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  1. It's not a close up at all, I'm not sure if you're viewing on mobile or something, its actually a profile picture I have. However to answer your question, yes it is for real.
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    Yes that's one of the other accounts.
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    I wasn't going to respond. However, this is a troll account shes been banned on two other accounts after coming in my clinic repeatedly trying to waste staffs time, and winding up someone else dropping our application information into another companies application box having them think it was me. Shes just trying to troll, strangely in these forums. Shes spammed, yet again my application via google forms. Shes not serious, that's why she is spamming posts.
  4. Would you like to be a part of supporting Mental Health in Second Life ~ and earn through doing this? These roles might be for you! We're a friendly chilled out team always here to help each other out and our goal is to provide a peaceful, safe, friendly environment for clients, visitors and staff all alike. We're recruiting for the following: ○ Assistant Staff ○ Therapists ○ Security ○ Event Managers (aka planners) If you are interested please continuing reading for more information: Thank you for your interest towards joining our Staff Team. Listed is some basic information about the Staff Positions available and a link to our Application. ○ What is Tranquillity Therapy Clinic? Tranquillity is a Therapy and Learning Centre in aid of awareness and support for mental health. We take on, and have experienced Therapists in aid towards counselling patients and holding discussions towards many topics about Mental Health/Well-Being such as self help advice, grounding techniques, awareness about certain or a range of mental health disorders, where you can get help/resources for support and more! We also welcome Guest Speakers to apply and hold discussions aswell, if you are interested you can come in and see us about setting up. Application information is just at reception aswell or can be accessed via the Staff Application aswell. ○ Services we provide We offer a set of packages, and/or single service. We also offer In-Patient Care packages to which patients may have their own In-Patient fully furnished apartment and 100 Prim use. We provide free talks and events in our Learning Centre for anyone to attend. Where Therapists or Guest Speakers can talk openly about Mental Health and Well-Being in a private safe space as support. What discussions are held is up to the Speaker within reason, and they will be enabled to log into a Tip Jar also for their audience to show their gratitude to them. ○ Our Goal The goal of Tranquillity is to provide a safe, friendly, peaceful environment for people who may have Mental Health Conditions or just care about supporting Mental Health. Everyone is welcome, whether anyone attending has experience with Mental Health or not. We're all here together to help, support and care about each other what ever we may be going through. ○ Job Positions and Description Assistant Staff: Assistant Staff will work at Reception as a Receptionist for the most part. They will greet and assist any visitors and/or patients. They will also book in patients for any of the therapy services we provide via our Therapists. Assistant Staff may also assist Guest Speakers/Therapists during their discussions in aid of keeping track of questions and comments the audience may have. Pay Rate: L$80 per hour. Commission of 75% of Patient Service fees (for one appointment) by any proven refereed patients. Event Manager: Event Managers will be in charge of events/discussions helping our Guest Speakers/Therapists be set up towards hosting their own events/discussions in the Learning Centre section of the Clinic. The Application will be sent straight to our Head of Staff to be sent in-world to an Event Manager available to work with that applicant. They will organise and advertise the event/discussion for the Guest Speaker/Therapist and attend the Event in aid of support/security during. They are responsible to make sure events/discussions go ahead and run smoothly. Pay Rate: L$80 per hour. L$200 commission for each Event set up (and held) with Guest Speakers/Therapists. Commission of 75% of Patient Service fees (for one appointment) by any proven refereed patients. Security: Security will be the main source of moderation within the clinic. They will make sure the clinic is safe, peaceful and have management in behaviour of visitors at all times. Pay Rate: L$80 per hour. Commission of 75% of Patient Service fees (for one appointment) by any proven refereed patients. Therapist: Therapists work in a choice of 9 offices within the clinic (or apartment for In-Patient Clients) in aid of Patient Therapy Services via CBT (a simplified version) or Talking Therapy. They may specialise in certain or other areas of mental health if they wish. Pay Rate: L$80 per hour. 50% of patient fees - per client they have a session booked with and held. Commission of 75% of Patient Service fees (for one appointment) by any proven refereed patients. ○ Application https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfy0JX2XiKVBnw21c4VXAidGJhUSSzpMYdolyQSZogfgJ1lUw/viewform (No Gmail/Email required to use this form) ○ LM/SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sorens/86/116/21 Thank you for your interest. If you have any questions please feel free to ask those in the Questions section of your Application. Or you may contact Head of Staff before filling out your application aswell. Contact details are below: Tranquillity Therapy Clinic | Head of Staff/Owner: Display name: Steffii Sugabum, Username: queenbswag We look forward to hearing from you! Sincerely, Tranquillity | Staff Team.
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