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  1. I found the hairbase! Go to the SHAPE creator's IN WORLD store, on the first floor they are selling the hairbase only (does not include the braid). It is not available on the MP. One note: I think there's some problem with CASPERVEND at the moment, so you may want to wait until tomorrow to try and buy it.
  2. I thought I saw this hairbase somewhere before, someone else was looking for it last year! Sadly it doesn't look like they found it either. What was the shape, or the creator's name, that had the style card? I'm curious to see the whole outfit. You can IM me if you don't want to put the creator on blast.
  3. Oh I probably should have put my question in another thread -- the "pit" would be a reflection of a pit or tunnel, not the in-world scenery. And thus I've realized I've answered my own question. I just need to take a reflection snapshot of a pit or tunnel in-world. I'll experiment a bit and see how it looks. As for the other, plain mirror use - for cases where I want a static reflection of scenery, and not avatars or dynamic scenery, the projector mirror would be fine.
  4. PBR and Projector Mirrors : (I thought there was a topic for this already but I can't find it) I know projector mirrors won't mirror avatars, but for some uses I think it might not be that big a deal. I've seen at least once where someone positioned the mirror in such a way that the avatars would cast a shadow onto the mirror so it looked pretty close to mirroring the avatar. Given I don't spend a lot of time looking at myself in the mirror that would be sufficient for some uses. https://modemworld.me/2018/05/12/projectors-as-mirrors-in-second-life/ Keep in mind I am primarily on Firestorm so aside from one or two times I haven't looked at PBR much. Do people have an opinion of when they would use PBR mirror vs projector mirror? Do PBR mirrors use up more resources than projector mirrors? Not that much, or significant? Related question: how do I create projector tunnel or pit: I had this idea of a waterfall that goes down into a pit or tunnel, would love to figure out how to use the same method as projector mirrors to do it so I don't have to raise land to put in the pit. Any thoughts how to do that? This does seem to be a use that wouldn't be handled via a PBR mirror at all. If someone has already done it, I would love to have a look.
  5. Yes, AVpos-shifter is exactly what I was looking for! thank you! If I had only thought to search for "shift" instead of "adjust". 🙂
  6. I found something on the MarketPlace that works if you have RLV Make a copy, edit description to hover height you want (may want to change the name too), then save it to your outfit! It cost zero lindens and is copy/mod. Make sure to backup copy the original, because after editing description it works by "attaching", changing hover, then "detaching" and the only way to get it back is to rez it inworld and change the description. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Cute-Stuff-Outfit-Hover-Height-Adjuster/17523433 It won't work without RLV though.
  7. I have an AVpos configured with sits that I have dropped into a different object. All of the poses are too low for the new object. Is there an existing AVSitter method or script to adjust the height of all the poses at once? I saw there is a method for this using the MLP-converter script but that is only for converting from MLP. I am able to script and might make a script to add the height to each pose but am hoping that this was already thought of and handled by AVsitter somehow. Might be wishful thinking though.
  8. I put some of my Christmas/Winter Newbrooke photos on Flickr. I had fun decorating for the Bellisserian Christmas but sadly no one came to visit for a hot chocolate. Next year I may try to have some kind of enticing gift perhaps. https://www.flickr.com/photos/130693342@N08/albums/72177720314046438/
  9. I have several old dance orbs that have an effect I would like to know how to do. Unfortunately they are all no-modify so I can't tell by taking them apart. How do I recreate the effect? Is it possible to use the effect to make a wall where people behind it will look like textured silhouettes? Example from the marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Tye-Dye-Dance-Orb-Freebie/21560719 Edit: oops this should probably be in the Building subsection. second edit: found another related post but it only shows the effect, doesn't explain how to do it:
  10. Just what the title says - I was so busy doing advents, Christmas hunts, ice skating, decorating (and RL stuff lol) that although I picked up the free heads I neglected to pickup any shapes or skins in the event! Any suggestions for free or cheap skins or shapes to try out? Female and Male (I have an alt). How bad would it look if I used older Lelutka skins on the new heads?
  11. I IMed the CST and they asked me to do the "redeliver", which gave me the complete set including the garland! So thanks for mentioning it to me that the garland should have been included, that was correct.
  12. Lovely piano so I checked it out! Thanks for posting about it! It does have Christmas music in the piano, you have to click the object "piano & music". Not sure if they added this after you got it. It doesn't seem to include the garlands though, where did you get them?
  13. duplicate post, can't figure out how to delete so just edited it down. See next post.
  14. As an update: Firestorm Alpha Viewer has PBR and the mesh rain looks good. I checked their website and apparently there are several issues with the current non PBR release and they recommend reverting to a previous release. It didn't mention this specific issue but I figured I'd revert and see what happens. I reverted to a previous Firestorm version ( and Lo! the mesh rain looks good! So problem solved for the moment! For Firestorm users, are you using the Alpha Viewer with PBR or reverting to the previous version until the next release?
  15. Forgot to mention, I call this my "praying for snow" pose. Sadly I'm having some issues with my mesh snow so haven't put it out.
