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  1. Thanks Qie. The whole grid is on 543526 as there was no RC server roll last week. I'm guessing the planned RC server for this week failed QA, but would have expected restarts on regions up more than 10 days. Maybe an oversight caused by a late pull of the planned server.
  2. The region my parcel is on didn't roll or restart - now been up more than 14 days. Guessing there wasn't a roll, since OP wasn't updated. Did anyone else not get a restart?
  3. Search for "Second Life Birthday"; group founder is squeaky mole
  4. FYI new server version is 2020-06-01T21:26:43.543116
  5. Region is online, I was able to TP to it
  6. How long has the region been down? It may be that the Estate Owner has restarted the region
  7. My region has just rolled to 542403 and the group notice dates are back Attachment icons are still missing and the open attachment message is still screwed up
  8. If you come across a bigger parcel for sale in an area you like, you could always ask the seller if they'd be prepared to cut out a 512 for you. At worst they'll just say no or want an exorbitant price, but hey nothing ventured nothing gained!
  9. My guess is that if you're currently on 541970 you'll roll to 542403 (one with the fix), as that RC channel seems to be the one that progresses to Main. 541969 may also roll to 542403, just to give wider exposure to the fix. If you're on 541952 my guess is that will roll to 542391 as that RC channel seems to have been getting the uplift infrastructure improvements.
  10. My OP was when it was only on RC channels. Last week, LL deliberately chose to ignore this bug and roll out 541440 onto Main Channel - hence this bug is now grid-wide. How long before they roll-out a fix for this remains to be seen. We await this week's roll-out plan to see if the RCs will have a fix or not.
  11. I find cases take DAYS before anyone responds. It's why I always try to use Live Chat. Since Cricket says a region restart took care of it, for them perhaps get back to Live Chat and ask them to restart the region.
  12. Yep. no fix in 541952 nor 541970. Gotta love the wording on that incident report. Lets hope they can at least roll out a fix onto one of the RC channels (whichever is slated for next week's Main channel roll) before the weekend, so we don't have to wait 2 weeks for Main channel to be fixed.
  13. Which bug is that? If you mean the one I submitted (BUG-228456 - Parcel teleport routing "Landing Point" ignored), that was fixed a while back in 540213
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