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  1. All regions are now in cloud, so RC means RC. Guessing they're not rolling tomorrow as it's thanksgiving holiday on Thursday
  2. That was my reading too, and fits my observations of regions I've TP'd today All the RC channels finished being uplifted a couple of weeks ago, so Tuesdays rolls were just the RCs. Today has been uplifted main channel regions.
  3. I don't think they'll release this week - too much going on with uplift. Next week on Monday is possible, as support will be open until Wednesday - time to resolve any glitches.
  4. Personally, I think it would be bizarre to have the stilt regions in datacentre servers and not start in cloud servers. Today (Wednesday) LL are doing rolling restarts on Main Channel regions already in the cloud, so in that case seeing stilt regions restarting would be expected.
  5. There's currently 156 stilt regions visble, so roughly 3,500 homes
  6. Once uplift completed, they could complete the top of logland along with water regions (theres two below the upper stilts, so looks like plan) That would connect the stilt area to the squishy pickle. Maybe they'll put a Stilt Community area and an airstrip like Coral Waters in the gap between the upper and lower stilts
  7. Plus, isn't it US Thanksgiving next week? If so support will be closed on the Thursday - given there's usually some glitch on these big releases, the last thing needed is for support to not be available. That would definitely rule out Wednesday,, and maybe Tuesday.
  8. I counted 155 visible ones (so far) Edit: Zooming in on Agua Fresca shows it to be a stilt region there too, so that makes 156 (approx 3,500 homes)
  9. I've noticed group tag changing can take several seconds to occur sometimes.
  10. ^^This The log homes release lasted weeks - if you got a location you didn't like you could abandon and try again. With a restricted release you could abandon and end up homeless.
  11. Might be due to caching by my viewer - 6 of the 9 in the SW corner of the lower stilts are now showing red borders on my in-world map, whereas they weren't earlier. The one Frigga showed is still orange for me.
  12. In-world I'm not seeing any regions in red, but if I go to the maps.secondlife.com I see 14:
  13. My mainland parcel region has been uplifted for a couple of weeks now, and has had no problems, but it's lightly loaded, I know of a heavily (over-)loaded region and the performance improvement there once uplifted was noticeable
  14. Some require premium membership, but these sandboxes are all AWS regions: Sandbox Cordova Sandbox Goguen Sandbox Wanderton BlueSteel Sandbox A LeTigre Sandbox A
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