  16. Is anyone else seeing this kind of issue? on version Firestorm 6.6.16 (70339) Nov 23 2023 Issue: Mesh rain (animated texture on mesh) looks fuzzy and faint like the non alpha parts are at some large % of transparent (including the raindrop puddles animated textures). This also seems to affect any animated textures with alpha, like mesh snow or animated snow scenes. It may have something to do with Atmospheric Shaders, or maybe not. Further information: If it's just me then I'm not sure if it is worth trying to make a Firestorm JIRA, I'll just wait for the next release expected (with PBR) and use another viewer if I want to see the rain better (I don't visit rainy places too often). I just started noticing this issue with the latest viewer release. As this issue doesn't appear in the other viewers, it wasn't clear to me if there was some specific setting in Firestorm that might cause this issue. I played around with graphics settings and the only one that made a significant difference was "Atmospheric Shaders" off. It also seems like it wouldn't necessarily have to do with my computer system, as the other viewers seem alright. If you have an idea of what other setting might be involved let me know. As mentioned, since this doesn't appear in other viewers, it isn't clear to me what other changes might affect this. With ALM and Atmospheric Shaders on, issue appears. If I turn off ALM but leave Atmospheric Shaders on, issue appears. If I turn off Atmospheric Shaders (which also turns of ALM), then the rain looks OK, the puddles are clearer but still seem less there than expected. I also took picture at same area with latest SL viewer on HIGH graphics in preferences. I did not have the issue there, the puddles look "solid", rain looks sharp too. I also checked Black Dragon and Alchemy and those both seemed ok. I set to HIGH and ULTRA graphics which I think should be ALM always? I took pictures at the DDD Garden Store for their Mesh Rain system. I waited 5 minutes before taking photos to make sure everything was rezzed fully. I also visited SANNA but didn't take any pics there, a lot of the animated textures for rain and snow had the same issue. 1. Firestorm with ALM and Shaders. The puddles can somewhat bee seen on the stepping stones to the right. Can barely see them on the ground to the right, they look like blobs of fog. The rain should be seen against the ground to the left. 2. Firestorm with no Shaders, no ALM. I can sort of see the raindrop puddles. The rain can be seen against the ground to the left, sort of. 3. Second Life Viewer. Note the puddles are very apparent, and the rain can be seen against the ground to the left.
  17. I just got into linden homes, not sure which I'll stick with in the long run, but I decorated the front of a Newbrooke Bradbury. I had to remove some interior decorating, ran low on LI very quickly!
  18. I've been gathering gifts from advents, events, hunts, etc and this season I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. What are your best strategies for managing event gifts? For some events I just go through (when I can get in) and take all the gifts, then sort through them later. But for some large events it seems overwhelming at times. I still have yet to finish sorting through last years Christmas gifts. For other events I try to be choosier and look through spreadsheets, images, videos of the gifts to only get ones I think I might truly use or at least enjoy having (looking at you musical snow globes that I rez once a year but so delightful). But somehow this year I started decision-making twice, one time I bailed after about 10 decisions (mostly NOs), then the next day I went through again and got through 7 yeses before I realized they had all been NOs the previous day! Maybe I should make sure to have a hot coffee or cocoa when I am deciding what to keep. And put on some nice music. Any pointers or tips?
  19. I'm looking for a two story house with similar window gables like on the Linden Home "Stable View" Ranch but only the two smaller windows: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/File:Small_House_1.jpg The feature that this has, that I am looking for: the window bottoms start below the roof bottom edge, window top is above the roof bottom edge but not rising above the top of the roof itself. I have found several that have windows completely above the roof bottom edge but it's not what I'm looking for. For example, a lovely house but not what I want because the windows are completely above the roof bottom edge: I would prefer a house with the 2 smaller windows, which likely means the first floor would have 1 window/door/ 1 window. Also preference is if there is either a MP demo or an in-world example I could inspect before purchase. I am not looking for a custom builder, if it comes to that I might attempt to build it myself over the course of time. Any pointers?
  20. I recently found out the Maldives is being swallowed by the sea, could become uninhabitable by 2050. No specific reason known but perhaps realizing that if you have any land property there, you won't be able to split any proceeds from land property when it is under water might be an influencing factor.
  21. There's a cat on marketplace that has the same "always looking at you" effect on the marketplace, but it's a bigger cat. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Maebell-001-Judgy-Cat/23344339 I believe both are using the "stationary particle effect" to achieve the always looking at you effect, which is pretty nifty. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1019911/how-do-i-make-a-stationary-image-out-of-particles-in-lsl I was able to make something similar to the judgy cat head (just because I was curious how to do it) but I'm crap at making mesh so no luck on a cat or kitten body. One day I might try to make one. Or maybe a judgy owl! The kowloon cats are so cute, more like kittens!
  22. Is it possible to have a particle from a local texture? I can put the local texture on a prim but the particle system script needs a UUID or texture within the emitter prim so it seems like not. But asking here in case there is some way to get a local texture UUID?
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