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  1. That's a pretty decent alternative idea for what I want! Thanks!
  2. Since sounds can come from other sources aside from the SL feed, I am looking to do that. I own a Second Life radio station and want to offer our listeners, many of which are hunters, a way to hear our stream throughout the grid in an object they are holding.
  3. Greetings... I am looking for a creator to design a "portable radio" that you can attach to your body and listen to a stream no matter where you go. Hit me up if you have ideas, so we can see what we can come up with!
  4. Everything is on the up and up. Thanks for looking out.
  5. This is not my first rodeo. I have both managed and owned internet radio stations in the past. XRadio is fully licensed in our country of origin. Since DJs that connect to our stream stream on our server, they are covered under our license.
  6. XRadio Internet Radio is expanding across the grid and is looking for DJs. Due to the increased and spectacular growth in the numbers of listeners, affiliates and partners, XRadio is looking to expand our current staff of radio DJs. It is an awesome opportunity to fine-tune your skill and broadcast not only throughout the grid but also on the internet. We now have 5000+ monthly listeners and we are still growing! ☒ DJs MUST use the stream we provide as it broadcasts to the grid AND the internet radio station! ☒ Music must be "clean" (no ads, video stuff, etc) and properly labeled. ☒ Ther
  7. Thanks for that run-down. I'll check out some tutorials on YT. Thanks everyone for the feedback.
  8. I'm not even close to understanding BoM yet. Got Cliff-notes?
  9. Thinking of taking the plunge and going with a mesh male body. I have a couple of questions, however. 1. It seems Matrayla is the most popular female mesh body, what is the male? 2. Will I be able to use my classic head? I don't mind adding the few distinguishable features from my classic body (tats, etc) but I really like my face and don't want to mess with that too much. 3. What is the most cost-effective mesh make body to buy? TIA
  10. XRadio Internet Radio is looking for DJs, Hosts, and Dancers for its new club on the Moon: Club Aquarius. ☒ DJs MUST use the stream we provide as it broadcasts to the land AND the internet radio station! ☒ DJ's music must be "clean" (no ads, video stuff, etc) and properly labeled. ☒ There is a strict "NO DRAMA" rule. Follow this and everything will be OK. Club Aquarius - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bowstring/141/38/3044 All Staff keep 100% of tips! Apply Now! - Send me a notecard inworld (JudeConnors Resident) or Message me here!
  11. Club Aquarius could use a few more Hosts/Dancers. We're still new and building, but it is something to get you started. Saturdays are our busiest days.If interested, you could send me a notecard (IMs get capped) and I will send you an application. More info: http://xradio.zone Club Aquarius: http://club.xradio.zone
  12. Feel free to fiend 😃 JudeConnors
  13. Looking forward to it 👍. However, my IMs gets capped so maybe a notecard will work better if I don't reply to your IM 😃
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