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  1. What's your favorite meme? Just post an image or link of your favorite meme of right now...
  2. Personally, I don't know of MUCH but check out some scenic spots and start a flickr for SL photography? That's kinda opened me up to more things.
  3. I know of a few places...I could give you some landmarks in SL if you IM me
  4. I mean, if you wanna trust friends or family on SL for issues with venting and advice, that's completely fine. I would not recommend going to a "therapy service" on SL unless they could have credentials from IRL? Anyways, here's a few resources that are provided online - Dr. on Demand & BetterHelp. Check those out!
  5. Made an *artistic* furry avatar. Yes, hate me please...I'm so sorry.
  6. I've never really been involved in the roleplay community on SL...but I'd love to check it out more, especially if there's eras of Steampunk roleplay!
  7. Your avatar in these photos are gorgeous! Plus I am loving the steampunk look. <3
  8. This isn't exactly from "today" but whatever...it's at least from the past week!
  9. I recently only started playing SL last year, took a break, then came back early this year in 2019. I have some connections that I have made with people that I wanna bring with me into rl, personally. I'm a little scared to meet people off the internet but it's such a norm now in days that I have convinced myself to overcome my anxiety and possibly meet some internet friends once I save up some money IRL! <3 #LifeIsTooShort
  10. Can I come too? I'll sit on the roof.
  11. I've noticed on my shape I also have a small thigh gap (with my Maitreya body). I usually use my Slink Hourglass body and it's a good alternative without a big thigh gap...but it could also be the designer of whatever clothing you're using
  12. Ahem I like big butts and I cannot lie.
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