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  1. Thank you, logged in
  2. Yes it's all set, just that I can't log in. That message pops up each time I try.
  3. When I try to log into Aditi it says that it's unable to connect to a simulator. What should I do? Also, I'm trying to find the Aditi grid status web page and can't seem to find it. Can anybody send me a link please?
  4. Hello, I'm trying out the Bakes On Mesh project and first of all, I gotta say that this is an amazing idea that will definitely progress SL and make our lives easier, so kudos to that! But, today I logged from the Firestorm beta and these weird red textures popped on my face, along with some blue spots on my body. I don't understand why in the Second Life beta viewer it looks fine and in Firestorm it doesn't. Also, for some reason the shape is different in the Firestorm viewer. I looked it up on youtube and I listened to a quick explanation but unfortunately, I didn't understand a
  5. two actually, Xara Epin and a new group that some of my friends created since we thought it'll solve the lag if we talk in another group. It's called "We need a name"
  6. Anybody else experiencing group chat lags? Groups with 2000+ members work better than my 15 members group. Messages often are being dropped by the server and when not it takes more than five minutes per message to be processed. What can we do? Is there a solution? Is there an explanation for why some groups have it and some don't?
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