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  1. ah! yes now that you point those pointers out in the photos, i see what you mean, tysm! i will work on it. c:
  2. ok LOL! this was hilarious. thank you for making my day! XD totally fulfilling haha!
  3. tony, if you are looking for some friends in sl that you want to meet--i will tell you the first few places i ever went to in-world were random hangouts that i looked up in the places panel of whatever viewer i was using (mainly firestorm) and just teleported around till i found some activity or found someone interesting enough to talk to! good luck on your search!
  4. i'm sure plenty of stores in SL are having sales! if you want to check out a site and sim in sl that is basically a "hub" for sales, here's a great one! http://www.seraphimsl.com/ EDIT: realized someone already suggested it! but hey, best of luck finding some brands that you like!
  5. slowly over the past 2 years that i've been on sl, i have been trying to upgrade my quality of photos considering it's something i love to do and it helps out with a portfolio for graphic design (since i am studying that for a trade!) i would like to share a few things i have taken recently! -- it might not be too "fashionable" in the traditional way, but eh! here it goes anyway! EDIT: if anyone wants to leave any criticism! please do! ANOTHA EDIT! (xD): i am not sure where half of the items came from in the outfits so i am not going to dig around my dusty inventory to find the
  6. not gonna lie, i feel like a bunch of the people that post on the sl forums are kinda uptight anyways. there's a few nice ones here and there, but hey, everyone's gotta have the last word, right?
  7. lol. i was just like "dang this thread is active" -- too much to read!
  8. why is everyone so active tonight? just curious cause lazy to read everything through this past hour.
  9. i currently am working in food service for a retail company known probably around the world and def. around the USA. with the holidays coming up, thanksgiving, black friday shopping for christmas, and everything in the holiday season--RETAIL WORKING has been hella oof. all i have to say to all of you going out there and doing what you do...please be kind to the retail employees that work long, hard hours to get you what you need. it's our pleasure, but also our hell. LOL! happy holidays everyone! <3
  10. i love it! also i need to get my premium back so i can get a house on a sim with a cool fricking name!
  11. i totally agree with this. i know that i've had a few people basically "simp" for me in manners on SL because i am a friendly person and a very social butterfly while in the presence of SL. #spaceisneeded
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