ♠ Baby shower...5PM-6PM 10. ♠ DJ Certaphied...6PM-8PM 11. ♠ DJ Otho...8PM-10PM ♠ Best In Theme -Preggo Ladies and Hot Men ♠ Be Active - No AFK ♠ Wear B♠W Group Tag We look forward to seeing you there! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Creamland/111/128/1000
  11. Acidicloop live at 10 AM! Time to bring the live looping to Dublin's Blarney Stone live at 10 AM! I use live looping to layer my guitar, vocals, bass, keys and samples to create a unique blend of funk, electronica, jazz and rock. So come get in the loop....Acidicloop! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dublin/83/82/25 https://acidicloop.com
  12. Now Hiring Cobra City Club is now Hiring Dancers and Escorts. At Cobra City, are main goal is entertainment. We have some of the most Beautiful Ladies in SL and looking for more to have coverage around the clock. Cobra City Club is looking for Dancers that are outgoing and friendly. If interested in a fun place to work, come visit and fill out application. We offer the following: Dance Floor---Bar---Full BDSM Dungeon---Sauna--College Classroom Area and Gym--- Prison---Foot Fetish--Bumper Cars---Live Djs and VJs---Motel---Hospital---Shopping Area--and Cafe. Dancers earn 85% of all tips. MistyRai Manager Cobra City Club http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The Snake Den/74/28/3158
  13. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WICKED WAVES/212/31/31
  14. 10-10 SCRAWL UP with DJ Andre DVere ═════ The adventure continues.... It might be cold where you live but it will feel just right at the Amani Dragon-Fly. So come join DJ Andre DVere and his host MzSexyRed to dance to your requests along with Andre's collection of Soca, Reggae, and RnB music. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Legends/53/40/2528
  15. Join DJ Cecil Jarman and his host Jaguar Boulay for two hours of dancing and chatting...... all while playing EASY TRIVIA. Win L's for Right Answers!! Newbie Friendly Let's Play Triviaaaaa!!! **Jazz/RnB** Your Lyft: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Legends/128/128/24
  17. ═════ The adventure continues.... Need to burn off some calories from all the food you ate yesterday? Then join DJ Andre DVere and his host MzSexyRed at The Amani Dragon-Fly. Dance to your requests along with Andre's collection of Soca, Reggae, RnB and HipHop music. Newbie friendly. Let's partyyyyyyy! Your LYFT ride will be just minutes away..... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Legends/53/40/2528
  18. BEE REAL ESTATE SINCE 2007 For 12 weeks --> 640m - 219 prims - L$3,499 Ocean Front at Gramela 2,048m - 703 prims - L$499/w Roadside at Murinata 2,048m - 703 prims - L$499 Grass Hills at Mavora 2,048m - 703 prims - L$499 Grass Hills at Klaatu 4,096m - 1406 prims - L$899 a week Grand Moat at Titian 4,096m - 1406 prims - L$899 a week Golden Sands at Deminis 4,096m - 1406 prims - L$899 Grass Hills at Klaatu ALL PARCELS ARE FULL PERM - NO RULES - YOU RULE !
  19. ════════ Extremely Easy Trivia Join DJ Cecil Jarman and his host Jaguar Boulay for two hours of dancing and chatting...... all while playing EASY TRIVIA. WIN L'S FOR RIGHT ANSWERS! RnB, Oldies, Disco, Newbie Friendly WHERE: THE AMANI HOTSPOT TIME: 6:00 - 8:00pm SLT DRESS: CLUB SEXY HOST: Jaguar Boulay http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Legends/128/128/24
  20. ROXYEN's Grand Opening party will bring several live artist and a DJ. This night will be all jazz and blues. Singers and live musician's will be entertaining us 5 hours long. Come join our party! 3PM - 4PM Live Singer - LoneWolf55 Genesis 4PM - 6PM Jazz, Blues, and Swing - DJ Wain Littlepaws 6PM - 7PM Live Piano - Bowfluv Curtiss 7PM - 8PM Live Band - Maribol Inshan Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dark Secrets/96/157/617 See you tonight! xxx, Yenn ♥
  21. Binary Trance Club - Lineup: Thursday, Sept 02: 10AM SLT: DJ Shade Feat Host Morgana - 12PM SLT: DJ Novo Saenz - 2PM SLT: DJ Lord Kraii See you at the Party!!! օռʟʏ ȶɦɛ ɮɛֆȶ ɨռ ֆɛƈօռɖ ʟɨʄɛ ȶʀǟռƈɛ ʍʊֆɨƈ!! Live• [https://streams.sohogroup.ca/public/binaryclub] Limo• [http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cats/222/223/25] Pics •[https://www.flickr.com/photos/nikoladreamsoftrance/] Discord • [https://discord.gg/DgAuFvZD97]
  22. I'm in need of a 70s/80s live singer for 30 August 2021, 4:30-5:30 SLT. This is for a birthday party for a very dear friend. The performer I had booked has had to cancel. Performance to be at Phoenix International Speedway drag strip. Open concert so all welcome. We are a friendly bunch of drag racers with a passion for speed and music, mainly rock.
  23. It's yet another breath-taking show with our very favourite Katia Portugal at Woodwryn! Treat yourself to her beautiful repertoire of 70s- present rock and pop, showtunes and romantic ballads, all for you! ❤️ Date - Aug 26, 2021 Time - 1 to 2 pm SLT Location - Floating Islands, Woodwryn http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WoodWryn/144/149/104
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