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  1. WOW Thank you for the responses! Sometimes I upload PNG anyway, depending on the object it will be applied to, jpg is no friend of detail and tga has it's moments. I figured the reason why this happens is because, sometimes the texture I am working on has many layers, so when I save from that psd file and save as png, it comes out like the above in SL, but if I "copy merge" and paste in a new window on top of a white/or black background I can get away with uploading png. @ChinRey thank you for sharing the way to do it in gimp! I hope someone finds that helpful in the future ❤️
  2. Thank you, aw that is what I have been using as a "fix" or jpg but, it ruins the quality of the texture.
  3. Hello everyone, I usually have a fix for this, and my "fix" is probably not the conventionally way. I was wondering if anyone can explain to a blender newbie why my mesh models always appear transparent when I apply a png texture to it? I always recalculate normals and when I save the bake, it is normally saved as "png". Please help, thank you in advance
  4. I get what you're saying and that's the general attitude around SL. Most designers or content creators do not have the time or energy to teach. My point is, if we're going to complain about how things look in world ( as experts ) do so with the intent to mentor or "teach". And some point it starts to just looks like bullying if you're nitpicking at newbies as a master of the craft. I hope my point is clear and not being misunderstood but, if it is, no offense taken, we can agree to disagree.
  5. Who is teaching the "basics" to beginners? Let's not pretending the learning curve for blender is pretty high. It took me well over 6 months to learn how to create some basic things, from watching tutorials and trying things out myself, there aren't too many other creators within the SL community willing to "teach". And newbies like me and others are left to figure it out ourselves, of course the outcome of that will be creating whatever we want however we want. I have been more mindful about polycounts but, my process has not been perfect and while I am already my worse critique it just sucks that there is no one in world that I can go to, to say; hey can you help me out with such and such... I have to figure out the answers myself. And everyone just acts like you're out to steal knowledge, thats why I don't bother and just do my own thing. Either you guys complain about new mesh creators or you talk to us and tell us what the right way to do stuff is...
  6. I really needed this! Thank you for sharing!
  7. Hi Kyrah! Thank you for the response. Where can I find the tutorial you mentioned? And yes, I ending up triangulating it in blender before uploading it to SL because, as you said, if I didn't control the way it was done blender would mess the entire thing up, even after using the insert tool and creating more vertices. I am happy with the end result but, I would definitely improve on a number of things as I go on.. It was a nice project. Thank you all for the responses ❤️
  8. Thank you so much! I literally just figured out a solution. Hopefully this carries on all the way into the rigging process *fingers crossed* because, now that you've mentioned it, that may have been why it looked weird when I uploaded it after the last rig but, I thought that was because of the geometry. I wanted to split the heart in two as you suggested ( which I did try ) but, I got a little nervous that it would affect re-baking later on so I ended up using the insert tool which seems to fix the profile all together! HAHA! Thank you for your response!!! ❤️ P.s! I had to look at how the mesh uploader triangulated it by doing CrtL + Shift + R to realize what I was truly doing wrong, so I triangulated it in blender and then subdivided and wouldn't you know it fixed it too but, then I had a ton of vertices so, I had to scratch that solution hehe. #NewbieBlenderDiaries hahaha
  9. Hello Everyone, I really wanted to cut down on the number of vertices this heart would have and after doing so, it won’t upload right on SL when I export it with avastar. However, when I use the regular exporter, it seems to work fine which is not necessarily of any advantage to me because, I plan on rigging it and I would need to export it using the avastar option once that is done ( I tested that using the previous model before making additional adjustments to it ). How can I fix it? Should I add additional vertices to the “V” area of the heart? Also, I baked some test textures and they won’t apply correctly on account of this issue. Please help.
  10. Just wanted to update I decided to give the upload one more try, so I reuploaded the model and clicked "generate normals" and that seemed to fix the issue. I will still add at least one or two edges to the model just incase I don't get the same luck the third time around. Thank you!!
  11. Thank you!! That brings to mind another puzzle I have been absentmindedly tackling in blender. How do I add edges to faces within a model that do not have vertices? When I use the CRTL + R method, nothing happens to the face of the object but, other subdivided parts are affected. I have resorted to using the knife tool which doesn't seem to be the best possible option in some instances since I cannot subdivide that edge anyway. I hope my description of this makes sense, thank you for any advice offered, I really appreciate it!
  12. Yes! Exactly that, I'll try it shortly and see if that makes a difference. I uploaded the model to test it and was surprised that the shape took a different form. What you've described looks like it would work perfectly. Also, I didn't think to triangulate at export, I am thinking if I wanted to take it into another program to paint that would come in handy as well, thanks a ton ChinRey!
  13. Hi everyone, I don't have pictures of my model atm but, I can provide close ups of the issue if my explanation isn't clear. I am trying to upload a mesh object that is shaped like the letter "L" from blender but, for some reason, when I get the model into SL, it doesn't look like an L any more but, distorted to a point where it appears some edges and vertices seem to be missing. Is there a way to fix this? Do I need more faces and edges on my model? I know this may be hard to determine since I don't have pictures of the model right now but, I hope someone is familiar with this problem. Thank you for your time!!
  14. Yes! sadly I am learning that multiplying subsurfaces is a no-go zone for secondlife but, that’s okay, there are so many other ways around it. Your videos were very good for a beginner like me, especially with unwrapping and texturing!. I was nervous once the node section popped up but, you made it seem like a breeze, so that’s awesome! I kid you not, I have watched those videos a few times and have saved them to my favorites! New subscriber here, cannot wait to see and learn more! Thank you!
  15. Wow Hi! I am watching your video right this very moment!! haha! I later found it while searching through youtube and it helped immensely! Thank you so much for them! Although the texture did not end up like the initial render, it's a huge step forward from where I started when I began. Thank you and thank you again!!!
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