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  1. Hi there I am an experienced marketer and have promoted several big and small brands in SL. For an extremely affordable fee, I make sure that your brand/business is well advertised inworld and on social media. For details, just send me an IM in SL.
  2. when did i ever say 200L is enough pay for a blog post? oh u said "think"..now you are trying to imagine me thinking what you want me to think...you need to take a break from here sweetheart... and i ask which rl therapist works for 80 L per hour is cause i doubt these ppl have trained therapists like the owner claimed to me in ims inworld....there can be rl psychologists who work for little to no lindens inworld but as long as i dont see their linkedin ill keep doubting about their rl credentials..in my country its a crime to practice therapy without a license
  3. 1800L in 2 hours? i have hosted at clubs and applied at those club jobs posted here made close to 1000L once or twice in a whole year...some days with great luck 200L-350L that too friends paying me hardly any vips and we got used to getting nothing...i have also Djed at some rock clubs..and i remember the huge number of owners i had to fight who justified DJs should not work for the lindens when they promised to "pay" DJs here...most of these new clubs don't even enough vips....only 2 clubs i know that is worth working at and they are too crowded so u hardly ever see their hiring ads here coming back to this one...i dont care about writing but looking at the large number of employers who get away with falsely promising tips and pay here i don't see whats wrong with someone offering a certain amount for writing...if they dont pay this promised amt then thats another story.. in other words ppl offer wat they can afford as long as they pay is all good and if its too little for you nobody is asking you to work for them....
  4. how about those host, dj and event mngr jobs posted here that pay nothing and make employees work for hours ? call that employment? at least they being honest here with what they pay even if its too little for ya....
  5. Out of topic and you are thinking too much bad about it. Perhaps he's looking for females to work at an adult club? Since his English isn't clear, we're all assuming things. People interested in his job post should IM him direct and figure things out in details for themselves. Too much discussion here over something so meaningless. Im out.
  6. Where exactly has he asked for sex here? I missed that part. I thought he was looking for hosts or good-looking dancers for his club.
  7. That's my question to you since your "Earn it, get it" comment makes me wonder what the OP has said or done to not deserve any respect. By respect, I mean he isn't even being shown the minimum decency for his English isn't good enough. In fact, he is being made fun of and insulted.
  8. So one has to be able to speak perfect English to earn respect these days?
  9. I understand you want young women to work at your club and good luck with that. Also, sorry some people here are bringing you down just because your English isn't very understandable to them. Second Life is international. You're welcome.
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