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  1. i remember that episode 😀
  2. Thanks for that run-down. I'll check out some tutorials on YT. Thanks everyone for the feedback.
  3. I'm not even close to understanding BoM yet. Got Cliff-notes?
  4. Thinking of taking the plunge and going with a mesh male body. I have a couple of questions, however. 1. It seems Matrayla is the most popular female mesh body, what is the male? 2. Will I be able to use my classic head? I don't mind adding the few distinguishable features from my classic body (tats, etc) but I really like my face and don't want to mess with that too much. 3. What is the most cost-effective mesh make body to buy? TIA
  5. XRadio Internet Radio is looking for DJs, Hosts, and Dancers for its new club on the Moon: Club Aquarius. ☒ DJs MUST use the stream we provide as it broadcasts to the land AND the internet radio station! ☒ DJ's music must be "clean" (no ads, video stuff, etc) and properly labeled. ☒ There is a strict "NO DRAMA" rule. Follow this and everything will be OK. Club Aquarius - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bowstring/141/38/3044 All Staff keep 100% of tips! Apply Now! - Send me a notecard inworld (JudeConnors Resident) or Message me here!
  6. Club Aquarius could use a few more Hosts/Dancers. We're still new and building, but it is something to get you started. Saturdays are our busiest days.If interested, you could send me a notecard (IMs get capped) and I will send you an application. More info: http://xradio.zone Club Aquarius: http://club.xradio.zone
  7. Feel free to fiend 😃 JudeConnors
  8. Looking forward to it 👍. However, my IMs gets capped so maybe a notecard will work better if I don't reply to your IM 😃
  9. My SL partner and I own an internet radio station. We run a small entertainment SIM in SL with the radio station studio, a shop, a bowling alley/skate rink with playable arcade games and table games (as well as bowling, ofc), a fairground with fun games that give out cool lil prizes, a planetarium, an amphitheater arena for live singers and other small bands/acts and a club that is on the Moon. Come hang with us there when you can! http://club.xradio.zone Feel free to friend me inworld or send me an IM anytime: JudeConnors Resident
  10. I, too am interested. Please hit me up with more information.
  11. XRadio Internet Radio is looking for DJs for its new club on the Moon: Club Aquarius. We are also looking for Host/ess and Dancers. Club Aquarius - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bowstring/141/38/3044 All Staff keep 100% of tips! Apply Now!
  12. Do you have a broadcaster program to use? I have trained quite a few people in my time, but I do not have a free broadcaster to give you.
  13. I would like more info on this. I've done audio work as a RL club DJ, terrestrial radio, internet radio, SL clubs as DJ. Also have done some voiceover work. Notecard me in game or send message here.
  14. I may have said this already, but I have found that most of the people I have met in SL have been my age (43) or older. I welcome anyone to message me.
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