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  1. OMFFG, a 1-1/2 year zombie thread sending notifications to my email, so I have to come on here and unfollow. I so wish all forums would lock threads after 30 days of inactivity. People who want to revive the thread can start a new thread, and link to the old one. Of course, people could just to that anyhow, but I guess that is too much to hope for.
  2. THIS. Finding this thread quite interesting. As you may remember (if not, no worries), I experienced something that was quite traumatic to me in my first days in SL that haunts me still. The guy who did it laughed at me as I chased him screaming at him, calling me a 'stupid hoe' because it was all just virtual and who cared. No one did or said a thing, and he said if he got banned he would just be back in a week. I did file a complaint but of course unlike RL (where there is hardly any more justice for rape or other sexual assault than in SL, but at least you get to see if the guy got arrested, charged, convicted or whatever, or not), in SL it is all secret in the name of 'privacy' for the offender. Not that *my* privacy mattered when it happened. So these hot takes on how ridiculous feeling violated in SL is really make me shake my head and frown.
  3. OT, I guess, but I have always wished for something different, a way to dramatically suicide in SL and have it wipe your account and everything in it, and block you from returning. Or at least kill you for a week or so before you could log in again. Seems the only way to suicide wrt SL is the boring thing of closing your account or something, and I don't even know if you can do that. And I would guess all your info and everything are still there waiting for you. Needs more finality.
  4. I have been in other forums where threads automatically lock after 30 days (or some other definite time frame), and so wish that was applied everywhere.~
  5. Ah, yes, thanks! I am an idiot, lol. User error rather than FS shortcoming. (rolls eyes at self)
  6. Thanks, I am sorry, I was also talking about FS on a Mac in general and the things that are opaque to a long-time Windows user, though I guess that was off-topic. As you say, the M1 seems to not cause any problems, though I also already installed some layer app for Microsoft apps, and I would guess it is needed for FS, too.
  7. I just loaded it on my new MacBook Air, which is the lowest model, and it seems to run fine on a mid-range graphics setting. I did find issues with it, though. For one, I am using Firestorm (the official viewer may behave differently, but is so poorly featured I won't use it), and the only way I could open it was to go to Privacy and Security and allow it there. Also, when I maximize the FS window, it covers everything else, including it's own system-level toolbar (or perhaps doesn't even have one?), so I cannot minimize it and I cannot access the Dock. I am new to MacOS, there is probably a way to switch among open windows using a keyboard shortcut, but I don't know it yet and had to use Com-Q and quit FS to do anything else.
  8. Awww, that is so sweet!! Thank you very much! ❤️
  9. Thanks, Maddie! First Apple in a long, long time, lol.
  10. I just got a MacBook, and cannot get the Firestorm viewer to work. I get an error that the app cannot be verified to be free of malware. My understanding that the verification is something added in the last few months by Apple. The official throws a slightly less bad error, and the SL site says you can get past that with Cntl-click, but the Firestorm one just won't run, and the error gives really only an option to trash the app. I guess could use the official app, but it is so poorly-featured compared with FS (the worst is not having built-in AO, I would have to try to figure out how to set up a wearable one, and I have not done that in years). Any suggestions? Thanks! :)
  11. Next they should model lag. Or the slow texture loading. My fave things about SL.~
  12. Within a week of being in SL, though I never became closely involved with them, just severe crushes. Then, later, a relationship I pushed hard for that never came to be. Next, a Mistress I wanted to be with forever, and partner with, but she left me. In there somewhere, someone who took massive advantage of me; I would up sending her a lot of money IRL because I felt so sorry for her. I actually wound up in RL counseling because of her. Finally, the love of my SL, who did partner with me (I still have the email notice (she proposed 27-Jun-2013). Then I had a massive flare-up of my major depressive disorder with anxiety and left SL for a while. She unpartnered me during that time, and I don't blame her. I miss her so much to this day, though really I was not the right girl for her.
  13. Looks like that worked, all objects are returned and has a new owner. Who has it up for sale for L$5000, lol. But, whatever, I got L$1000 to donate, and Marianne will be pleased that it is not abandoned land.
  14. Dropped to L1000, but noone may look, as the thread title says L5000 and I cannot change it.
  15. I am dealing with way too much IRL to be bothered with this, and honestly, don't really care about the whole thing anyhow. In the end, I just need to have no land by the end of March so I can downgrade my account and not get charged for another year of Premium.
  16. That's a good point, I guess. I really don't much care about SL at this point, but if it is not too much trouble I will sell for L1 or something. I have too much going on IRL to keep lowering the price and messing with it, though. I set the price based on what a land company was asking for the lot behind me, and less than I paid for it, but really was just trying to get money to donate, not for me to use personally. Honestly, I wonder if it will sell even at L1, though.
  17. I am not really worried about selling it. When I bought it I expected to have to eventually just abandon it. I don’t need or want the Lindens, I was going to donate them. If it doesn’t sell by late March, which I expect it won’t, I will just abandon it and have no regrets.
  18. Everyone, and all the animals got out without physical injury. Going off my life in general, and the last 11 months in particular, I seriously doubt this is going to be a good year, and honestly would not be surprised if even worse things happen than going through this fire and recovery. But thanks for the good wishes either way.
  19. I know this only affects a few people and not the large numbers that the disasters above affect, but my apartment burned out last Monday and caught the other three units in the building on fire, too, and that just followed on all the horrible stuff that has happened over the last 11 months for me. I was not having a Happy New Year before that anyhow, but that really put the cherry on top of the sh-- pile.
  20. I had a choice between transfer items and not transfer items, so I selected 'do not transfer' and it went fine. The next hurdle is getting someone to actually buy it, lol. But either way, it's fine. I was just going to abandon it (I am downgrading from Premium), but then I thought if I could sell it I could donate that money to sims I like. Thanks for your help!
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