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  1. Just trying to gauge the interest of the community... Recently, my SL partner and I added a bowling alley to the rooftop pool patio party area of our club on our SIM. We are now thinking of having a tournament of 8 or 16 entrants. Each entrant would put up a certain amount of $L. The winner would get the majority of the purse, with a lesser amount going to the runner-up and some money going to the SIM. All entrants would get some sort of free prize as well. Does this sound interesting to anyone?
  2. Matrix of Musick - |THE SOURCE| - XRadio Community Discord http://discord.xradio.zone Pop in and hang out!
  3. What are your interests in SL? I'm big on music and my SL partner and I own/run a SIM that is music driven. Always looking for more friends. COme hang out sometime - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/White Bay/189/120/24
  4. National Suicide Prevention Week is September 8-14, 2019 and XRadio and |THE SOURCE| are hosting a benefit concert to raise money and awareness for the prevention of suicide. ALL donations will go to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-TALK)! The event begins at 4PM Pacific time with a Nirvana tribute band by TDDI Productions. Expect great songs from Nirvana classics like Smells Like Teen Spirit, Heart-Shaped Box, and More! After that at around 5:30, DJ Siouxie will keep the entertainment going with a set of rock, mashups, and remixes before our second band takes the stage. As usual, Siouxie will show us why she is the Goddess of Mashups! Our second band hits the stage around 7PM Pacific time. TDDI Productions presents a Linkin Park tribute concert. Expect all the hits and great fun at this amazing tribute concert! DJ Jude takes over the entertainment after the Linkin Park concert. As always, he will spin famous Rock/Rap/Rave/Remixes to close out this event! MORE INFO: https://www.xradio.zone/2019/09/suicide-prevention-benefit-event.html
  5. I didn't see you at either the Wednesday or Thursday sets. I'll be DJing tonight and tomorrow at 9PM at THE SOURCE if you still are interested. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/White Bay/189/108/23
  6. My name is Jude. My account is a bit older, but I've only been active in Second Life for about six months. I came (back) to Second Life because a friend of mine explained to me that I can DJ in the clubs here. 😊 I have DJ'd at a few clubs and events. I've DJ for club openings and was a repeat DJ for the Second Life 16th Birthday Bash this past Summer. In the near future, I will be DJing two charity events, the ROCK YOUR RACK SECONDLIFE CHARITY EVENT RAISING FUNDS FOR THE NATIONAL BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION and a Suicide Prevention benefit presented by |THE SOURCE| and XRADIO with TDDI Productions on September 14th. I LOVE most types of music and my sets tend to be a mix of Rock/Rap/Rave/Remixes. I am co-owner of an entertainment SIM known as the Matrix of Musick Construct. It is a full entertainment SIM that has a multitude of fun activities, including a club, outdoor concert area, a fun fairgrounds area with rides and interactive games that award prizes, a Game room with playable arcade and table games, a planetarium. Hell, you can even visit the Moon. In addition, my SL partner and I run an internet radio station broadcasting 24/7 from our club. You can check it out on http://XRadio.Zone. I like non-judgmental people that can accept avatars as they want to be presented. I don't really roleplay but I don't bash those that do. I like music and I like to have fun and chat with people, and I usually have little problems with making new friends. I have a strict NO DRAMA rule. Feel free to add me as a friend, as I try to add new friends daily. My profile is https://my.secondlife.com/judeconnors and you can usually find me at the Matrix of Musick Construct at https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/White%20Bay/192/45/24. After all, at the heart of Second Life... it is a game and games are supposed to be fun. Let's have fun! EVENTS SCHEDULE: http://schedule.xradio.zone.
  7. Join DJ Catrie at the Matrix-themed club, |THE SOURCE| tonight at 7PM! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/White Bay/189/120/24
  8. I don't do scripting, just web design/developemnt/hosting on cloud. I just wanted to let you know. Good luck!
  9. Aly made a good point that I think you missed. For example, I own a club and entertainment SIM with my SL partner. We don't just post somewhere and say If you want to DJ, apply here. What we do is meet the DJ, see them perform, see how they do and how active they are... then make an OFFER to them to be a DJ at our club. I think that was the message Aly was trying to make. EDIT: On your website, none of the pics are working.
  10. The price is too low, in itself. For just a website design and hosting (hosting one year), I charge people $250 USD (on average). THat converted is $L 75962.50. Ofc I do this IRL so there's that too. But 20K Lindens is only a little over $65 USD so yeah... tha's low as hell for what you want done here. You are asking for a hell of a lot.
  11. It's |THE SOURCE| Club and Coffeehouse and the Matrix of Musick SIM's time to celebrate its Grand Opening! THIS Saturday, July 27th, 2019 - 6PM SLT! Mark you calendars... you do NOT want to miss this event! 6PM: TDDI Productions presents NINE INCH NAILS (Anderson Park) 7:30: DJ Siouxie presents Pandora's Box (|THE SOURCE|) 9PM: DJ Jude presents Magic Carpet Ride (|THE SOURCE|) SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/White Bay/189/120/24 Simulcast on http://XRadio.Zone INFO: http://bit.ly/Grand-Opening-NIN
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