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  1. Henlo fellow frand. I am going to message you in SL! ❤️
  2. This is such a good idea for a thread this upcoming Valentine's Day. I will share some of my experience upon my feelings this upcoming 'holiday': I recently was in a relationship with someone whom I met on SL not long ago (less than a year ago), and basically we met IRL, had a long distance relationship for a few months, and recently broke it off due to lack of time we could spend together and some other factors. (Thankfully, there is no hostility because I still call this person a dear friend). With that, it still kind of sucks with it coming up on this Valentine's Day, but I'm not so worried because I know I have good friends whom surround me IRL and in SL to say that they kind of "fill the void" of lonesomeness. With that being said, if anyone feels lonely this upcoming Valentine's Day-- just remember, it's okay to be right where you are in this moment. Surround yourself with those whom you can call upon. ❤️
  3. I def. have seen some get catty over this. I'm just gonna say, the amount of L you make depends on how well you do, who all is there and happens to be tipping, etc.
  4. I mean honestly the best way I have gotten to know people on SL is by putting myself out there in certain communities. Usually it just starts off with a simple "hello" and see if they respond within a conversation. So, with that, don't be afraid to be yourself and put yourself out there! I know it sounds cheesy, but yeee.
  5. Mine would probably not be in a band but rather be some kind of DJ for EDM music and such.
  6. Awoo is a newer sim open to all for clubbing, meeting friends, creating, and coming to events! Come on down sometime to check it out and see for yourself. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Awoo/113/72/2502
  7. I think the reaction buttons are kinda useless except for the like button.
  8. Right now, I am currently browsing the SL forums at 11:44AM EST while in one of my classes. I am pretty semi-awake but also really tired. LOL!
  9. Unpopular Opinion: I do classify as a 'furry' in SL for the aspect of creativity, but I am not into the s**ual stuff. Lul.
  10. Hi my dude, you should really look into using Flickr and look at some Flickr blogs made by people in SL so you can get an idea for what people take photos of either landscapes or blogging fashion. I wish you all the best and possibly we could collaborate on a photo? Greetings from the USA. - Ignis https://www.flickr.com/photos/169123738@N03/
  11. In the furry realms of Second Life - IYC, Furzona, etc.
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