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  1. Hello! All good. As soon as I find the time to go online again I’ll make sure to send you an IM 😅💓
  2. Hey, thanks! 💓 Same, I’m currently really busy with college so I can’t really be online all day or all night 😂 But I’ll def send you an IM as soon as I get online again💓
  3. Hey! Tysm for reacting. I’ll def send you an IM as soon as I get online again 😅
  4. If you wanna be friends you can def send me a IM in game 😅
  5. Tysm for replying as well! I’ll def send you a IM as soon as I get online again today💓
  6. Hello! I’ll definitely add you as soon as I log on again today. Tyvm for replying to my topic💓
  7. Hey! Yes, I understand what you’re saying. I’ll shortly reply to what you mentioned. So my timezone is UTC/GMT +1 hour (Belgium). The hours I’m online (and the time) differs a lot from day to day. For example these days I’m studying a lot for my exams that are about to start so I’ll be less active than I could be... I have a lot of interests ofc but the first ones I can think of rn are: gaming (both PC as PS4) - I use my PC mostly to play MMO’s and my PS4 to play stuff like GTA etc etc. I’m a psychology student irl which means I’m interested in psychology related topics as well. Of
  8. If you’re still looking for friends you can def send me a friend request thing, I’m new myself 😂😂
  9. Tysm! I’ll make sure to add you as soon as I get online again today (and as soon as I figure out how to...😂), won’t be that hard I bet. Thank you for the advice also! I’ll def check out the website.
  10. Tysm for the explanation! I’ll def make sure to test all of this as soon as I get online again today. I bet it isn’t that complicated once I get it all, but yesterday I really had a hard time understanding what I was doing wrong! 😂
  11. Hi guys! 💓 I’m new on SL and I’d like to make some new friends. I’m not looking for romantic relationships or anything like that but meeting a few nice ppl here would be nice! Being alone in a game like this isn’t really fun and well... I’m not the most social person (def not when idk the others very well) so approaching random individuals in a room isn’t really my thing. So I hoped this might help me... 😅 Bye and tysm for reading
  12. I’m looking for friends too. New here myself 😂😂
  13. Hello everyone I have some trouble getting my character the way I want. A few months ago I played SL for the first time, but I stopped playing it after not too long and today I tried it again. I haven’t been playing SL for a long time in total so I’d definitely say I’m a noob. I’ve been playing games that look like SL for years before I got here. So I honestly thought dressing a character wasn’t that hard. But turns out I’ve been trying for hours and still some things aren’t the way they should... I bought a few things I really wanted to put on my character, such as: CATWA Catya(?)
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