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  1. 1 error prohibited this product from being saved There were problems with the following fields: There must be a link to inventory
  2. Moderate land on the Mainlands. Green space. Flat land. HUGE! 6144 SQM 2109 PLC 16,000$L http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rinpoche/225/206/41
  3. any clubs out there hiring dancers/escorts? message me inworld : kendall420
  4. i need to know how to list my newborn kittens (still boxed) on the marketplace? it's in inventory and won't let me send to marketplace or anything. idk what to do and can't find much help on the subject with google or youtube.
  5. i got the folder issue resolved and transferred over 300 animations to the ao, but idk if it worked or not.
  6. it says some objects aren't allowed to copy.
  7. when i add them to a new folder, it shows that there is an item in the folder, but doesn't list or let me see. the folder is named 123, i dragged 1 animation into it and it just says 1 item. but shows nothing. edit: oh wait, it might be because i did it in the outfit section. edit 2: nope. made a new file and it does the same thing.
  8. how do i add the vista ao's to it?
  9. is this what you're talking about?
  10. tried to find it on mp, not there. is it in world?
  11. I have the cosmopolitan vista ao and the perfect lady vista ao and am wondering how to combine them into one hud? I got the free zhao II hud but not sure how to transfer ao's over. any help is welcome, thanks!
  12. i've taken off all my clothes and tried it, tired in a sandbox, took off some alphas that i guess i was wearing for no reason, nothing worked.
  13. okay, so i have a maitreya lara body and it used to let me wear the tattoos i wanted, but now it wont. what am i doing wrong?
  14. asking 3000 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Astbury/166/200/63
  15. this is what she looks like right now. any suggestions?
  16. That's the free one that I have.
  17. I checked out Vista in game.... stores in game give me anxiety cause i'm never sure what i'm looking for. i feel so clueless.
  18. so besides a really good ao, what else?
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