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About Me

  1. Come check out the new premier cosmic hangout and home to the sultry afk stars, we are now accepting girls to fill our beds girls keep 95 percent of earnings, tipping is required. Mused Milk for sale soon furniture for both afk and non afk visitors ad space starting at 200L per week (artistic second life photos only for escorts, please no real life nudes, Gentleman's club stamps allowed on photos) QYN, Ruckus, Backbone, Stockholm & Lima, and Le Louve furniture. Its Not mine sales and showers for dirty girls, VAW body upgrades for sale on the spot. AF
  2. “The Tip Is Hiring" DJ’s get paid "ACTIVE" Set Pay Plus 100% Tips During Set {DJ’s send a notecard with your days of availability, times, stream info & rates to Elizabethpoole Resident} Manager’s Weekly pay upon experience along with bonus [https://forms.gle/x4FJPgZWK1t9MCNQ7 Manager Application] Dancers - 20L’s per hour plus {80% Tips} , along with LOYALTY bonus Escorts AFK [https://forms.gle/2m379d5Ljds4o6XW9 Dancer Application] Check out our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/The-Tip-115048656849833/?epa=SEARCH_
  3. This isn't a knock against people who participate in it (You do you!) I been trying it lately I can SOMEWHAT see why people put themselves up to it (easy lindens DUH!) .....olny downside is it takes a lot of patience and a night or two may go by and you sill have nothing plus you may get used and not tipped. But on the other side the people that come to.use....why do you enjoy it? Do you enjoy just watching some redundant animation? Is there a charm to having nobody there to interact with you instead of just playing a regular sex game online? Once again this isn't to bash anyone it's just a s
  4. Hello everyone, Today a wonderful guy, super nice and married in-game (he wanted no sex with me) gave me a lot of advices. One of them was to look for afk places, but when I sit I should try to keep changing my position. That way people see I'm not afk and even I don't have a custom mesh, they hire me. And it worked! I got my first L$100 with a lovely curvy woman, it was incredible and we had a lot of fun together. If you look at those L$100 as if they were real dollars, well I know they're nothing, but they are my first Linden dollars and I'm quite happy with them. The problem, the
  5. The Oritz safe point has been filling up with alts and bots for days. Now it's up to 30. Apparently, this is one of the places avatars are dumped when a sim goes down. They all end up behind a sign, and there's not enough room for 30 avatars. One has been pushed through the wall into an aquarium. It keeps them off the streets. Good place to test avatar impostor performance. Maintaining 30FPS here.
  6. Hey there! I've been searching marketplace for DAYS trying to find a time clock that will allow my employees to clock in (group based), that limits weekly hours and boots off the system if the employee has been caught AFKing. Does anyone have anything they can recommend? Thanks in advance! Celeste
  7. AFK Sex on the Beach is looking for freelance workers. Located on a beautiful beach - you take 80% of the tips. A great way to make extra money while you are AFK. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Untamed Islands/6/168/22
  8. AFK Sex on the Beach is looking for freelance workers. Located on a beautiful beach - you take 80% of the tips. A great way to make extra money while you are AFK. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Untamed Islands/6/168/22
  9. As a limited promotion for Dancers and Escorts, ~Red Light District~ is offering 100% percent of tips! That's right, just log in, use your own dance animation or one of the club dance poles and keep every Linden you earn. We have adboards for Escorts/Dancers and Businesses available for 50L a week. AFK staff can rent an apartment room for 100L a week with a 50 prim allowance, which includes a free adboard and a direct teleport to your room. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eternally Yours/111/164/1075
  10. As a newly opened establishment, the ~Red Light District~ has set FOUR of their tip jars to pay back 100%. We are looking for FREELANCERS and DJs with a bit of experience. This is a limited time promotion. Come check us out. We have a Lounge with a game room featuring Greedy, Cards Against Humanity and a Truth or Dare table, or just relax and choose an XXX video. Vault and Lucky Chair as well for those trying to make some FREE Lindens. 50L Adboards for entertainers and businesses as well. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eternally Yours/85/182/1075
  11. ~Red Light District~ is seeking gorgeous FREELANCE Escorts and Dancers. Also renting rooms to AFK girls, 100L a week with 50 prim allowance. The District is a great place to come and relax, we have lovely entertainers, a game room featuring Greedy, Cards Against Humanity, Truth or Dare and newly added a PORN tv. VIP room access for privacy 50L for 30 minutes. Adboards for Businesses, Escorts and Dancers are on a limited time promotion, your first week is free! Come join us!
  12. .❥.¸¸.❥Glad to present you AFK ESCORT EVE Fantasies... May all of your Fantasies be fulfilled!.❥.¸¸.❥ Everyone else is encouraged to join, to receive notices about AFKers and other important club info. ~Voice, webcam, text girl escort , AFK ROOMS & GAMES Karaoke EVENTS & AD BOARDS RENT - 50L$/week !! Adult Region with escorts sex cam freelance dancer stripper ***** swingers babygirl daddy orgasm control xxx BDSM beach pool girl fetish whore daddy dolls !~ °··♫"BRING YOUR FRIENDS AND JOIN THE NEW AND NAUGHTY ESCORT EVE FREELANCE CLUB.."♫·° JOIN US →http://maps.secondlife.
