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  1. I was hoping there were some hints in there how to get better details. I'd rather protect the parcel first, report later.
  2. If someone is going to a church to cause trouble, they are asking for the people in the church to be offended. They are equally asking begging to be banned too (which occasionally they then play the victim too). It goes back to respecting others and common decency. If you go to grief and cause trouble, don’t be surprised if you are sent flying and banned. If it’s actual humor like my earlier lightbulb reference, then yes, people need to learn to have fun and relax a little.
  3. Thank you, Ardy. It doesn’t look quite the same, but I am thinking nothing is broken except not seeing the right parcel on the scripts. I may just see where my support ticket goes. It’s not optimal, but I appreciate you finding this for me.
  4. Thank you, but that wasn’t what I asked. It was more about the content of the report, since most aren’t investigated due to completeness. When you eject and ban someone, and file later, You have no screenshots and unless something is in local chat or IM, no evidence. SecondLife doesn’t have a record button for griefers.
  5. Total dealbreaker. Most who have them will admit it, but you kind of know when the alt is near (or when the alt wants to partner you after the breakup). I had a few that I dated that used alts to test my loyalty. It didn't help when they misspell the same words the same way. lol
  6. That is terrible @LittleMe Jewell. The worst one I heard was the guy who left a friend of mine at their wedding reception, poofed never to be seen again.
  7. Everyone has their own tolerance, especially when it comes to abandonment. Usually for me, it's been about a month or so.
  8. You may want to do a search in SecondLife for adoption agencies. There are a few that can help match you up.
  9. We see people at the church sometimes just come in to argue about Christianity, all they want is a crowd to grandstand for. Once the conversation makes its second rotation in circles, usually people ignore it. People do things just to get a rise from others, and as long as people feed them what they want, they will continue to. We just learned not to feed the argument.
  10. There are a few in no particular order... People who are someone different between different sims People who are simply not good to their word or play "catch me if you can". People who go into a sim acting like they own it, then cry about their right to be there when they are banned from it and don't pay the bills. People who grief others in a blatant or subtle manner People who toy with other's hearts. People who bully others, or try to. People who don't seem to mind that you're married when they just want their cheap thrill. People who use alts to stalk others People who use their position to buy others in one way or another People who would rather dissolve a friendship when they are wrong, rather than make it right again. I'll stop at 10, there's a lot of other answers. 😃
  11. As a Christian, all I will say is that making fun of the habits of the faith is not degrading the faith. Let me help you, in some churches, they may not replace 50 year old lightbulbs because they are resistant to change. That is very different from trying to argue with another that what they believe is wrong, dead, or attacking someone for what they believe. I think we should exercise some good judgment and make good choices about being considerate to others. If you don't have something good to say, just don't say it.
  12. @ellela Beaumont, you may want to consider rebaking yourself. Another thing that works sometimes is to remove something like your hair and put it back on or change it to something else.
  13. @Jules Catlyn, I had this happen once, where I put a bad review on Marketplace and the merchant didn’t like it, and tried to bully me into removing it. Being it was on point, can a merchant just have a bad review removed because they don’t like it? Thankfully, most of my reviews are complimentary.
  14. As someone who has a church in SexondLife, I’ve seen people just start false statements in SecondLife for the sake of doing it. It simply happens, and at first it really affected me. The truth is that people who know you and your sim won’t pay much attention to these people, if any at all. They may affect some who might visit in the future, but it can also backfire (as it did in my case) and caused people to come instead. At the end of the day, it’s your sim, you pay the tier, you manage the group and experience, and try to do what’s best for everyone. Life is too short, don’t take away your energy from those who support you to chase the ones who don’t. As for what is illegal, we have ban lines and security orbs to take care of trespassing. Nobody is arrested for it. Sadly, those perverts who jump people trying to have sex with those sitting on beach chairs without other’s approval aren’t prosecuted either. SecondLife allows people to speak freely, which is good. Nobody in SecondLife has to listen to those people, even better.
  15. That creeped me out when I saw that, it;s only happened once on my parcel. I couldn’t kick her out and she logged out, but was still there. It took about an hour after she logged, but went away.
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