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  1. Hello, I have had the genus head and huds for awhile now but Recently I ran into a problem with the winking animation...I been doing avatar-->Avatar Health-->stop animations and Right-click on my avatar-->Reset-->Reset Skeleton & Animation and I pushes stop on the basic animation HUD but I still see it doing the animation by itself.(it stopped for now) but any suggestions to if it happens again?
  2. Hello, I am using the Maitreya body and Genus head but every time I turn on advanced lighting Model my avatars head turns silver, how can I fix this? It's very annoying. I am using firestorm updated one
  3. that's fine I just had to turn my ao back on
  4. thanks my friend said I could just do avatar-> avatar health-> undeform avatar
  5. Hello my name is Akira and I have a issue when I change into a animal avatar or something else that isn't human (like a deer or dragon) and I change back into a human, My face and body is deformed and I have to log off every time. Is there anything that can help so it won't deform my body or face(Maitreya or any other body). Any help will be appreciated. P.S. It also happens to my friends when they change outfits(or different avatars)
  6. Hey do you have a link to it? And does it change my skin?(hope not)
  7. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/suPPort-Cleavage-Enhancer/1889905 looks like it changes your skin but I read the reviews so I might try it
  8. thanks I im using maitreya body and Genus Head .
  9. Hello It's me again I need to find some HUD or something with Clevage options without changing my skin...like Babe's (Soft) Applier in the photo below: I am using a Maitreya Body(Not BOM) its omega (but I may make it BOM) I need these options
  10. thanks laurel and cougar
  11. hello I love these brows that came with the head skin(brow option) but I would like to know if there are any creators who make these? I asked people they Couldn't help me tried to ask the Group (Fabrixquare) but it said I didn't have that ability so I came here. (for GENUS) I love the arch and some highlight(under it) would be nice too. Please I need to know
  12. Hello my name is Akira and I just got a Genus head. I am unaware of what theSkinnery body applier I should get if I don't know the head skin color? here or IM me. (new to this kind of Head)Thanks
  13. I was talking about the laq head lol and i got it on there but it cuts off on the upper part of nose
  14. where can I find it in LAQ HUD? I know maitreya has no body
  15. Hello I use Noelle LAQ head(enabled Omega) and the Maitreya body I put the glossiness on the body using the HUD but It doesn't show on the (Head)face, Do you know any items that can help so It applies to both body and the head? See in photo below: (Photo I took) also If there a way I can color pick to match my ears(God I hope so)
  16. eh it's fine I got another place...it says Parcel Media i have no clue what that means
  17. I contacted the owner already and even had somebody who lives in one to see if he could fix it...he said just find another spot. shrugs and sighs thanks people
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