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  1. Hello everyone, I am one of the hosts and previous host managers at one of the oldest clubs on the grid, aka IYC! We have a few events coming up (located in the image/flyer) at IYC if you wanna get your sp00p (spook) on for the Halloween season! We look forward to seeing you all there! (PSA: If anyone needs a taxi, HMU inworld (when I can get logged on), and I will gladly send one. OR if you wish to look it up, the sim name is IYC Addictions.)
  2. Good afternoon ladies and gents reading this lovely thread of mine. PSA (Before you read): I had no idea where to post this; it's still SL related but I couldn't really think of the correct category to post this under...so I'm sorry if it's the wrong category. I have one question for all of you today, reading this - how do you organize your inventory? (Or do you even organize it all? LOL!) For all my shopaholics out there in the world of SL...we all know that when we buy those items or certain products, it can rack up real fast in our inventories full of endless amounts of folders. And here's how I organized mine: https://gyazo.com/5d06a94e9a24262b622db15b1c1bf5b6 Bam three separate categories: IYC: (The club I work at) - the info and stuff I need for the club Older Folders - Organized Prior to 2019: I organized a bunch of old items I had into separate folders such as - "shoes", "shirts", etc. based on what they were Stuff to Organize from Late 2019: This is the folder that I dread the most. These are all the items I have not organized but just had sitting on the 'front page' of my inventory, desiring to be put into a category. So, now they are all scattered into some kind of folder...aka this one. So, with this being said, to close off this thread that you're reading: What are your biggest inventory problems and how do you organize your inventory? Let me know by posting a screenshot or telling me how you did it...if you did... Very best of luck to you all. ---- #InventoryProblems2019
  3. *looks at the candy in my pantry* Twix & Kit-kats! #Nutritious
  4. I mean, tbh...if I ever AFK, I usually log out especially if i am sleeping, out doing things irl, etc. I find it weird to keep my avi logged in for more than an hour at a time lul
  5. I have never been catfished in SL..considering I don't really like "dating" in SL. I have been down the road of having an SL relationship, but it led to more chaos and me going down a dark hole trying to figure out "Wtf is happening?" So to my recommendation - I just stay out of that realm of SL. Also to quote the person above aka "janetosilio" - I have to say I agree with her points: "I think we’re confusing lying with catfishing. Lying is mostly what happens on SL, catfishing doesn’t happen all that often. The confusion lies with the fact that SL is built on the idea that you are interacting with other people not as yourself. The expectation is the avatar you are interacting with most likely isn’t anything like the person controlling the avatar. Obviously, some people had a hard time with this concept and still do."
  6. Considering i am dealing with this also, being younger (19 going on 20) and being on SL trying to find people close to my age...I completely understand. If you want to HMU in an IM in-game/in-world...feel free. I wouldn't mind to have a friend! My name is GillianXRCR - if you wanna do so.
  7. Personally, I've never been into just strictly SL-based relationships. I am more into meeting someone (whether it be SL or IRL) and seeing where it goes from there... Of course take your heart, but take your brain with you in any circumstance.
  8. Thanks lovely. I just joined!
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