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  1. I understand why I am not normal now. I mean as I read you. When I am on SL I am on and active. when I stop I log off and do other occupations. I understand why some people think I am weird or odd or awkawk (sorry I need to learn again all these words)
  2. I am just curious. How to you manage your friends list. That criteria do you use to add someone. Do you make request or are you waiting for a friend request from others? what is your ratio (% of you ask and % of you accept) 50-50 or 10 - 90 or you always ask and rarely accept ? Personaly I ask most of the time. How long do you keep friends. Sometimes I check my friends list and see so many people I didn't talk for so long and I was thinking why do I keep it? I should delete it after a while if it (he or she) is not online or don't let message. How many do you have. I am just curious to know how do you do.,
  3. I didn't read all posts but... I read things about Texas about California about native american (indians) etc... and there is no americans here. No SL is not american (us). No no no !!!
  4. Crazyness is relative. As SL is not RL you can meet people depressed in SL but really fine in RL and opposite. Do not judge RL people based on SL !!!
  5. Where are all anticapitalists ? There are not here ­čĄö I am the only one.
  6. Am I the only one to notice that more and more when I try to communicate with people. There is no answer. Sometimes people reply sorry I was afk. As I expect that when I see someone online he or she is available. I notice that often not.
  7. My remark was not only about the language strickly but more widely about the culture. This is typicaly capitalist culture. It is not monopoly but ... you have linden. shops you make business etc.. in some place you need to dress in special way. formal I learn what formal means it means like in television with american movie. In my country nobody wear like this except movie star in Cannes. And this is only TV not Real life.
  8. Is there easy RP for people who speak few words of english. I mean easy rules not too strick. I think it is easier to start with someone who don't have huge expectation. And I am feeling like Nimue Galatea
  9. Yes of course !! thank you for all your explaination. I just did a little animation in this forum but I notice plenty of nice people are online and they don't need me. specialy when I write not nice things or no mod odd drama I stop for today. that is enough
  10. Lureo


    Ou est ce que je pourrais trouver un peu d'aide concernant le vocabulaire de base. Je me rends compte que j'ai toujours utilis├ę sl comme ├ža sans '├ętudier' la culture et sans avoir la base. Il y a toujours des mots ou expression auquel je butte. exemple rez rezzed ou in world ou Bref parfois j'ai l'impression que mon anglais basic est suffisant mais parfois je suis totalement perdu et je re├žois des insultes sans le savoir car je dois pas comprendre certains trucs.
  11. no In my native language forum it is almost dead empty and I will not find english meaning. It is only kind of support forum like. My viewer does not work or things like that
  12. wow before writing something to fast I should be carefull. In mastodon you have an option to delete your post or even to delete you account. I am still searching if it is possible or not.
  13. I read it after because I came after my response.
  14. if you are not sure either mod for me mean moderation maybe. Model Do not mod : do not moderate ? You are not a model ? OK this is something not nice if it is an insult. Maybe it is better to not understand when it is an insult.
  15. As I explained I started sl without the basic knowledge. You can be here and having your things fun etc... and sudently wake up and ... What rez does means what in world what is rp what is drama what is lot of basic concept that all people know for long time and I am still confusing with. Thank you for adding my vocabulary list this is my new word to today.
  16. odd. ?? What does that means?
  17. The first question was in relation with cloth. For exemple TMP --> you have no cloth and this project is dead. What is the best body most compatible with lot of cloth was the question.
  18. Starting by the end is not always the good idea. So The forum get started is placed at the end of the forum and is hidden. I am glad to find it How to delete post on this forum or account of this forum ? Is is possible ? I should start by this very important thing.
  19. I am still blocked sometimes by some words I don't understand in a sentence and that block me to understand the rest. Sometimes I see in world and .... that seam totaly strange. What does that means. I think it miss a lexique somewhere. I am not new in SL but I never knew some technical words maybe my learning strategy was not the best or good one. I start by the end.
  20. I explain : Where are different mesh male body ? You have 2 or 3 and they are very expensive. exept altamura but with limited cloth ... You don't have any mesh male avi like for female you have lara and many other alternatives. Male are disadvantaged. That is a fact !!!
  21. I don't know if it is RP but in SL you can choose to be a male or female. You can have 2 avi. One male one female. And you can RP for each. Did you do that ? What is the easiest for you ?
  22. male mesh body is not a good idea. You have not !! You always have to select alpha to adjust
  23. Si on ne parle hummm lis pas l'anglais comment peut-on vraiment comprendre SL ? Je me demande comment font les russes qui parlent avec des traducteurs ? Ceci dit si on veut progresser en anglais SL est un excellant moyen.
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