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  1. And the Server state of play is: 538914 - Main Channel 539435 - BlueSteel 539435 - LeTigre 539684 - Magnum Not seen any servers running 539362 Looks like 539435 may be another bad release (still checking) - seems to ignore the Teleport Routing "Landing Point" (i.e. fixed Landing Points) ETA: created following case: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-228456
  2. I thought it was 4800 log homes, so maybe just under 3 weeks. It's good that people can get a home
  3. Live chat is available 6am-3pm SLT. I usually go to my tickets, and when live chat is available you'll see a blue "speech bubble" in the bottom-right corner: Just click that to open up the chat window. ETA: See this page https://lindenlab.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/31000131005-live-chat for about live chat
  4. Only the Grand View can be rotated. Unfortunately the rotation is a single 90° clockwise and back So if the houses on your parcel face North and you want the Grand View to face South or West you're out of luck.
  5. Reduced to L$3750, but is negotiable. You can use the tree house or return it to me as desired. Unfortunately it's "no transfer" , so I am unable to give you ownership.
  6. It would be nice to have more Log Homes with rear doors (just Overlook currently) and if not possible to add more rotations to the Grand View, add a 2nd version of the Grand View that rotates counter-clockwise
  7. Live chat is available at weekends, and they may be able to come and fix the issue for you - yesterday I had a different issue (red hovertext on my parcel and all the other parcels in the region) and the support Linden TP'd to my parcel and fixed it.
  8. File a ticket. Nothing will be done until support opens, but at least in the queue if you cannot get to online chat when that comes available. Online chat is the fastest way to get things resolved.
  9. Ugh that's nasty. My home is on BlueSteel, though I'm moreorless online all the time. Will have to remember to login elsewhere for now.
  10. I need to get a better crystal ball - my current one is obviously broken 🤣
  11. Well my version roll guess was wrong, lol Versions are: 538605 - Main Channel 538907 - RC BlueSteel 538907 - RC LeTigre 538914 - RC Magnum For my next guess, 538907 will roll to Main Channel next week. I wonder if there's going to be a huge Easter announcement of Last Names and Premium Plus (and maybe the Log Homes)
  12. In case you don't follow the deploy threads, the object_rez fixes that went onto Magnum last week have now rolled onto Main Channel
  13. 538907 makes for interesting reading ➕😁 Guessing 538450 will roll to 538914
  14. I don't know of any sandboxes on the RC channels - all the "<RC> Sandbox A" regions are now on Main Channel. (Magnum Sandbox A is borked: can't TP or walk into it. I've submitted a ticket, so LL will eventually restart it)
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