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  1. so! i decided to come back here to play around with the idea of making a sonic oc avatar. i have NEVER been good at assembling avatars. but i wanna give it a shot. i got TenFaced's stuff, and i know i need to rez the stuff to get started. has anyone used it? and if so, how easy would it be for someone noob friendly to use? and mildly related, where could i go to make my avatar? i don't have a parcel or anything in mind. i used to do my avatar creation on a friends personal parcel, but it's not around anymore.
  2. i'll have to check out beasts of bermuda!! i think this is the first time i ever heard of it?? maybe. my memory is sooo bad. but yes! ark is absolutely AMAZING if you can actually run it. it's a very veeery heavy game resource wise. i have an alienware laptop that costed me a small fortune and i can still only run it on medium settings for the most part. i've had my steam since like? i dunno, really. a loong loooong time now! so it just collects over time! and not a problem!! i do the same thing! 😆 thank you! i adore her to bits. making avatars is pretty fun, even if i am far f
  3. i tried the isle cuz i love dinosaurs! as one may guess from my username and stuff. but it felt really empty and lonely there so i couldn't get too into it. ;v; so i settled for ark: survival evolved. i found a few? only a handful. oh well. i'm sure i can dig more up if i refine the search more. i have a lot of the songs on my spotify even though i never played any of the games. my friend gifted me transistor a liiittle while back, but i haven't gotten around to it. i have 70+ games on there and more irl. ;v; you seem really nice, so feel free to like, message me or friend me if yo
  4. YEAH it was such a pain. they kept going into the weirdest places. it was the woooorst. if it weren't for that, i might of been able to put it all together on my own. :')) maaaybe. same here! i love open world survival games. those are farming games are my main go-to's in most cases! same with monster collecting games! pokemon being the obvious one. i wanna get a nice pokemon avatar here but i wouldn't know where to start looking! oooh, i haven't played it, but i heard pyre's soundtrack and it's BEAUTIFUL. same with transistor and bastion. suuuuch good music.
  5. i would love that!! here recently, i got some lindens and tried my hardest to put together these two new avis, but the EYES never wanted to be in the right spot. it was such a pain, so i eventually gave up and had my one friend help. a lot of nintendo stuff! other than that, minecraft? a lot of minecraft. i have a huge steam library too. biiiig gamer. :>
  6. i enjoy roleplaying a ton! i do it a lot off site, so maybe it would be fun to do here? a lot of gaming related stuff, drawing. music! oh my gosh, those two are AMAZING!! i'm still learning how to piece together avatars and stuff. it's really hard and kinda daunting, but it seems like the result is very much worth it in the end!! i'll keep that in mind! guess i just gotta put myself out there!
  7. hello! i go by raptor, and while i tried to place this a few times on and off, i never hung around longer than a few minutes. though, i feel now that i have a nice avatar, i can really properly explore it and not feel so out of place? but really, i dunno what to do! i'm kind of socially awkward, so communicating can be a bit hard for me, but i don't even know where to go when it comes to meeting others with similar interests! i'm also learning how to mess with avatars, too. not entirely successfully-- but still! anyway, it's nice to meet everyone!
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