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  1. (in before someone makes a joke comment about how it's not normal to have two pair of clothes in real life. You smart alecks know darn well I'm talking about Second Life!) I've been thinking about investing in a proper bento head/maitreya body. Getting all that stuff, plus skins and appliers and hair will set me back about 40 bucks. It's okay though, because I kind of want to experience at least some of my Second Life looking like a normie. But honestly I have no intention on buying a huge wardrobe. In fact I'll probably max out at three outfits for the rest of the year. I would prefer to spend my lindens on things like decor and housing. Anyway, I wanted to know would it be really odd to continually see some random in the same couple sets of clothes? I don't completely know why I'm asking this, I just want opinions I guess so I know which degree to feel like an SL hobo. And if anyone else has a small collection of clothes, by choice or whatever, let me know. Maybe we can go dumpster diving together.
  2. Well. The gif is Jason Momoa doing a silly hip thrust. No explanation needed.
  3. I was google searching for an avatar issue and a helpful result led me to the forums. Simple as that.
  4. Let's play a game. Well, not really. Let's share pics. The pic doesn't have to be a snapshot. It can be whatever picture you think sums up your Second Life. Gifs are acceptable too. Here's mind when I first joined, and after mastering the search function, and proceeded to transcended time and space as I realized there was little reason to go outside anymore.
  5. I'm still laughing over the fact that the anti-necro posting thread got necro'd. Necroception!
  6. Update: not much has changed excepted I re-added my wings and gained sick dance moves. (I've hardly decorated anything...)
  7. How does my avatar look today? Overwhelmed. Or at least that's the emotion I'm projecting onto her perpetually smiling face. I have to decorate my new home and it is daunting.
  8. Have I? Nope. Would I? Eeeeehhhhhh maaaaybeeee?? I suppose it depended on many factors. But that infamous Second Life documentary made it seem like many players eventually meet up in Real.
  9. It's an awfully wide (virtual) world to be lonely. Feel free to message me.
  10. Do I voice verify people? No, why would I? Having said that, if they wish to voice I don't mind and sometimes I like to voice too.
  11. Dating a bisexual partner is just like dating a partner who aligns exactly with your orientation. From an outsider looking in on the bisexual scene, I've noticed pretty intense discrimination for bisexual men and women. Neither is more likely to cheat on you than a strictly straight or strictly homosexual partner. Those who say "it doubles the chances of cheating!" are uneducated.
  12. Well, looks like it's my turn. Call me Violeta though some people call me Holo, but really I prefer Violeta. This is my second trip back into the world of Second Life. The first was early 2018 but it didn't last long because firstly I hated the user name I picked within record time, and then with a personal tragedy struck it was pretty easy to walk away completely and work on getting my own life together. When things settled down in my real life I decided to try again. I'm a week into it now and am now realizing why people get so addicted to this game. I think my stint in 2018 was too jaded and I was just too bitter at the time to enjoy it. Anyway, so far I'm having a blast editing my avatar. Still haven't got it perfectly right. I'm also doing a bit of shopping but I'm not going crazy. I want to steadily build my wardrobe up but I never see myself being one of those players with a different outfit for every day of the month enough to last for several months. In real life I'm a 22 year old female who is highly into fashion and cooking. I'm also a mama to four incredibly spoiled cats. I've decided I won't have kids, I'll have cats. As a kid I wanted to be a professional dancer and/or choreographer and I studied it for several years but at the end of the day that dream sort of dropped off for various reasons. Now I live vicariously through Youtube dancers.
  13. Gosh diddly darn your avatar is so absolutely adorable! I can tell you put a ton of time in it. If you want to feel free to IM me. I've been in love with Asian fashion and music for some time so your style is up my alley. We already have a few things in common so why not chat and see if we start a friendship? My IM box is always open!
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