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  1. Hello there, Thank you so much for these great idea's! I hadnt even thought of trying the SL viewer! I got in there no problem and TP'd out of the area I was stuck in. I then completely re-installed firestorm, which worked great! Logging in no longer seems a problem! Hello there, Thank you for this link, i will have to look into it
  2. Hello there Rolig, the driver say nothing about being outdated, only as I typed "Screendrivers no longer responding, they have been restored", and nothing more. But you are probably right. Thanks for the suggestion to update my system. Sadly that will not be possible for me budget wise for a long time to come. Can anyone give any explination on why it would suddenlybstop working after being no problem for months on exactly the same system?
  3. Hello all, I am experiencing a sudden problem. Up untill about 3 hours ago everything was fine, I spent most of yesterday in-world with no problems. But suddenly earlier I got the message "Screendrivers no longer responding, they have been restored" I was logged out. upon re-starting my pc and trying to log back in SL is nog crashing for me every time a few second after logging on. Now I am not a tech wiz, All I know is i am on a windows 8.1 pc, running Firestorm, and seem to have a "AMD driver" problem. I have been playing intensly again since september last year without any pr
  4. Hello Abigail, I also recently returned to SL after hiatus (to my old account). If you like feel free to look me up and add as friens in world. As for free stuff, I would simply browse the SL marketplace. There are a lot of fun gift and promo items offered for free there. Hope you will enjoy your return.
  5. Hello all, My name is Cychwynn, and I'm from the Netherlands (Europe). I've been on SL since about 2015 but have just returned after a hiatus. I hang out in a number of different music clubs throughout SL. Styles I love include: Rock, Industrial, Goth, Trance. I also like being part of (Fantasy, scifi, steampunk, historic) rp groups, though due to hiatus i am not currently active in any. I'm a bit of a geeky alternative personality. Movies & TV series are also something I am into. At the moment I am looking for some more fun people to hang out with in SL. So feel free to message
  6. Thank you so much, I have found a nice plot by Surreal Estates
  7. Hello all, So I'm pretty new to SL (joined 1.5 week ago) and I think I did something dumb, I fell in love with and bought a skybox/skyloft. Now i have no place to put it hahaha. So can anyone help me with how this should work, I understand i should rent land, but where to get land (not house not apartment just clear land because i already have the skyhouse) at a reasonable price with a good amount of prim? ( the house is unfurnised and about 75 prim, so I'll need some more to actually be able to put stuff in) I would be glad for any help :)
  8. hey, Oh really? thanks for letting me know .... the hunt for a nice skin will be on then hahaha I hope i can make it work, sadly it did not come with an explination notecard.
  9. Hello all! so I just joined SL yesterday, and toaday decided I wanted to make my avie look a bit better. I got some money, and bought this shape on the marketplace. But i can't seem to be able to apply it right..... the shape of my avie changes but looks nothing like the shape picture ...... can anyone help me with this?
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