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  1. If you act like a bot you are conforme and are accepted. If you act with creativity sometime people don't understand you or are hurt. If you are real (human) it is harder than been like a robot some morning reflexion.... /me nods
  2. Before I started Second Life I thought that SL was international. But but but I just notice that here in this forum most of people are american (USA+ Canada + other english countries). All is in english. If you don't understand english how can you understand the culture. If you understand a little you still don't understand. You receive notecard with rules. You need to understand. You are ejected or banned without knowing the reason. sometimes you face agressive people just by misunderstanding. So my reflexion is that. Is SL american for american. If you are not you feel stranger. Why do I never meet people from Africa ? People from Russian rarely speak english and use translator or stay in they community. The diversity of SL is not really diverses. what is your experience with multucularity ? Are you american or native english at least ? I don't count countrie from notherm europe that are really english friendly.
  3. What is Role play RP Before I thought that role play was for been in a new civilisation or in age ago. But in SL RP is sex. Am I right RP is when you speak "/me nods" RP do you need to know lot of vocabulary because it is written descriptive. It could be a good exercice in class to use and learn how to write. RP it is for advance user in SL That is all my conclusion after some reasearch. Can you correct me or tell me if you agree or not
  4. I am continuing my question in additional a detail Is the word drama in this understanding specific in SL ? Is it american english ? Is it used in this same meaning out of SL ? Sorry for my stupid question. Maybe it is the same word than populiste. This word could be understand in a positive meaning (for the people) and negatively Like integriste --> interger to be 100% or extremiste but in the negative meaning.
  5. ?? ?? ?? As far as I understand about that conversation Drama is something emotional. This is not emotional at all this is a funny picture. Maybe I miss something cultural or the context
  6. I just notice sometimes that some part are not visible. I was in a dance place and the ball was invisible. In other place the security button was not visible. I am running firestorm 6 with ubuntu. I just notice that on windows the same part are visible.
  7. ??? that is totaly confusing me. As far as I understand Drama in SL meaning is melodrama or exageration of emotion. I am not really sure if I really understand but it is not too far. Bur why do people support sellers that do no mod ---> You add a confusion by explaining something emotional with something that I don't understand whith so many information I don't understand. I don't understand that question !!! So how can I understand drama with a example I don't understand. Please use simple example. do not mod ??? that is totaly chinese for me support sellers ??? Maybe that is kind of troll. Sometimes I like to exagerate information to explain something. So I am doing drama. Sometimes I like to act in provocative way. Is it drama ?
  8. Sometimes I see the word drama. Before reading the context for me it was - Drama is something in relation with theater or cinema. So My conclusion is SL a drama play ? is RP a drama play ? - Drama is a catastrophe.earthquake for exemple is a drama. But the same word in different language has maybe different meaning. That is why I ask you.
  9. My experience : It is much more easy to talk with people in a place somewhere than using dating site in SL. I am experimenting a dating site. First you have to check each panel and read a text to make your selection. then you decide if you like or not. I tryed to contact 2 or 3 peoples but I must say it is really hurtfull because people expect something than I didn't give maybe. You have to know the rules and the code or the culture. If you try like that it does not work. At least it is not my way to communicate. As I like to know the person with I am talking. And slowly in the conversation I feel if we understand each other what we have in common etc... I am like that. Maybe I am weird First contact she said that my avatar was not nice and bye bye. left. Total 2 mn max Second contact : the person talk to me like he or she was my teacher with lot of judgement I am like this and like that etc.... with qualificatif that I don't understand but I feel was very negative and finaly --> block All that with strange conversation not live but off line. Total misunderstanding reciprocal. I never saw the communication was off line. My conclusion is : dating site is nice but the expectation is very hight in both way. I don't believe that people don't expect anything and are happy just with a chat or friendship. The code rules culture has to be know before. I experiment it without knowing it. And as usualy with me I don't do things in the right way and it does not work. Let's talk with people fishing dancing or other place it is much more easy. You will not be blocked
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