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  1. I understand why people hidde groups. People look in the groups list and are judgemental. The put you in category just because you added a group. I often add a group just to play a game. In my begining I added a group by mistake. I have plenty of group in my group list that I don't know the reason. When you arrived in a place the first things I have to do is to close all popup and questions that I don't understand. In the list of question often is been added in a group. So I don't read it because reading english demands me lot of effort now I know reply ALWAY No of close the windows. All this
  2. I never imagine SL as a globe or sphere but always as flat. You can see easily that it is flat.
  3. What does age verified. An avatar is not able to speak and has no voice !! This is complet non sens. I always take it as a joke. it is like age verifiage. Yes I have an age. Sometimes I see an avatarof few month telling I am over of 18 and in fact the real human body is 45. Do you think such information helps. It add lot of fun or confusion
  4. I have been ejected because I had too many scripts. But I don't know how to know how many scripts I have. And if I know the number i don't know how to reduce this number. Is a number of script a good metrics ? you have very small script that sleeps. And hube script thar runs all the times. What is complexity? Is it the number of line in a script ? I notice that sometimes I have a little window that show me my complexity but the number is that this information disapeared after few seconds. How to make this imformation displayed longer. How to know my complexity. What is complex
  5. Is there any alternative server compatible with LL to pay secondlife. In case Linden Lab stop is there possible to have other servers?
  6. YES !! thank you Cindy it works I delete all what inside the directory .firestorm_x64/user_settings and I have my default configuration. And my problem is solved. My smile is coming back.
  7. I don't know why today I have enough of english. Nothing works. More I try to fix it worst it is. Shall I uninstall and reinstall SL?
  8. And what 2020 will brings us ? End of monetary system ? End of the world because of global warming ? End of secondlife ?
  9. when I see such message it gives me the idea to find the oldest post of this forum and to reply
  10. have you ever find help in reading a long page in a foreign language ? If not it is a good experience to start.
  11. when I stop (click up) moving the camera is continuing moving slowly very frustarting not to be master of this game. The game is doing what I don't want moving in a direction I don't want and during 30 secondes to 1 minute. How to STOP IT ????
  12. no I don't have flick I don't know what it is but I have Mastodon. Is Flickr comptatible with ActivityPub? my account is lureo@toot.love you can add me if you want.
  13. All what I see is kind of cloud moving. .... slowly shadows black grey... alll is destroyed. I only need to fix the default parameter in order to see my avatar and around like it was before.
  14. I try all Alt + Left mouse button: Ctrl + Alt + Left mouse button: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Left mouse button: (I need 3 hands for that!!!) But that does not change anything. My camera is toooooooo Ssssss llllll oooooooo wwwwwww
  15. I started to read this article but after 5 minutes and 2 paragraphes I didn't find my answer. This is a biographie "Some time ago I found a camera control Debug Setting I now change in all my viewers. I’ve mentioned it in several of my viewer reviews." bla bla bla bla That does not help me. I need a short article with what I should do. English is HARD I need HUGE effort to understand. Please miniminize my brain energy. Go to the goal. most of the time I need to read maybe 2 pages or 3 pages and I need 30 to 45 minutes for that and only 3 sentences are important.
  16. I am using Firestorm 6.3.2 (58052) Sep 28 2019 09:32:20 (64bit)
  17. The link does not works. What is the name of this group so we can search?
  18. I don't know where to ask the question. But I break parameter or I don't know what I did but more I try to fix worse it is. When I use cameratools for example I want to see my face I clicl the first arrow in the right direction to turn around my avatar. In the past the center was my avatar and I can see my face. But now It turn up and turn like spiral and v e r y s... l... o... w.. y what I try to do is menu world > photo and video > camera tools I try to change View angle - zoom speed camera lag camera offs
  19. I hope moderator and forum developpers read particulary this section of the forum concerning the forum. And if what we write is not deletable I think there is law in our world and they must conform to it. What I write is my data. If I want I should be able to delete it. What ever the content. without reason.
  20. I am amazed that this forum is still activ and used. This kind of forum was in years 2000. I noticed that it is an old fashion way of communication. Ancestor of social network. Maybe this community is very old.
  21. I thought managers could read this forum. This question is not for me only it could interess others.
  22. No I am not talking about knowledge base but about the forum. Something that add value to knowledge base with discussion.
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