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  1. The question has been fully and completely answered and the combination of both solutions seems to have done the trick
  2. @BilliJo Aldrin Because some of us love our country and defend it and don't have a choice of where it is defended. I hope it is ok with you if I miss my family after being someplace that I don't even know the name of and don't know for how long.
  3. Some people have a lot harder careers than others. I have the finest group of men and women around me that strongly beg to differ.
  4. No it isn't . We spent a small fortune making our avatars look almost exactly like our real selves and on the R&R we want to have the family around without people disturbing us. I am 5 days on and 2 days off and we have an agreement that my wife gets the same R&R scheduled depending on the time zones we are in at the time.
  5. Due to our careers we never know when or where we will be deployed so it's just a home base I set up so we can keep in touch a little better than a phone call at the end of the day.
  6. I just don't want my kids barging into our house when we are making popcorn and stuff at 2 in the morning. 3D life set us continents apart because of our careers so I wanted a place where the family can be together virtually when we can't be together in 3D without them seeing any popcorn making lol.
  7. The orb around the house with instant eject set and a ban line around the parcel containing the house within the orb seems to have done the trick. Thank you most of you for your very helpful answers
  8. Thank you for answering the question completely. Yes I have control over the island from shore to shore and only want to stop my adult children from "camera viewing" into our house. They have there own house on the island that they can do what they want with.
  9. So you can't stop people from teleporting to your island without banning everyone on second life except the 9 people that I want on it ?
  10. The whole estate is surrounded by water on all four sides and I set advertising the estate to "No" . I can't fly off the island but people can fly on to it ?
  11. I pay Linden 307$ CAD for the estate , island or whatever it's called. I make people part of the group that is allowed on the island (I don't have to ban everyone I don't want on the estate I hope) The people on the white list are allowed on the island (I don't collect anything from them and sell them the parcels @ 1$ ) Set the whole estate as a no fly zone (can I make the whole estate no teleport as well? ) With those conditions in place can I enforce no looking at the avatars in the parcel from outside the parcel on the estate using ban lines ?
  12. So there is no way to keep someone off of your "private island" ?
  13. So if I made a separate subgroup from the main sim group and banned everyone not in the subgroup explicitly from the parcel and set the whole private island as no fly then it should work ?
  14. So if I kill off flying sim wide then a ban line would be effective privacy against this ? At almost 300$ per month I am looking for someway to have a private party on a parcel and only have those invited being able to interact with guests at the party.
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