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  1. This is rather humorous now lol @Orwar I love ur attention to detail so much omg! It’s so touching! I am indeed so blessed! Queen waves as I can also chose to be petty and type long ass responses or I can be just as petty! Hahaha all the offended ones awwwww!!! Hahahahah made my day today! Stay blessed !!!😂😂😂😂😂. PEACE!!!
  2. I am very good at the English language. I got the highest GPA in my entire college. I can write with all the punctuation in the world but for these people to assume that no one would talk to me based on a post is ridiculous. So far I have met some amazing friends who type just the same but when it comes to emails or professional things are very well with punctuating! My post actually brought me some amazing people so far! They are funny and very intelligent. One post does not determine who I am nor my education. But then again, this world is so very judgemental and it proves just how they operate. Meanwhile some of them on here don’t know the difference between your and you’re, their, there and they’re and many others. I do admit I was lazy as eff when I typed that post but how dare they assume that I am not smart. Then again a lot of the responses are from people who are old and very shallow😂
  3. Ooo I could use more friends to chat to and do fun things with! However it seems like the effort isn’t there anymore. I always have to make the first move, I am always the one saying hello first and starting conversation. I wish to be friends with people who show the same drive and initiative as I do. Some people come on here advertising for friends and then three days later they stop talking.then they wonder why they can’t keep friends.people on SL lack what u call proper communication skills.if someone does not interest u anymore just tell them. After all the post was made to try and find people you connect with and if you don’t connect that it’s only fair and just that communicate this.too often have I been a place holder on a persons friend list . I am a very talkative person online but in reality I’m very quiet as I find it rather easy to speak with persons online than it would be face to face due to my anxiety.when I requested to make friends I was hoping that the respondents would be people who feel the exact same way. I expressly stated that I’m looking to make lasting friendships. I’m not looking for a 10 minute text war with anyone. So I’m just making this post to say that in the future if I make any posts and u are not willing or u are not anything I’m looking for please do not contact me. Because I’m not trying to have a friend list for bragging rights! I’m simply and truly a genuine person who is looking to make a few friends!
  4. Hello I am about to log on in a few minutes idk if ur gonna be on but sure thing sure I am also looking for new friends to chat with on a daily basis!! Hmu
  5. Hello again.Its me! this time around im seeking to be a part of a family! i am a very great person. I love reading writing songs and short stories and poems and i also love to play the sims 4. I am 24 years old and i am from the Caribbean. I am looking to join a family or maybe perhaps start one! It doesnt matter to me how u look or how much u can afford! I looking to connect and build friendships that extend into the real world and Last. I am a true friend and i always reach out! Doesnt matter the make up of the family and doesnt matter the race! i love everyone as we are all people! If you are looking for family members or just looking to start a friendship or start a family even..HMU or comment here! BELOW IS A PICTURE OF MY AVATAR
  6. I have a sister but when she’s not on I play alone and I love the sims 4 omg!
  7. Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well! Today I’m posting to seek some friends! I’m serious about this. I have no friend irl as I am always at home! My anxiety is crazy to the point where I don’t go out unless it’s with someone I know and I hate crowds. I love to play the sims 4 I also write music and sing in my spare time! I am 24 years old and I live in the Caribbean on the island of Antigua and Barbuda 🇦🇬. I am looking for friend who gets on often and who likes to chat or hang out or go exploring and taking pics because SL is a vast world with so much to do! I really am looking to make that friend connection! I have a boyfriend so I am not looking for anything along that line! I am looking for someone who wants to be friends not just on sl but in rl as well. I have WhatsApp snap chat and all those other social media thingies🙂I also make sims 4 LP videos and CAS and SPeedbuilds every now and again! I am very bubbly when u get to know me! Sometimes I talk your ear off so if ur not a talker or u don’t t like talkative people then we might not match! I’ve been told I’m hilarious and creative so that’s a plus! If you are In need of a friend and would love to chat feel free to shoot me an IM and I’ll respond! I want to get back into secondlife really hard and I want to make the most of it cause it has helped my anxiety. Hit me up for an amazing friendship!:)
  8. I’d love to be your friend! Shoot me an IM in world and I’ll definitely respond when I’m on
  9. I would love to meet you n we can see how we match up to becoming friends! Add me when ur in world. I get reall chatty
  10. I would love to be friends! Add me in world mrsmancino
  11. I’d love to be friends🥳! I’m 24 I’m from the Caribbean
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