  13. ~Red Light District~ now welcomes Freelancers. Simply grab a copy of the rules and then log in and grab a pole. FREE adboards, Private rooms for group members. Tip percentage is 80/20. You set your own rates. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eternally Yours/116/162/1076
  14. ~Red Light District~ is currently seeking EXPERIENCED staff. Must be older than 30 days, have previous experience and know how to emote and use adboards. We do not have a weekly hour requirement, we do however, ask that you agree to our standards prior to employment. Must be able to speak English. AFK staff is required to rent an unfurnished apartment room, 100L a week with a 50 prim allowance. That includes a free adboard with a direct teleport to your room. Men are needed for our "It's Raining Men" promotion held on Mondays running all day long. We are offering FREE adboards f
  15. Now available! Apartment rooms and Business spaces.Set in an Amsterdam type style, the ~Red Light District~ is a place to role play, hire gorgeous Escorts or just hang out and enjoy the scenery. They are limited so come down and have a look! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eternally Yours/89/142/1076
  16. Voice Dolls Escort Club is looking for voice escorts and afk girls to work in our club. Escorts keep 80% of tips, Afk girls keep 90%. We are only looking for all mesh avatars with high quality skins. If you would like an application or more information, contact me, mapletart resident directly or pick up an application at the club. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Oved Valley/102/51/1643
  17. In honor of the grand opening, ~Red Light District~ is offering ONE WEEK free Adboard rentals. One per person if Dancer/Escort, one per Business. After your first week, normal rental fee is 50L. Simply chose the board, pay, and your first week will be refunded. Promotion ends April 15, 2018. ~Red Light DIstrict~ is also looking for a few sexy AFK girls to rent rooms. 100L a week with 50 prim allowance plus free adboard which tps clients directly to your room. ALSO looking for Escorts and Dancers, no hourly requirement per week, just agree to the Club rules. Please apply in worl
  18. ~Red Light DIstrict~ is looking for a few sexy AFK girls to rent rooms. 100L a week with 50 prim allowance plus free adboard which tps clients directly to your room. ALSO looking for Escorts and Dancers, no hourly requirement per week, just agree to the Club rules. Free adboards for your first week of rental, otherwise only 50L a week. Please apply in world, click the rules sign then read and return to myself or the mailbox. Don't have a nice profile photo? We can take one for you for a small fee.
  19. ~Red Light District~Now Hiring/Free Adboards http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eternally Yours/73/142/1076 Set in an Amsterdam style atmosphere, great for RP and AFK, with rooms available to rent. Looking for emoters with a gorgeous look and and a professional attitude. 18+ and over please, no child avatars. Dancers who strip, Escorts and AFK girls. Apply in-world then drop notecard in the mailbox. Free first week of Escort or Business adboard rental. Pay the board and you will be refunded.*PROMO ENDS April 15th....* AFK Girls recieve free adboards with direct teleport
  20. ღ ☆ ★ SLEEPING BEAUTY BRINGS YOU ANYTHING GOES SILENT AUCTION ღ ☆ ★ We have two more days to go till the auction is over! Waiting for that last minute to bid sweep in and steal a girl from someone? Well it's coming down to that! Come and browse to make sure you're girl isn't out of reach! The ladies have provided a notecard in their boards of what they are offering! Come and take a look! The Auction ends the 11th so get those bids in while you can! Come and check out the boards here https://gyazo.com/e3b97ea834e8e796dfc89ace3741b9c8 →→→ http://maps.secondlif
  21. ♥ ♡ ღ ❤ Sleeping Beauty Silent Auction @ Mystically Bound♥ ♡ ღ ❤ We are offering a one-hour exclusive "Anything Goes" date with a Beauty of your dreams! Feel like dancing and romancing? She's yours for an hour...do with her as you please (within her limits, of course). If you can out bid your rivals! Check out our beauties up for auction here ▽▼▽▼ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tribe/148/23/26 Don't forget the auction is up to March 11th, so come and bid for one (or more) now!
  22. After an exciting first round in February, the second round for March is now running. Make a picture at our adult entertainment sim Dolls Delight and post it to the Flickr group where you can also read more details on the contest itself. This months theme: Costumes & Cosplay! Winner of round 1: Nova Beatrice with the following picture:
  23. - Available For Rent *LIST* - CONTACT: almm1000; amyalka; shelleyserenity; Melinda Rainfall Rubys Roadhouse Parcel #1 - Corner Sqm: 9,200 Prims: 2,807 Price: 3,100 L$/W TELEPORT Parcel #2 - Corner Sqm: 4,096 Prims: 1,250 Price: 1,375 L$/W TELEPORT Parcel #3 - Corner Sqm: 5,136 Prims: 1,567 Price: 1,723 L$/W TELEPORT Sea Hurricane Parcel #1 - Corner Sqm: 10,240 Prims: 3,120 Price: 3,437 L$/W TELEPORT Parcel #2 - Middle Sqm: 5,616 Prims: 1,713 Price: 1,713 L$/W TELEPORT Parcel #3 - Corner Sqm: 6,656 Prims: 2,031 Price: 2,300 L$/W TELEPOR
  24. I need to be doing something in my spare time to earn money that is safe for a teen avi! I offer great customer service, photography experience, fashion knowledge, and more! Check out my Flickr for interest in my modeling abilities! https://www.flickr.com/photos/139478430@N05/
  25. AFK DRIVE IN! want to make some tips and not have to work for it? AFK Drive in is for you!! what is an AFK club? its simple. get naked. get on a piece of adult furniture, log into a tip jar, and go afk! AFK Drive in is the newest AFK club in SL, ran by ELITE AFK. just join the group, at no charge, when you first land at the drive in. you get 100% tips! adboards are also available for rent, all we require is a nice mesh body. no default avatars please. contact ivydoom or malkinamistery with any questions. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hype
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