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  1. HEY ummm i'm somewhat new-ish here, and I really wanna make some cool friends and find someone to go shopping with :)) my interests: 1. anime 2. true crime 3. nerd ***** tbh there is a lot just message me XD I enjoy memes and just being goofy in general artist/gemini/ tbh idk what to even type here so bye thanks 4 looking ily mwah time zone: CST
  2. Hey!! I am new here and i'm looking to make some cool ass friends and have fun (and learn some stuff cause i'm a newb lmaooo I would love to make a dope friend group who wants to log on and chat everyday :)) A little bit about me!: I'm a 18 year old female 🤘 I'm Bisexual ❤️ I like anime, memes, art, and lots of nerdy things like that I work at a burger joint R.I.P I can love talking I'm not an experienced role player but i'd love to learn! Dogs = Cats ❤️ Netflix/Hulu and just being lazy and eating everything in sight ✨💖SEND ME A MESSAGE BBY!!!💖✨
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