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  1. My home parcel was on BlueSteel and rolled to 555747. Other BlueSteel regions I have LM'd stayed on 555570. Similarly for LeTigre - only 1 of my LMs rolled to new server. All of my Magnum LMs stayed on 555570. Only 3 of the 26 unattributed RC LMs I have rolled to 555747. Small sample, but looks like only a select few regions were rolled. We'll see next week if they roll it grid-wide or extend to more RC regions
  2. Easiest way in Firestorm is to add the "Show friends only" button to the bottom toolbar. That button has a checkbox in top right which toggles the persist across TPs on/off https://prnt.sc/znzu1z
  3. Last word I've seen from Oz was:
  4. Have you tried re-installing the nVidia Studio driver? It may be some component of the OpenGL support is broken (SL and furware use OpenGL, maybe your other games use DirectX).
  5. They did put out a fix to the Experience problem on Monday, as that issue on GSP got marked resolved but with potential performance problems still possible. Probably forcing users to use a proxy server, and yes you can get HTTPS proxies..
  6. You can contact support using online chat - they can restart regions/fix controllers in minutes (online chat is available at weekends and was only closed on New Year's Day)
  7. It wasn't today (New Year's Day), but a few days ago on the 26th or 27th. She even gave me her bear without me asking
  8. This happened over Christmas to a few regions. Some were down for over a day.
  9. Wendi Linden tried the region restart on my house when I got this (just touching the controller had made the house poof), but didn't work for mine. She had to come out and fix it. Region restart was very quick though.
  10. Extremely unlikely they'll release tomorrow (Saturday); even on Monday might not happen - e.g. there are 3 OL in Stonewell missing and the only fix is for a Linden/Mole to come out. A big release will stress the system even more, so they'll want to be sure that the current issues being seen are indeed fixable/manageable. Fingers crossed for Monday, though.
  11. This particular forum is the Server one, so scripting people may not read it. I've never written or modded vehicle scripts, so just following this thread out of interest. You may get better luck (and I stress "may") in the Scripting forum.
  12. I've seen this on Mainland a few weeks back. My friend had to set build to anyone temporarily before I could rez things (still bizarrely got the error even though item was rezzed). Don't know if it was a region restart or just time but next day everything was working fine. Just put it down to uplift teething issues. You may find it works now (time having passed...) otherwise ask for a region restart (one thing i've noticed - region restarts are much quicker now they're uplifted )
  13. The 2nd roll on Thursday is Main Channel, not RC Channels (mistake on status page). From the Deploy Plan for the Week of 2020-11-30 (secondlife.com)
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